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Projects accepted in fiscal 2017

Productivity and Output Loss with Scale Diseconomies and Resource Misallocation in China
Research leader:Carlo Milana (Birkbeck, University of London)
Empirical Analysis of the result table and regression on the secret sharing, secure computing technology using large-scale government statistical data
Research leader:Ryo Kikuchi (NTT Secure Platform Laboratories.)
An Economic Analysis on the Guest Workers in Japan: PartⅢ
Research leader:Satoshi Tanaka (The University of Queensland)
FDI, Import Competition, and U.S. Presidential Elections: The Case of Japan Bashing
Research leader:Eric Olson (West Virginia University)
Economic Analysis Using Microdata of Survey of Actual Status of Salary in the Private Sector
Research leader:Kazufumi Yugami (Kobe University)
How many children to have? Case study of Japan, UAE and Russia: female employment, family labour division and childbirth
Research leader:Tatiana Karabchuk (United Arab Emirates University)
Development of volatility changing models using high-frequency data in financial markets with applications to risk management
Research leader:Yasuhiro Omori (The University of Tokyo)
Comparative Historical Analysis of Child and Adult Adoption in Europe and Asia
Research leader:Jean-François Mignot (French National Center for Scientific Research)
Impact of Different Student Loans Scheme on Youth Future Income
Research leader:Nobuko Nagase (Ochanomizu University)
Political and Economic Development: Empirical Evidence from Pre-WWII Japan
Research leader:Takeshi Sakurai (The University of Tokyo)
Comprehensive Evaluation of Rural Area Revitalization Policies in Japan and Possibility of Its Application to East-Asia
Research leader:Motoi Kusadokoro (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
Petty's law reconsidered: economic development and changing sectoral shares of the labour force
Research leader:Leigh Shaw-Taylor (University of Cambridge)
Studies on Organization of Long-term Economic Statistics in Central Asia Republics of Former Soviet Union
Research leader:Fumikazu Sugiura (Teikyo University)
Empirical Analysis of Poverty Problems and Urbanization in Japan and Developing Country
Research leader:Kim Net(Western University, Cambodia)
The effect of tax reform and social security system on income inequality : Empirical Analysis in Japan
Research leader:Yoko Morita(Yamamoto) (Nagoya City University)
A Microdata-Based Assessment of Social Security Policy from the Viewpoint of Regional Mobility
Research leader:Hiroaki Matsuura (Shoin University)

※ Additional Projects(7/31)
Factor analysis of low business start-up ratio in Japan
Research leader:Naomi Kodama(Hitotsubashi University)
Income Distribution and Statistical Information : Research on Correction and Imputation Methods for Household Survey Data
Research leader:Soichiro Tanaka(Kanto Gakuin University)
The Determinants of Elderly Labor Participation: A Comparison between China and Japan
Research leader:Quheng Deng(Institute of Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)
An Empirical Study Using Big Data to Ascertain the Effect of Tourism on Regional Revitalization in Japan
Research leader:Mikio Suga(Hosei University)
Sources of Innovation and Productivity Growth in Global Knowledge Networks
Research leader:Kenta Ikeuchi(Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry)
An Empirical Study of Health and Nutrient Prices using Japanese Prefectural Panel Data
Research leader:Noriko Inakura(Osaka Sangyo University)