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Projects accepted in fiscal 2012

Empirical Analysis of Organization and Management of Russian Firms
Research leader: Fumikazu Sugiura(Teikyo University)
Empirical analysis of consumer behavior in Japan: tax system, household behavior, resource allocation within household
Research leader: Kazuyasu Sakamoto(Keio University)
Labor Market, Household Expenditure, Division of Labor between Genders and Quality of Life in Russia
Research leader: Sadayoshi Ohtsu(Kobe University)
The System of National Accounts 2008 and its Implementation
Research leader: Itsuo Sakuma( Senshu University)
International Comparative History of Occupational Structure
Research leader: Tokihiko Settsu(Musashi University)
Econometric Analysis of Microstructure and Volatility in Financial Markets Using High-frequency Data
Research leader: Kosuke Oya(Osaka University)
An Econometric Analysis of the Influence of Corporate Performance and Corporate Financial Condition on Wage Structure
Research leader: Takahisa Dejima(Sophia University)
Global Financial Crisis and Japanese and Chinese Stock Markets
Research leader: Zhang Yan(Fukuoka Women’s University)
Panel Data Construction on Rice Farmers in Four West African Countries
Research leader: Towa Tachibana(Chiba University)
Micro-econometric Analysis of the Evaluation of Public Health Insurance System
Research leader: Kunio Urakawa(Kyushu University)
Reassessing China's Economic Performance Using Tight Bounds of 'True' Index Numbers
Research leader: Carlo Milana(University of London)