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Projects accepted in fiscal 2013

Statistical Analyses of International and Financial Relations among Emerging Economies with Special Attention to Russia
Research leader: Yasushi Nakamura (Yokohama National University)
Empirical analysis of household behavior in Japan: consumer behavior, Employment Behavior
Research leader: Yoko(Yamamoto) Morita (Nagoya City University)
An analysis of present status and issues for junior and women economists in Japan
Research leader: Atsuko Ueda(Waseda university)
Development and analysis of the lorg-term economic statistics of Korea and the publishing of “Asian Historical Statistics-Korea''.
Research leader: Yasuhiro Hara(Hiroshima University of Economics)
A Quantitative Analysis of Employment Behavior, Enterprise Productivity and the Dynamics of Wage Structure over the Business Cycle
Research leader: Yukishige Sakata(Chuo University)
Structural changes of Regional Business Cycles and Public investment in Japan
Research leader: Takashi Onodera( Japan Center for Economic Research )
Microeconomic analysis of optimal institutional design for collective management of local commons: an international perspective
Research leader: Kei Kajisa (Aoyama Gakuin University)
Quantitative Analysis of the Efficiency gain from Commodity Investing for Japanese Investor
Research leader: Hayato Nakata(Meisei University)
Study on the performance of China’s economy in the postwar: comparison of Japan and China based on the PPP
Research leader: Hanyin Lu(Fudan University)
Development of Volatility Changing Models Using High Frequency Data and Application to Risk Management
Research leader: Yasuhiro Omori(University of Tokyo)
A Comparative Analysis of the Child Adoption Systems in Japan and Korea using Historical Statistical Data
Research leader: Eunhwa Kang(Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Growth Cycle Features of Coincident Indicators: To What Extent Have Europe and the US Become Like China?
Research leader: Eric Girardin(Aix Marseille University)
Comparative Analysis of Distributive Justice: Welfare Economics and Public Philosophy
Research leader: Norihito Sakamoto(Tokyo University of Science)
Long-term Economic Impacts of Civil War through the Accumulation of Human Capital: Comparison between Nepal and Cambodia
Research leader: Rie Goto(University of Cambridge)
Political Economy of Intergenerational Resource Allocation
Research leader: Rhema Vaithianathan(University of Auckland)
Empirical Studies of Income Distribution using Official Statistical Micro Data
Research leader: Jinjun Xue(Nagoya University)