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Projects accepted in fiscal 2014

Family Policies and Maternal Employment
Research leader: Shintaro Yamaguchi (McMaster University)
Examination of factors to encourage/discourage corporate investment using microdata and its policy application
Research leader: Keiichi Shima (Mie University)
Fertility in Russia: Living Conditions, Consumption level, and Division of Labor between Men and Women
Research leader: Mayu Michigami(Niigata University)
Public Pension Reform in Hungary: The Failure of Privatization and New Challenges
Research leader: Tsuyoshi Yanagihara(Matsuyama University)
Time-spatial analysis of firms and establishments with regard to the locational factors
Research leader: Hiromi Mori(Hosei University)
A Quantitative Analysis of The Influence of Corporate Financial Condition and Employment Policy on Employment Behavior and Portfolio Selection
Research leader: Minoru Hayashida(Kitakyushu University)
Producing and analysis of long term statistics on DPRK
Research leader: Hoil Moon(Osaka University)
An empirical study of academic researchers in Japan and other countries
Research leader: Yukiko Abe(Hokkaido University)
Normative research on a challenge to welfarism and a formulation of non-welfarism
Research leader: Hiroyuki Yoshida(Nihon University)
Productivity Race in Manufacturing between China and India - A Comparative Production Function Analysis
Research leader: Dodla Sai Prasada RAO(The University of Queensland)
Towards estimation and analysis of historical IO tables of early modern Japan
Research leader: Konosuke Odaka(Hitotsubashi University)
Mapping and Economie Development:Spatial Information Matters
Research leader: Dongwoo Yoo(West Virginia University)
Empirical Analysis of Household Income Distribution Using Government Statistical Micro Data
Research leader: Ngee Choon Chia(National University of Singapore)
Productivity in Japanese plants: Buyer-Supplier Relationships, Agglomeration,and Location Decisions
Research leader: Rene A. Belderbos (University of Leuven)
Effects of Child Cares and Tax System on Household and Woking Behaviors: Evidnece from Japan
Research leader: Takeshi Miyazaki(Kyushu University)