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Projects accepted in fiscal 2015

Assessment of the impact of family policy on employment of women and children's development
Research leader: Yukiko Asai(The University of Tokyo)
Mind the gap:does gender pay gap influence fertility decisions?
Research leader: Ekaterina Selezneva (Institute for East and Southeast European Studies)
A study on the impact of tax systems and support for childcare on employment and income disparity: from the perspectives of the community and life-cycle events
Research leader: Taro Ohno(Onomichi City University)
Dynamic demand analysis of consumer stocks in the household budget
Research leader: Kazuko Kano(Musashino University)
A new forecast of price data using large-scale retail survey panel data
Research leader: Shinya Tanaka(Otaru University of Commerce)
Understanding the heterogeneity of income growth across income quantiles in Japan
Research leader: Saumik Paul(University of Nottingham)
An economic study of foreign labor
Research leader: Yuki Hashimoto(Kyusyu University)
Analysis of the actual conditions of younger and women researchers in Japan and overseas
Research leader: Shingo Takahashi(International University of Japan)
Heterogeneity of capital goods and investment behavior by form of acquisition: choosing among new, used, large-scale renovation, and leasing
Research leader: Konomi Tonogi(Kanagawa University)
The relationship between promotion of work-life balance, corporate productivity, and social-security policies
Research leader: Keiichi Sato(Senshu University)
Development of county-level data using prefectural statistical reports, and prewar rural economic development
Research leader: Yasuyuki Sawada( The University of Tokyo)
On interrelations between systems and norms, and their legitimacy
Research leader: Toyotaka Sakai (Keio University)
Natural assets, comprehensive wealth, and living standards in Japan since the 1870s
Research leader: Jean-Pascal Bassino (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon)