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Projects accepted in fiscal 2023

Long-Term Income Inequalities in Japan (1980-2020): A Distributional National Account Approach
Research leader: Li YANG (German Institute for Economic Research)
Within firm wage inequality and rent-sharing across workers groups
Research leader: Fabrizio Pompei (University of Perugia)
Gender norms in Asia
Research leader: Gupta, Bishnupriya (University of Warwick)
New methods to stabilize CRE price indices - with applications to the Tokyo, Vienna, and London housing markets
Research leader: Robert J. Hill (University of Graz)
Understanding the current situation and causes of inequality in Japan: From an international comparative perspective
Research leader: Naomi Kodama (Meiji Gakuin University)
Business network and agglomeration of workers with cognitive tasks in the urban metropolitan area
Research leader: Kentaro Nakajima (Hitotsubashi University)
Trade unions, job satisfaction and workers' health: an international comparison of panel data
Research leader: Jacques Wels (Université libre de Bruxelles)
Endogenous productivity growth slowdowns
Research leader: Miguel León-Ledesma (University of Kent)
Regional Economic Impacts of Foreign Workers in Japan: Spatial General Equilibrium Analysis with Task-Based Approach
Research leader: Yasuhiro Doi (Nagoya University)
u* in Japan
Research leader: Pascal Michaillat (Brown University)
Skin Complexion, Self Esteem and Labour Market Outcomes: Experimental Evidence from India
Research leader: Sujoy Chakravarty (Jawaharlal Nehru University)
The heterogeneous effects of retirement on health in Japan: A comparative perspective
Research leader: Mingjia Xie (Liaoning University)
Foreign Consumer City: Lessons from the US Bases in Okinawa
Research leader: Atsushi Yamagishi (Princeton University)
The Effect of Technological Decoupling on the Japan's and Global Trade and Welfare
Research leader: Konstantin Kucheryavyy (University of Tokyo)
An Investigation into the effects of recent rises of prices on household welfares and inequality
Research leader: Noriko Inakura (Shikoku University)
Does the Local Consumption of Local Product Movement Affect Agribusiness Performance in Japan? Empirical Evidence Using Micro-level Firm Data
Research leader: Hung Hao CHANG (National Taiwan University)
Foreign Buyers, Capital Outflow and the International Real Estate Markets
Research leader: Xiaoying Deng (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics)
Labor Supply, Consumption Behavior, and Asset Allocation An Econometric Analysis Based on Japanese Official Microdata
Research leader: Shinsuke Ito (Chuo University)
Robust Asset-Liability Management
Research leader: Alexis Akira Toda (University of California San Diego)
※ Additional Projects(6/15)
The Impacts of the Equal Employment Opportunity Law on Marriage, Birth, and Retirement Behaviors
Research leader: Ryo Kambayashi (Musashi University)
Determinants of Declining Manufacturing Production in Advanced Economies : Development of a Quantitative General Equilibrium Model and Structural Estimation with Micro Level Data
Research leader: Kato, Hayato (Osaka University)
Long Working Hours and Labor-Management Communication
Research leader: Gabriel Burdin (University of Leeds)
The Impact of Trade Union on Wage Gap: A Comparative Analysis Between China and Eastern Europe
Research leader: Xinxin Ma (Hosei University)
The Siberian Curse Revisited:Did Communist Planners Leave the Soviet Union out in the Cold?
Research leader: UEDA, Akira (Institute of Developing Economies, JETRO)
How to Die to Save Tax: Evidence from Inheritance Tax Reform and Individual Death Records
Research leader: Takahashi, Masashi (The Pennsylvania State University)
An empirical analysis of market stratification in the sake and wine industries using government statistical micro data and the POS data
Research leader: UEHARA KATSUHITO (University of Shizuoka)
Integrated Research for Building Dynamic Models of Tourism Based on Microdata
Research leader: Mikio Suga (Hosei University)
The Relationship between Marriage and Birth to Employee Status and Occupation
Research leader: SUZUKI Takashi (University of Tsukuba)