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Projects accepted in fiscal 2016

A Panel Data Analysis of the Impacts of the European Crisis on Transition Economies
Research leader:Taku Suzuki(Teikyo University)
Impact of International Economic Factors on the Russian Economy in the 2000s.
Research leader:Shadrina Elena(Meiji University)
Political Economy and Regional Economic Development: Historical Evidence from Pre-War Japan
Research leader:Tetsuji Okazaki(The University of Tokyo)
Calorie intake and body mass index in Japan and the US
Research leader:Yoko Ibuka(Tohoku University)
Informal Sector and Income Inequality in Urban China
Research leader:Shi LI(Beijing Normal University)
An Economic Analysis on the Guest Workers in Japan: Part Ⅱ.
Research leader:Nobuaki Yamashita(RMIT University)
An empirical study of female/young academic researchers in Japan and other countries 
Research leader:Koyo Miyoshi(Aichi-Gakuin University)
Empirical Analysis of the regression model based on the secret sharing, secure computing technology using the government statistica l data
Research leader:Koji Chida(NTT Secure Platform Laboratories)
An Empirical Study on Regional Tourism Economy
Research leader:Kozo Miyagawa(Rissho University)
Geopolitics and Asia’s Little Divergence: State Building in China and Japan After 1850.
Research leader:SNG, Tuan Hwee(National University of Singapore)
New Directions in Econometric Methods for Official Microdata
Research leader:Yoshikazu Ikeda(The University of Kitakyusyu)
Is China’s New Normal a Great Recession? Comparative perspective on a century of industrial growth
Research leader:Eric Girardin(Aix-Marseille University)

※ Additional Projects(8/1)
The Assessment of Agribusiness Model of Japan’s Sixth Industrial Revolution and the Agriculture-Commerce-Industry Collaboration : the Application to Taiwan's Rural Regeneration
Research leader:Yessica C.Y.Chung(National Pingtung University)
Fiscal Stimulus and Household Consumption in a Deep Recession: Evidence from Japan’s Lost Decade
Research leader:David E. Weinstein(Columbia University)
Empirical Analysis of Income and Saving Distribution in Japan : From Perspective of Tax System and Work-Life Balance
Research leader:Kazuyasu Sakamoto(Gunma University)
Evaluating the Impact of Microcredit Schemes Targeted towards the Ultra-Poor in the River Islands of Northern Bangladesh
Research leader:Seiro Ito(IDE-JETRO)
Construction and Analysis on the Long-term Economic Statistics for the Philippines
Research leader:Yoshihisa Godo(Meiji Gakuin University)
Excess Employment and Profitability in Japanese Manufacturing Sector
Research leader:Shuichiro Nishioka (West Virginia University)
Cross-stock market spillovers through variance risk premiums and equity flows
Research leader:Ilhyock Shim(Bank for International Settlements)
Land reforms and agricultural productivity in India
Research leader:Rasyad A. Parinduri(University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus)
Individual factors for the willingness to and the preparation for start-up
Research leader:Hiroyuki Okamuro(Hitostubashi University)