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Projects accepted in fiscal 2011

Reconsideration of Inter-generation Issues in Former Socialist Countries: After Two Decades of Systemic Transformation and Beyond
Research leader: Shuichi Ikemoto(Nihon University)
Philippine Long-Term Statistics: The Data Collection and Analysis
Research leader: Yoshiko Nagano(Kanagawa University)
Social Adaption and Management of Cross-Border Labor Migrants from Central Asia: Household, Women, and Local Community
Research leader: Norio Horie(University of Toyama)
Compilat ion of International Input-Output Database for EU and Asia
Research leader: Kohei Yoshinaga(Kansai University)
Historical and Statistical Research on GDP by Sector in the Former Soviet Republics
Research leader: Shinichiro Tabata (Hokkaido University)
Research on Income Inequality in Japan: Evidence from National Survey of Family Income and Expenditure
Research leader: Takeshi Miyazaki(Meikai University)
Mother's Labor Supply and Home Production
Research leader: Miki Kohara(Osaka University)
Labor Productivity, Unit Labor Cost and Economic Growth in the Republican China, 1911-1949
Research leader: Tangjun Yuan(Fudan University)
The Estimation of Financial Volatility Using High-Frequency Data with Applications to Financial Risk Management
Research leader: Koichi Maekawa(Hiroshima University)
A Historical and Theoretical Study on a Sustainable Welfare State System
Research leader: Atsushi Komine(Ryukoku University)
A Quantitative Analysis of the Influence of Wage Differences on Job Mobility Reflecting Household Attributes and Human Capital
Research leader: Shinsuke Ito(Meikai University)