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Projects accepted in fiscal 2022

Empirical Research for "Evidence-Based Policy-Making" on Foreign Labor
Research leader: Yasutaka Saeki (Osaka University)
Implications of Family Policies for Marriages, Human Capital Investment, and Long-Run Inequality
Research leader: Satoshi Tanaka (University of Queensland)
Research project on the spatial inequality in access to medical doctors and health outcomes
Research leader: Yoko Okuyama (Uppsala University)
Female Labor Market Conditions, Human Capital Investment, and Aspirations
Research leader: Teresa Molina (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
A Study of Trends in Marriage and Fertility -Perspectives from female educational attainment and income-
Research leader: Fusae Okaniwa (National Institute of Population and Social Security Research)
Regional Economic Impacts of Foreign Workers in Japan: Spatial General Equilibrium Analysis with Task-Based Approach
Research leader: Yasuhiro Doi (Nagoya University)
How do MNEs reconstruct their production network to changes in economic and institutional changes
Research leader: Toshiyuki Matsuura (Keio University)
Firm Heterogeneity in Environmental Productivity and its Drivers: Evidence from the Japanese Manufacturing Sector
Research leader: Jieun Shin (University of Toronto)
Within firm wage inequality and rent-sharing across workers groups
Research leader: Fabrizio Pompei (University of Perugia)
Income Tax Deduction and Labor Supply Distortion: Evidence from Japanese Couples
Research leader: Motoaki Takahashi (The Pennsylvania State University)
An empirical analysis of the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on the sake and wine industries using government statistical micro data and the POS data
Research leader: Sato Jun (KANAZAWA GAKUIN UNIVERSITY)
Exports, trade costs and FDI Entry: Evidence from Japanese firms
Research leader: Deseatnicov Ivan (HSE University)
The factors that drive elderly's overemployment and underemployment in Japan: a comparative perspective
Research leader: Yi Zhang (Central University of Finance and Economics)
Structural Changes in Factor Models and Value Stock Investing in the Japanese Stock Market
Research leader: Kohei Aono (Ritsumeikan University)
Tax Exemption and Financial Behavior-An Analysis of DC pension and NISA using Causal Tree
Research leader: Minoru Hayashida (The University of Kitakyushu)
Multinational corporation (MNC) innovation and foreign affiliates' import decisions
Research leader: Ryo Makioka (Hokkaido University)
Empirical Research for the Construction of Data-Driven Tourism Promotion in the Post-Corona era
Research leader: Tatsuo Oi (Rissho University)
On the capitalist economic system: the basic principle, historical analysis, and future design
Research leader: Kazuhiro Kurose (Tohoku University)
Firm level food loss and waste in Japan
Research leader: Yessica C.Y. CHUNG (Pingtung University of Science and Technology)
Macroeconomics of Asset Price Bubbles
Research leader: Tomohiro Hirano (University of London, Royal Holloway)

※ Additional Projects(6/14)
Quality and price dispersion: evidence from high-frequency and high-dimensional data in Malagasy rice market
Research leader: Kono Hisaki (Kyoto University)
Multilateral Economic and financial Spillover Analysis Using Dynamic Panel Data Models
Research leader: Koichi Maekawa (Hiroshima University)
Effects of Technological Changes on Labor Market and Job Quality in an EU Countries-Japan Comparison Perspective.
Research leader: Malo Mofakhami (Centre d'économie Paris nord (CEPN))
The Minimum Wage Effects in Vietnam: A New Approach
Research leader: NGUYEN Thanh Tung (Hitotsubashi University)
"Lend-Lease" and the Soviet Economy during and after WWII
Research leader: Akira UEGAKI (Seinan Gakuin University)
Determinants of female representation on corporate boards. Comparative analysis between Japan and six European countries
Research leader: Maria Aluchna (SGH Warsaw School)
Labor Force Demographics, Inventors, and Innovation
Research leader: Long Yi (Hong Kong Baptist University)