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Overview of Joint Usage and Research Center Programs

As a part of the Joint Usage and Research Center, the Institute of Economic Research promotes three programs given below.


I. Project Research Program (details)

The project research program is for research on specific topics in economics by outside researchers using the research resources of the Institute of Economic Research.


II. Government Statistics Anonymized Data Usage Promotion Program (details)

This program assists individuals who meet the following application eligibility criteria and conditions to promote the use by young researchers of anonymous government statistical data, which the Research Centre for Information and Statistics of Social Science provides.


III. Joint Research Program (details)

This program recruits participants in the Hitotsubashi University Institute of Economic Research's Joint Usage and Research Center Programs. Projects eligible are research projects that already have begun or new ones in the planning stages. Projects accepted for this program may use the Institute's research environment, including its archives. See this informational webpage for information on the research facilities and equipment available for use.