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Projects accepted in fiscal 2021

Bonus versus Promotion Incentives in Corporate Innovation
Research leader: Nobuaki YAMASHITA (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University)
How do MNEs reconstruct their production network to changes in economic and institutional changes
Research leader: Toshiyuki Matsuura (Keio University)
Exports, trade costs and FDI Entry: Evidence from Japanese firms
Research leader: Deseatnicov Ivan (National Research University Higher School of Economics)
Impact of digital transformation on gender gaps in Japan and China
Research leader: Kiyomi Shirakawa (Rissho University)
Innovation in Foreign Affiliates of Japanese Firms: IP management and M&As
Research leader: Shinya Suzuki (Musashi University)
Female Labor Market Conditions, Human Capital Investment, and Aspirations
Research leader: Teresa Molina (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
Impacts of Immigrant Workers on the Structure of Production and Labor Market Outcomes in Japan
Research leader: Kensuke Suzuki (The Pennsylvania State University)
Diverging destinies: Associations between household income, parental education and children's daily lives in in Japan between 1991 and 2016
Research leader: Ekaterina Hertog (University of Oxford)
Study of Determinants of Father's Participation in Housework Using Time Use Data
Research leader: FUJIWARA Masago (The University of Shimane)
Economic Theory for Sustainable Society and Climate Justice
Research leader: Soh Kaneko (Oita University)
Diversification in Business Management and the Performance of Agribusiness Firms: The Case of Japan
Research leader: Motoi Kusadokoro (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
Public credit and the "trilemma"
Research leader: Victor Degorce (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales)
Utilizing Official Microdata to Develop Evidence-Based Policies for Tourism in Japan
Research leader: Masayo Hirose (Kyushu University)

※ Additional Projects(6/18)
Income Tax Deduction and Labor Supply Distortion: Evidence from Japanese Couples
Research leader: Motoaki Takahashi (The Pennsylvania State University)
Comparative Institutional Analysis of Corporate and Labor Systems in European Emerging Markets
Research leader: Satoshi Mizobata (Kyoto University)
Gender Situation in Central Asian Countries in Terms of Norms, Division of Labor within the Household, and Economic Behavior
Research leader: Igarashi Noriko (Tenri University)
Globalization and Low Growths
Research leader: Daisuke Adachi (Yale University)
Corporate Support and Business Evaluation by Financial Institutions in the post COVID-19 pandemic
Research leader: Nobuyoshi Yamori (Kobe University)
Empirical Research for "Evidence-Based Policy-Making" on Foreign Labor
Research leader: Yasutaka Saeki (Osaka University)
A Study of Trends in Marriage and Fertility -Perspectives from female educational attainment and income-
Research leader: Fusae Okaniwa (Tohoku University)
Firm Heterogeneity in Environmental Productivity and its Drivers: Evidence from the Japanese Manufacturing Sector
Research leader: Jieun Shin (University of Toronto)
Tax Exemption and Financial Behavior-An Analysis of DC pension and NISA using Causal Tree
Research leader: Minoru Hayashida (The University of Kitakyushu)
The Resilience of City Structure: Lessons from Hiroshima
Research leader: Kohei Takeda (London School of Economics)
An empirical analysis of the expansion of high-end domestic demand and exports of the sake and wine industries using government statistical micro data and the POS data
Research leader: SATO, Jun (Kanazawa Gakuin University)