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Projects accepted in fiscal 2018

Meta-Analysis of Emerging Market Studies: Focusing on Corporate Governance, Corruption, and Human Capital
Research leader:Satoshi Mizobata (Kyoto University)
Institutional Differences in Political Budget Cycle
Research leader:Oriol Roca Sagalés (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
Econometric analysis on the formation of consumers' inflation expectations
Research leader:Mototsugu Shintani (The University of Tokyo)
Human Capital, Job Search, Job Transition and Promotion in the Japanese Labor Market
Research leader:Hideo Owan (Waseda University)
The problem of low quality fertilizers in East African countries
Research leader:Tomoya Matsumoto (Otaru University of Commerce)
The Economic and Social Impacts of Education Policy Reforms in the Meiji Period
Research leader:Yusuke Narita (Yale University)
Study on Inter- and Intra-generational Structure of Benefit and Burden based on the General Accounting Model using the National Survey of Family Income and Expenditure
Research leader:Manabu Shimasawa (Chubu Region Institute for Social and Economic Research)
Comparative study on labour force participation rates: effects of family formation patterns and occupational structures in Japan and Britaina
Research leader:Chiaki Yamamoto (Osaka University)
Student Loan Burden on Youth Development and Family Formation
Research leader:Nobuko Nagase (Ochanomizu University)
Industry-Science Links, patenting, and Firm Performance in Japan
Research leader:René Belderbos (KU Leuven)
An Empirical Analysis of Food Prices and Nutrition Disparity
Research leader:Haruko Noguchi (Waseda University)
Temporal structures of gender inequalities in Japan
Research leader:Man Yee Kan (University of Oxford)
Comprehensive Evaluation of Rural Area Revitalization Policies in Japan and Possibility of Its Application to East-Asia
Research leader:Motoi Kusadokoro (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
The Relationship between Household Income, Household Assets and Public Health in Japan - An Empirical Study Using Official Microdata
Research leader:Minoru Hayashida (The University of Kitakyushu)

※ Additional Projects(6/12)
Search and regional arbitrage in agricultural markets: the case of rice in Madagascar
Research leader:Hisaki Kono(Kyoto University)
Normative Economic Analysis on Voting Procedures, Well-being Indices, and Distributive Justice Problems Based on Non-Welfaristic Information
Research leader:Norihito Sakamoto(Tokyo University of Science)
Japanese Corporate Governance Today from International Perspective
Research leader:Kotaro Inoue(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Information Frictions in Firm-to-Firm Trade: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial in Japan
Research leader:Daisuke Miyakawa(Hitotsubashi University)
Firm and Farm Size Puzzles in Developing Countries
Research leader:Manabu Nose(The University of Tokyo)
Economic Analysis of Disabled Employment Using Microdata of Survey of Actual Status of Salary in the Private Sector
Research leader:Shinpei Sano(Chiba University)
The Effect of School District Abolition of Entrance Examination of Public High School on High School Student's Career Choice
Research leader:Ryoh Ogawa(Osaka City University)
Understanding the effectiveness of the in-home Growth Monitoring Tool (GroMoTo) in improving child nutrition in Pakistan (pilot phase)
Research leader:Agha Ali Akram(Lahore University of Management Science)
Land Use and Aggregate Productivity
Research leader:Jiro Yoshida(Pennsylvania State University)