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Projects accepted in fiscal 2020

Evidence and Voice for Minimum Wage Revisions in Myanmar
Research leader: Laura Boudreau (Columbia University)
Occupational Reallocations within and across Firms: Implications for the Labor Market Polarization
Research leader: Toshihiko Mukoyama (Georgetown University)
City Structure and Local Labor Market Volatility
Research leader: Janjala Chirakijja (Monash University)
Economic Analysis of Disabled Employment Using Microdata of Survey of Actual Status of Salary in the Private Sector
Research leader: Koyo Miyoshi (Aichi Gakuin University)
Regional Inter-industry Labor Market Dynamics with Aging Population
Research leader: Eiichi Tomiura (Hitotsubashi University)
Women Leadership, Governance and Allocation of Public Goods in Karnataka (India).
Research leader: D Rajasekhar (Institute for Social and Economic Change)
Firms' heterogeneity, education wage premia and the role of rent sharing
Research leader: Cristiano Perugini (University of Perugia)
Financial Uncertainty and Economic Growth
Research leader: Pablo Andres Guerron Quintana (Boston College)
Diverging destinies: Associations between household income, parental education and children's daily lives in Japan between 1991 and 2016
Research leader: Ekaterina Hertog (University of Oxford)
Employees' characteristics and labor share of Japanese manufacturing firms
Research leader: Koji Ito (Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research)
Empirical Analysis of Agritourism Supply in Rural Areas of Japan
Research leader: Hung-Hao Chang (National Taiwan University)
The Effect of Changing the School Attendance Zone of Entrance Examination of Public High School on College Enrollment
Research leader: Ryosuke Okazawa (Osaka City University)
Comparative Institutional Analysis of the Labor Systems in Eastern Europe and China
Research leader: Norio Horie (University of Toyama)
The Changing Patterns of Hierarchical Urban Systems in the Post-Soviet Economies: Historical Perspectives
Research leader: Elena Shadrina (Waseda University)

※ Additional Projects(6/25)
Spatial Analysis of Consumer Mobility
Research leader: Yuhei Miyauchi (Boston University)
COVID-Induced Economic and Policy Uncertainty: How did Small Business Managers React?
Research leader: Kohei Kawaguchi( Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
The Impact of Population Decrease on Tax, Welfare and Household Spending - An Empirical Study Using Geographical Data from Japan
Research leader: Shinsuke Ito (Chuo University)
The impact of self-employment on physical and mental health: Evidence from senior workforce in Singapore and Japan
Research leader: Hiroyuki Okamuro(Hitotsubashi University)
Impacts of Immigrant Workers on the Structure of Production and Labor Market Outcomes in Japan
Research leader: Kensuke Suzuki (The Pennsylvania State University)
Bonus versus Promotion Incentives in Corporate Innovation
Research leader: Nobuaki YAMASHITA(Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University)
Cultural and institutional foundations of the economic growth of Tokugawa Japan
Research leader: Teranishi Juro(Hitotsubashi university)
Utilizing Official Microdata to Develop Evidence-Based Policies for Tourism in Japan
Research leader: Masayo Hirose(Kyushu University)
Validating the effectiveness of digital transformation in the gender gap
Research leader: Kiyomi Shirakawa (National Statistics Center)
Regional Macroeconomic Analysis: Theory and Application
Research leader: Jordan J. Norris(New York University Abu Dhabi)
Economic Analysis on Consumer Prices Using Official Micro Data
Research leader: Shigenori SHIRATSUKA(Keio University)
Health Status, Medicaid, and Medical Utilization in a Vulnerable Migrant Population
Research leader: Timothy J Halliday, PhD (University of Hawaii at Manoa)