HOMEPublications ≫ IER Discussion Paper Series 2010-2014

IER Discussion Paper Series 2010-2014


No. Author(s) Title Date
A.621 Jonathan F. Cogliano, Roberto Veneziani and Naoki Yoshihara (2.40MB) 2014.12
A.620 Naoki Yoshihara and Soh Kaneko (224KB) 2014.12
A.619 Tuan Khai Vu and Hayato Nakata (1.84MB) 2014.12
A.618 Norio Horie & Kazuhiro Kumo (in Japanese) 2014.11
A.617 Mitsuru Iwamura, Yukinobu Kitamura, Tsutomu Matsumoto and Kenji Saito (607KB) 2014.11
A.616 Michele Lombardi & Naoki Yoshihara Natural Implementation with Partially-honest Agents in Economic Environments with Free-disposal
A.615 Roberto Veneziani & Naoki Yoshihara One Million Miles to Go: Taking the Axiomatic Road to Defining Exploitation
A.614 Shingo Takahashi, Hideo Owan, Tsuyoshi Tsuru & Katsuhito Uehara Multitasking Incentives and Biases in Subjective Performance Evaluation
A.613 Tsuyoshi Tsuru, Norio Tokumaru, Kentaro Nakajima & Mitsuhiro Fukuzawa (in Japanese) 2014.7
A.612 Ichiro Iwasaki & Taku Suzuki (in Japanese) 2014.7
A.611 Yukiko Asai, Ryo Kambayashi, Atsuko Tanaka & Shintaro Yamaguchi Childcare Availability, Household Structure, and Maternal Employment
A.610 Takeshi Miyazaki & Yukinobu Kitamura Redistributive Effects of Income Tax Rates and Tax Base 1984-2009: Evidence from Japanese Tax Reforms
A.609 Hideo Owan, Shingo Takahashi, Tsuyoshi Tsuru & Katsuhito Uehara Finding Good Managers: An Econometric Case Study of a Large Japanese Auto Dealership
A.608 Kazuhiro Kurose & Naoki Yoshihara On the Ricardian Invariable Measure of Value: A General Possibility of the Standard Commodity
A.607 Naoki Yoshihara A Progressive Report on Marxian Economic Theory: On the Controversies in Exploitation Theory since Okishio (1963)
A.606 Naoki Yoshihara (in Japanese) 2014.5
A.605 Ichiro Iwasaki & Keiko Suganuma (in Japanese) 2014.5
A.604 Norikazu Takami Baffling Inflation: Cost-push Inflation Theories in the Late 1950s United States
A.603 Kazumi Asako, Takashi Onodera & Atsuko Ueda An Analysis of Regional Business Cycles using Prefectural Composite Indexes in Japan
A.602 Mitsuru Iwamura, Yukinobu Kitamura & Tsutomu Matsumoto Is Bitcoin the Only Cryptocurrency in the Town? Economics of Cryptocurrency and Friedrich A.Hayek
A.601 Masaaki Kuboniwa Bilateral Equivalence between Trade in Value Added and Value Added Content of Trade
A.600 Masaaki Kuboniwa Fundamental Theorem on the Relationship between Trade Balances in Value Added and Gross Terms: Amendment
A.599 Tokuo Iwaisako (in Japanese) 2014.1
A.598 Masaaki Kuboniwa Trade in Value Added Revisited: A Comment on R. Johnson and G. Noguera, Accounting for Intermediates: Production Sharing and Trade in Value Added


No. Author(s) Title Date
A.597 Kazuhiro Kurose & Naoki Yoshihara On the Ricardian Invariable Measure of Value in General Convex Economies: Applicability of the Standard Commodity.
A.596 Naoki Yoshihara (in Japanese) 2013.12
A.595 Yukiko Kurihara (in Japanese) 2013.10
A.594 Roberto Veneziani & Naoki Yoshihara Unequal Exchange, Assets, and Power: Recent Developments in Exploitation Theory.
A.593 Ichiro Iwasaki & Masahiro Tokunaga (in Japanese) 2013.7
A.592 Michele Lombardi & Naoki Yoshihara Natural Implementation with Partially Honest Agents in Economic Environments.
A.591 Reiko Gotoh & Naoki Yoshihara Securing Basic Well-being for All.
A.590 Michele Lombardi & Naoki Yoshihara Partially Honest Nash Implementation : A Full Characterization.
A.589 Tetsuya Kasahara Investment Complementarities, Coordination Failure, and the Role and Effects of Public Investment Policy.
A.588 Takeshi Miyazaki Municipal Consolidation and Local Government Behavior: Evidence from Japanese Voting Data on Merger Referenda.
A.587 Naoki Yoshihara & Roberto Veneziani The Measurement of Labour Content: A General Approach.
A.586 Takeshi Sakurai Intensification of Lowland Cropping Systems and Informal Land Ownership in West Africa: Comparison of Two Large Inland Markets in Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana.
A.585 Katsuhito Uehara, Hideo Owan, Shingo Takahashi & Tsuyoshi Tsuru (in Japanese) 2013.4
A.584 Kazumi Asako, Konomi Tonogi & Jun-ichi Nakamura (in Japanese) 2013.4
A.583 Tomomi Miyazaki Fiscal Policy and Regional Business Cycle Fluctuations in Japan.
A.582 Norio Tokumaru (in Japanese) 2013.3
B.43 Kazuko Sato The Political Economy of Pension Reform: Challenges and Failures of the 1998 Pension Reform in Hungary. (in Japanese) 2013.2
B.42 Kazuhiro Kumo (ed.) Analysis on Russian Demographic Trends


No. Author(s) Title Date
A.581 Hodaka Moritata, Kentaro Nakajima & Tsuyoshi Tsuru Choice of Product Architecture, Product Quality, and Intra-Firm Coordination: Theory and Evidence
A.580 Yongsheng Xu & Naoki Yoshihara Rationality and Solutions to Nonconvex Bargaining Problems: Rationalizability and Nash Solutions
A.579 Roberto Veneziani & Naoki Yoshihara Exploitation in Economies with Heterogeneous Preferences, Skills and Assets: An Axiomatic Approach
(revised ver. 2013.8)
A.578 Kentaro Nakajima, Ryo Makioka & Takeshi Sakurai (in Japanese) 2012.9
A.577 Kentaro Nakajima, Ryo Makioka & Takeshi Sakurai (in Japanese) 2012.9
A.576 Shinsuke Ito, Takahisa Dejima & Yoshiyuki Kobayashi (in Japanese) 2012.8
A.575 Masaaki Mizuochi The Effect of Work-family Balance Policy on Childbirth and Women's Work
A.574 Takuya Yamamoto & Takeshi Sakurai (in Japanese) 2012.6
A.573 Ken Miura, Takeshi Sakurai & Tran Thi Thu Trang (in Japanese) 2012.6
A.572 Chiaki Moriguchi The Evolution of Child Adoption in the United States, 1950-2010: An Economic Analysis of Historical Trends
A.571 Shinsuke Ito & Takahisa Dejima (in Japanese) 2012.6
A.570 Kazuko Sato (in Japanese) 2012.5
A.569 Towa Tachibana & Takeshi Sakurai How Do New Cash Crops Spread or Not Spread?: The Case of Rice in a Suburban Area, Ghana
A.568 Tokuo Iwaisako Saving-Investment Balance and Fiscal Sustainability of Japan: A View from the JGB Market
A.567 Ichiro Iwasaki (in Japanese) 2012.4
A.566 Norio Horie (in Japanese) 2012.4
A.565 Norio Horie (in Japanese) 2012.4
A.564 Yuichi Hasebe, Manabu Fujikawa & Shrestha Nagendra (in Japanese) 2012.3
A.563 Tsuyoshi Tsuru & Kentaro Nakajima Product Architecture and Human Resource Management: Comparing Japanese, Chinese, and Korean Firms Based on a Questionnaire Survey
A.562 Kohei Yoshigana (in Japanese) 2012.3
A.561 Michele Lombardi & Naoki Yoshihara Natural Implementation with Partially Honest Agents
A.560 Naoki Yoshihara Corrigendum to "Class and Exploitation in General Convex Cone Economies" [Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 75 (2010) 281-296]
A.559 Tsuru Tsuyoshi & Nakajima Kentaro (in Japanese) 2012.1
A.558 Eiji Okano, Masataka Eguchi, Hiroshi Gunji & Tomomi Miyazaki Optimal Monetary Policy in an Estimated Local Currency Pricing Model
B.41 Masaaki Kuboniwa Recent Developments in Environmental Economics 2012. (in Japanese) 2012.6


No. Author(s) Title Date
A.557 Veronika Belousova, Rajeev K. Goel & Iikka Korhonen Causes of Corruption in Russia: A Disaggregated Analysis
A.556 Naoki Yoshihara & Roberto Veneziani Exploitation of Labour and Exploitation of Commodities: A "New Interpretation"
A.555 Michele Lombardi & Naoki Yoshihara Partially-honest Nash Implementation: Characterization Results
A.554 Noriko Igarashi & Kazuhiro Kumo (in Japanese) 2011.10
A.553 Shingo Takahashi, Tsuru Tsuyoshi & Katsuhito Uehara (in Japanese) 2011.8
A.552 Yongsheng Xu & Naoki Yoshihara Proportional Nash solutions - A new and procedural analysis of nonconvex bargaining problems
A.551 Yongsheng Xu & Naoki Yoshihara Rationality and Solutions to Nonconvex Bargaining Problems: Rationalizable, Asymmetric and Nash Solutions
A.550 Roberto Veneziani & Naoki Yoshihara Exploitation and Productiveness: The Generalised Commodity Exploitation Theorem Once Again
A.549 Naoki Yoshihara & Roberto Veneziani Profits and Exploitation: A Reappraisal
A.548 Michele Lombardi & Naoki Yoshihara A Full Characterization of Nash Implementation with Strategy Space Reduction
A.547 Kohei Yoshinaga (in Japanese) 2011.2
A.546 Osamu Saito & Masahiro Sato Japan's Civil Registration Systems Before and After the Meiji Restoration
A.545 Tomomi Miyazaki & Motohiro Sato (in Japanese) 2011.1
A.544 Tsuyoshi Tsuru & Motohiro Morishima (in Japanese) 2011.1
B.40 Masaaki Kuboniwa Recent Developments in Environmental Economics 2011. (in Japanese) 2011.6
B.39 Kazuhiro Kumo Sociology, Economics and Politics of Central Asian Migrants in Russia
B.38 Csaba Mako, Peter Csizmadia, Miklos Illessy, Ichiro Iwasaki & Miklos Szanyi Organizational Innovation and Knowledge Use Practice: Cross-Country Comparison (Hungarian versus Slovak Business Service Sector)


No. Author(s) Title Date
A.543 Masahiro Sato (in Japanese) 2010.11
A.542 Roberto Veneziani & Naoki Yoshihara Exploitation and Profits: A General Axiomatic Approach in Convex Economies with Heterogeneous Agents
A.541 Kazumi Asako & Konomi Tonogi (in Japanese) 2010.9
A.540 Naohito Abe (in Japanese) 2010.8
A.539 Miklos Szanyi, Ichiro Iwasaki, Peter Csizmadia, Miklos Illessy & Csaba Mako Emergence and Development of Industry Clusters in Hungary Searching for a 'Critical Mass' of Business via Cluster Mapping
A.538 Michele Lombardi & Naoki Yoshihara A Full Characterization of Nash Implementation with Strategy Space Reduction
(Revised edition: A.548)
A.537 Yongsheng Xu & Naoki Yoshihara Rationality and the Nash Solution to Non-convex Bargaining Problems
A.536 Naoki Yoshihara & Akira Yamada Nash Implementation in Production Economies with Unequal Skills: A Complete Characterization
A.535 Masahiro Sato (in Japanese) 2010.4
A.534 Itsuo Sakuma (in Japanese) 2010.4
A.533 Ichiro Iwasaki & Taku Suzuki The Determinants of Corruption in Transition Economies
A.532 Naohito Abe (in Japanese) 2010.3
A.531 Arata Abe (in Japanese) 2010.3
A.530 Arata Abe (in Japanese) 2010.3
A.529 Tsuyoshi Tsuru, Hideo Owan & Katsuhito Uehara Price Discrimination and Social Network: Evidence from North American Auto Dealership Transaction Data
A.528 Konosuke Odaka (in Japanese) 2010.3
A.527 Ichiro Iwasaki, Peter Csizmadia, Miklos Illessy, Csaba Mako & Miklos Szanyi Foreign Direct Investment, Information Spillover, and Export Decision: The Concentric-Circle Model with Application to Hungarian Firm-Level Data
A.526 Jun Inoue Migration of Nurses in the EU, the UK, and Japan: Regulatory Bodies and Push-Pull Factors in the International Mobility of Skilled Practitioners
A.525 Jun Inoue The European Community's Power in the Financing for Development Initiatives