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Economic Research Series

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Volume 1-31: Kinokuniya
Volume 32-45: Maruzen
Volume 46-: Springer

著者 書名 発行年
48 Yukinobu KITAMURA Quest for Good Money: Past, Present and Future 2022
47 Xinxin MA Female Employment and Gender Gaps in China 2021
46 Reiko GOTOH The Ethics and Economics of the Capability Approach 2020
45 Takashi KUROSAKI Comparative Economic Development in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh: Agriculture in the 20th Century 2017
44 Kyoji FUKAO, Jean-Pascal BASSINO, Tatsuji MAKINO, Ralph PAPRZYCKI, Tokihiko SETTSU, Masanori TAKASHIMA and Joji TOKUI Regional Inequality and Industrial Structure in Japan: 1874-2008 2015
43 Ichiro IWASAKI, Csaba MAKÓ, Miklós SZANYI, Péter CSIZMADIA, Miklós ILLÉSSY Economic Transformation and Industrial Restructuring: The Hungarian Experience 2012
42 Kazumi ASAKO Studies on the Japanese Business Cycle 2012
41 Reiko AOKI, ed. Topics in Economics of Intellectual Property and Innovation 2010
40 Masaaki KUBONIWA and Yoshiaki NISHIMURA, eds. Economics of Intergenerational Equity in Transition Economies


39 Noriyuki TAKAYAMA, ed. Pensions in Asia: Incentives, Compliance and Their Role in Retirement 2005
38 Noriyuki TAKAYAMA, ed. Taste of Pie: Searching for Better Pension Provisions in Developed Countries 2003
37 Islamov A. BAKHTIOR The Central Asian States Ten Years After: How to Overcome Traps of Development, Transformation and Globalization? 2001
36 TAKAYAMA, Noriyuki The Morning After in Japan: Its Declining Population, Too Generous Pensions and a Weakened Economy 1999
35 Konosuke ODAKA and Juro TERANISHI, eds. Markets and Government: In Search of Better Coordination 1998
34 Masaaki KUBONIWA and Evgeny GAVRILENKOV Development of Capitalism in Russia: The Second Challenge 1997
33 Yoshiro MATSUDA, et al. Behind State Company Nexus : One and half century experience of Japanese economic development in a statistical mirror 1996
32 Toshiyuki MIZOGUCHI Reforms of Statistical System under Socio-Economic Changes : Overview of Statistical Data in Japan 1995
31 Takumi TSUDA Memoires et Lettres de Vincent de Gournay 1993
30 Noriyuki TAKAYAMA The Greying of Japan: An Economic Perspective on Public Pensions 1992
29 Toshiyuki MIZOGUCHI, et al. Making Economies More Efficient and More Equitable Factors Determining Income Distribution 1991
28 Yoshimasa KURABAYASHI, et al. Studies in International Comparisons of Real Product and Prices 1990
27 Masaaki KUBONIWA Quantitative Economics of Socialism Input-output Approaches 1989
26 Konosuke ODAKA, et al. The Automobile Industry in Japan ― a study of Ancillary Firm Development 1988
25 Yoshimasa KURABAYASHI and Yoshiro MATSUDA Economic and Social Aspects of the Performing Arts in Japan : Symphony Orchestras and Opera 1988
24 Ryoshin MINAMI Power Revolution on the Industrialization of Japan 1885-1940 1987
23 Shozaburo FUJINO Money, Employment, and Interest 1987
22 Takeaki KARIYA Testing in the Multivariate General Linear Model 1985
21 Toshiyuki MIZOGUCHI and Noriyuki TAKAYAMA Equity and Poverty Under Rapid Economic Growth The Japanese Experience 1984
20 Takumi TSUDA Traits sur le Commerce de Child et Remarques inedites de Gournay 1983
19 Shigeru ISHIKAWA Essays on Technology, Employment and Institutions in Economic Development 1981
18 Takumi TSUDA Richard Cantillon Essay de la Nature du Commerce en General 1979
17 Koichi EMI Essays on the Service Industry and Social Security in Japan 1978
16 Yoshimasa KURABAYASHI Studies in National Economic Accounting 1977
15 Shozaburo FUJINO A Neo-Keynesian Theory of Income, Prices and Economic Growth 1975
14 Ryoshin MINAMI The Turning Point in Economic Development : Japan's Experience 1973
13 Kazushi OKAWA Differential Structure and Agriculture : Essays on Dualistic Growth 1972
12 Toshiyuki MIZOGUCHI Personal Savings and Consumption in Postwar Japan 1970
11 Miyohei SHINOHARA Structural Changes in Japan's Economic Development 1970
10 Kazuo NONOMURA Essays on Soviet Economy 1969
9 Shigeto TSURU Essays on Economic Development 1968
8 Shigeru ISHIKAWA Economic Development in Asian Perspective 1967
7 Ryotaro IOCHI Measurement of Consumer Price Changes by Income Classes 1964
6 Koichi EMI Government Fiscal Activity and Economic Growth in Japan 1868-1960 1963
5 Miyohei SHINOHARA Growth and Cycles in the Japanese Economy 1962
4 Isamu YAMADA Theory and Application of Interindustry Analysis 1961
3 Chotaro TAKAHASHI, et al. Dynamic Changes of Income and its Distribution in Japan 1959
2 Shigeto TSURU Essays on Japanese Economy 1958
1 Kazushi OKAWA The Growth Rate of the Japanese Economy since 1878 1957