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300 Suzumura, K. Choice, Opportunities, and Procedures: Collected Papers of Kotaro Suzumura
Part III Social Choice and Welfare Economics
January 2007
301 Suzumura, K. Choice, Opportunities, and Procedures: Collected Papers of Kotaro Suzumura
Part IV Individual rights and Social Welfare
January 2007
302 Suzumura, K. Choice, Opportunities, and Procedures: Collected Papers of Kotaro Suzumura
Part V Competition, Cooperation and Economic Welfare
January 2007
303 Suzumura, K. Choice, Opportunities, and Procedures: Collected Papers of Kotaro Suzumura
Part VI Consequentialism versus Non-consequentialism
January 2007
304 Shimizu, N. Reinventing the Risk Sharing Mechanism of Defined Benefit Pension Plans January 2007
305 Suzuki, W.
Hanaoka, C.
Social Hospitalization after the introduction of the LTCI in Japan (in Japanese) February 2007
306 Suzuki, W.
Ogura, S.
Izumida, N.
Burden of Family Care-Givers and the Rationing in the Long Term Care Insurance Benefits of Japan February 2007
307 Genda, Y. Classifications of Hope and Individual Characteristics (in Japanese) February 2007
308 Kan, M. The Impact of the Elderly Health Care System on Health Disparities in Japan: A Preliminary Analysis Using Panel Survey (in Japanese) February 2007
309 Kawase, A.
Ogura, S.
Macroeconomic Impact and Public Finance Perspectives of the Aging Society February 2007


No Author(s) Title Date
310 Peng, X. Fertility Transition and Its Socioeconomic Impacts in China February 2007
311 Kikkawa, T. Economic Renaissance of Kamaishi City and the Tertiary Industries (in Japanese) March 2007
312 Morito, H. How to Understand "Promises" of Retirement Benefits: Legal Issues Surrounding "Bad Boy" Clauses and Reduction in Retirees' Benefits (in Japanese) March 2007
313 Yamada, T. Community Rating and Income Redistribution (in Japanese) March 2007
314 Senoo, W. What Are the Factors that Determine the Number of Doctor Visits of Children? (in Japanese) March 2007
315 Aoki, H. Corporate Restructuring and the Labor Movement at Kamaishi Steel Works: from 1945 to 1989:The Premise of Working People's Hope (in Japanese) March 2007
316 Kikkawa, T. Summary of A Report in Hopology Kamaishi Symposium, March 3, 2007 (in Japanese) March 2007
317 Kase, K. Fisheries in Kamaishi: Family, Community and Region in the Context of the Economic Improvement Policy (in Japanese) March 2007
318 Shimizutani, S.
Inakura, N.
Japan's Public Long-term Care: Insurance and the Financial Condition of Insurers: Evidence from Municipality-Level Data
March 2007
319 Miyazato, S. The Marginal Cost of Saving a Life and the Health Spending in Japan (in Japanese) March 2007


No Author(s) Title Date
320 Ogura, S.
Senoo, W.
Stress, Self-Evaluated Health and Health Care Costs of Japanese Workers: Does Psychological Stress Affect Self-Evaluated Health and Health Care Costs?
March 2007
321 Hanaoka, T. Do good times really make you sick? The effects of employment status and macroeconomic condition on health (in Japanese) March 2007
322 Hara, C.
Shinotsuka, T.
Suzumura, K.
Xu, Y.
On the Possibility of Continuous, Paretian and Egalitarian Evaluation of Infinte Utility Streams March 2007
323 Hara, C.
Huang, J.
Kuzmics, C.
Representative Consumer's Risk Aversion and Efficient Risk-sharing Rules March 2007
324 Takayama, N. The Search for More Equitable Pensions Between Generations
March 2007
325 Aoki, R. Clearing Houses and Patent Pools: Access to Genetic Patents March 2007
326 Aoki, R.
Nagaoka, S.
Formation of a Pool with Essential Patents March 2007
327 Aoki, R. Innovation and Incentives in Japan: Focus on pre-Meiji March 2007
328 Kuroda, S.
Yamamoto, I.
Estimating Frisch Labor Supply Elasticity: A Case for Japanese Married Females (in Japanese) August 2007
329 Stewart, F. Pension Fund Protection Schemes August 2007


No Author(s) Title Date
330 Shimazaki, K. Securing the Vested Rights in Corporate Pensions (in Japanese) September 2007
331 Komori, T. The Retirement System in Kagome KK (in Japanese) September 2007
332 Nojiri, T. Considering the Income Replacement after Retirement (in Japanese) September 2007
333 Furukawa, R. Retirement Benefit from the Employees' Viewpoint (in Japanese) October 2007
334 Aoki, R.
Schiff, A.
Promoting Access to Intellectual Property: Patent Pools, Copyright Collectives and Clearinghouses October 2007
335 Aoki, R.
Schiff, A.
Intellectual Property Clearinghouses: The Effects of Reduced Transaction Costs in Licensing October 2007
336 Schiff, A.
Aoki, R.
Differentiated Standards and Patent Pools October 2007
337 Kang, C. Pension System in Korea (in Japanese) October 2007
338 Werding, M. Ageing, Productivity and Economic Growth: A Macro-level Analysis October 2007
339 Kuroda, S.
Yamamoto, I.
How has Frisch Labor Supply Elasticity Changed during the 1990s in Japan? : Analysis from Micro and Macro Perspectives (in Japanese) November 2007


No Author(s) Title Date
340 Matsumoto, K. Begutachtung der Pflegebedurftigkeit in der japanischen Pflegeversicherung im Vergleich zu Deutschland (in German) November 2007
341 Noguchi, H.
Shimizutani, S.
Masuda, Y.
Regional Variations in Medical Expenditure and Hospitalization Days for Heart Attack Patients in Japan: Evidence from the Tokai Acute Myocardial Study (TAMIS)
November 2007
342 Usuki, M. Changes in Funding/Accounting Standards and Pension Asset Management(in Japanese) November 2007
343 Takayama, N. The Personal Identification Number in South Korea(in Japanese) November 2007
344 Takayama, N. The Social Security Number in France(in Japanese) November 2007
345 Takayama, N. The Tax Identification Number in Italy(in Japanese) November 2007
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