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HOMEDiscussion Papers2004




No Author(s) Title Date
200 Chi, I. Retirement Income Protection in Hong Kong February 2004
201 Kanjanaphoomin, N. Pension Fund, Provident Fund and Social Security System in Thailand February 2004
202 Chiu, S. B. Taiwan: Compulsory Occupational Pensions Still Dominate February 2004
203 R. Vaidyanathan Country Report: India February 2004
204 Uemura, H. The Issue of Intergenerational Equity in Public Pension system (in Japanese) March 2004
205 Takayama, N. The 2004 Pension Reform Bill in Japan: A Review (in Japanese) March 2004
206 Fratczak, E. Family and Fertility in Poland: Changes during the Transition Period March 2004
207 Hablicsek, L. Demographics of Population Ageing in Hungary March 2004
208 Matits, A. Supplementary Pension Funds in Hungary March 2004
209 Shiohama, T. Asymptotic Efficient Estimation of the Change Point in Time Series Regression Models March 2004


No Author(s) Title Date
210 Huang, Y.
Yorimitsu, M.
Immigration to Japan and Employment of the Returnees from China: Case Study on the Second and Third Generations (in Japanese) March 2004
211 Ishizaki, N.
Yorimitsu, M.
On the Activities of Japanese Trade Unions to Support and Organize Foreign Workers in Japan (in Japanese) March 2004
212 Vasile, V. Demographic Changes and Labour Market in Romania March 2004
213 Havel, J. Czech Capital Markets and Pension Funds March 2004
214 Zbarskaya, I. The Main Results of All-Russian Census 2002 (in Russian with English Summary) March 2004
215 Tatibekov, B. L. Peculiarities of Demographic Processes and Labor Markets Debelopment during the Transition Period in Kazakhstan April 2004
216 Eguchi, T. Pension Reform in France: Law of 21 August 2003 Concerning the Pension Reform (in Japanese) April 2004
217 Kurata, Y. On Employment of Foreign-National IT Engineers in Japan (in Japanese) April 2004
218 Yorimitsu, M. The Effects of the International Migration on the Structure of Intra-and Intergeneration (in Japanese) April 2004
219 Yoshida, H.,
Mizuochi, M.
The Effect of Childcare Resources on Fertility and Married Women’s Work in Japan (in Japanese) April 2004


No Author(s) Title Date
220 Oyama, M. Measuring Cost of Children Using Equivalence Scale on Japanese Panel Data May 2004
221 Oyama, M. The Effect of the Cost of Children on Recent Fertility Decline in Japan May 2004
222 Aoki, R.
Nagaoka, S.
The Consortium Standard and Patent Pools May 2004
223 Oishi, A.S.
Oshio, T.
Coresidence with Parents and a Wife's Decision to Work in Japan July 2004
224 Iwasaki, I.
Sato, K.
Mandatory Private Pension Scheme in Hungary (in Japanese) August 2004
225 Goto, J. Aging and Immigration Policy in Japan: Direct and Indirect Employment of Foreign Labor (in Japanese) August 2004
226 Boersch-Supan, A.H.
Wilke, C.B.
Reforming the Germany Public Pension System September 2004
227 Takayama, N. Changes in the Japanese Pension System September 2004
228 Aoki, R. Microeconomics of Declining Birthrate: Review of Existing Literature October 2004
229 Sano, T. Foreign Workers in Taiwan: Policies and Labor Markets (in Japanese) October 2004


No Author(s) Title Date
230 Kojima, K. On the Accounting Measurement of Liabilities (in Japanese) October 2004
231 Franco, D. Pension Expenditure Projections, Pension Liabilities and Euopean Union Fiscal Rules October 2004
232 Lequiller, F. Accounting for Implicit Pension Liabilities October 2004
233 Settergren, O. New Use of an Old Italian Invensiton October 2004
234 Clark, R. Measuring the Financial Status of the U.S. Social Security System October 2004
235 Takayama, N. The Balance Sheet of Social Security Pensions in Japan October 2004
236 Kubo, T. Human Capital Theory and Retirement Benefit Plans (in Japanese) October 2004
237 Masuhara, H. A Comparative Analysis of Medical Care Demand Using Finite Mixture Models (in Japanese) November 2004
238 Hosoya, K. Health Capital Accumulation and Macroeconomic Convergence (in Japanese) November 2004
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