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HOMEDiscussion Papers2001


No. 7〜19

No Author(s) Title Date
7 Bravo, J.H. The Chilean Pension System: A Review of Some Remaining Difficulties after 20 Years of Reform March 2001
8 Jiang, Z.
Zhang, L.
Yin, L.
The Social Security System of China: Past and Future March 2001
9 Asher, M.
Karunarathne, W.
Social Security Arrangements in Singapore: An Assessment
March 2001
10 Franco, D. Italy: The Search for a Sustainable PAYG Pension System March 2001
11 Bateman, H.
Piggott, J.
The Australian Approach to Retirement Income Provision March 2001
12 Takayama, N. Japanese Social Security Pensions in the Twenty-first Century
March 2001
13 Ball, J. Development in British Pensions March 2001
14 Hosoya, K.
Hayashi, Y.
Konno, H.
Tokita, T.
Micro Data Analysis on the Typical Diseases (in Japanese) March 2001
15 Blake, D. The United Kingdom Pension System: Key Issues March 2001
16 Aso, Y. Budget Deficit in Japan: A View from Generational Accounting (in Japanese) March 2001
17 Urata, H. New Development in Corporate Pension Schemes in Japan
March 2001
18 Tokita, T. Towards the Japanese Health Reform: from the View Point of Intergenerational Equity (in Japanese) March 2001
19 Hori, H. Altruism and Utility Interdependence (in Japanese) March 2001


No Author(s) Title Date
20 Zaman, G.
Vasile, V.
Intergenerational Problems in Romania with a Special View on Pension System Reform
March 2001
21 Szeman, Z. Interest Co-ordination among Generations March 2001
22 Ivanov, Y.
Khomenko, T.
Selected Aspects of Socio-economic Development of the CIS Countries in 1992-2000 Years March 2001
23 Loukanova, P. Inequities between Generations at the Supply Side of the Labour Market March 2001
24 Blackorby, C.
Bossert, W.
Donaldson, D.
The Axiomatic Approach to Population Ethics March 2001
25 Hosoya, K. Health, Longevity, and the Productivity Slowdown March 2001
26 Tokita, T.
Nakayama, N.
Regulations in the Japanese Medical Market (in Japanese) March 2001
27 Takayama, N. Pension Reform in Japan at the Turn of the Century
May 2001
28 Bossert, W.
Sprumont, Y.
Suzumura, K.
Rationalizability of Choice Functions on General Domains Without Full Transitivity May 2001
29 Watanabe, S. Ransfers within a Family and Gift Tax (in Japanese) July 2001


No Author(s) Title Date
30 Utsunomiya, K. Social Accounting and Business Accounting for financial instrumentst (in Japanese) July 2001
31 Tadenuma, K.
Xu, Y.
Envy-Free Configurations in the Market Economy July 2001
32 Ono, T.
Maeda, Y.
Sustainable Development in an Aging Economy August 2001
33 Ono, T. The Effects of Emission Permits on Growth and the Environment August 2001
34 Nakayama, Y. Spatial Competition and Accumulation of Public Capital August 2001
35 Fukao, K. Japan's Macroeconomic Policies and the Saving-Investment Balance (in Japanese) August 2001
36 Palmer, E. The New Swedish Pension System September 2001
37 Kanoh, S.
Yasui, N.
Micro Data Analysis of the Living Standards and Inequalities in Dar Es Salaam
→figure →table
September 2001
38 Kitamura, Y.
Takayama, N.
Arita, F.
Household Savings and Wealth Distribution in Japan
→table →graph
September 2001
39 Yorimitsu, M. A Case Study on the Generation Gap of Foreign Workers in Japan (in Japanese) October 2001


No Author(s) Title Date
40 Kato, J. The Founding Base of Welfare State (in Japanese) October 2001
41 Chino, T. Japanese Payment System for Medical Services and Private Not-For-Profit Institutions (in Japanese) October 2001
42 Utsunomiya, K. A Review of Measurement Error Issues in the CPI (in Japanese) November 2001
43 Hejbowicz, S. The Welfare System in transition in Lithuania (in Japanese) November 2001
44 Yoshino, E. The Polish Pension Reform (in Japanese) December 2001
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