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No Author(s) Title Date
241 Fazekas, K. Transition of the Hungarian Labour Market- Age, Skill and Regional Differences January 2005
242 Asako, K. On Consumption Rather than on Production: The Optimal Environmental Taxation of an Open Economy (in Japanese) January 2005
243 Shiohama, T. Fixed Size Confidence Regions for Parameters of Stationary Processes Based on a Minimum Contrast Estimator January 2005
244 Hayakawa, A. The 2004 Occupational Pension Reform in Japan (in Japanese) January 2005
245 Hosoya, K. The Speed of Convergence in a Two-Sector Growth Model with Health Capital January 2005
246 Sekine, K. Pension Plan Management from the Corporate Management Perspective (in Japanese) January 2005
247 Hagemejer, K. Accounting for the New Swedish Old-age Pension Scheme: A Comment January 2005
248 Ogura, S. On a Columbus's Egg: A Comment on Settergern's Paper January 2005
249 Settergren, O.
Mikula, B.D.
The Rate of Return of Pay-As-You-Go Pension Systems January 2005


No Author(s) Title Date
250 Nakashima, S. Actual Conditions of Foreigners' Crime in Japan (in Japanese) January 2005
251 Ogawa, N.
Takayama, N.
Demography and Ageing January 2005
252 Nakamura, H.
Nakamura, M.
Economic Growth with Mechanization of the Production Process March 2005
253 Takayama, N. Pension Reform in Japan March 2005
254 Ikemoto, S. The Outlook of the Old-age Pension System in the Czech Republic March 2005
255 Iwaskaki, I.
Sato, K.
Private Pension Funds in Hungary
March 2005
256 Yoshino, E. Consistently Compromising Reform of the Polish Pension System: from 1999 to 2004 March 2005
257 Bezdek, V. The Public Pension System in the Czech Republic from the Point of View of Public Finance March 2005
258 Yorimitsu, M. Population Decrease in Japan and Okinawa (in Japanese) March 2005
259 Gabos, A.
Gal, R. I.
Kezdi, G.
Fertility Effects of the Pension System and Other Intergenerational Transfers: Test on Hungarian Data March 2005


No Author(s) Title Date
260 Becker, C. M.
Seitenova, A. S.
Urzhumova, D. S.
Pension Reform in Central Asia: An Overview March 2005
261 Becker, C. M.
Seitenova, A. S.
Fertility and Marriage in Kazakhstan’s Transition Period: Implications for Social Security Policy March 2005
262 Ohtsu, S.
Tabata, S.
Pension Reform in Russia March 2005
263 Kuboniwa, M. Russia’s Population Crises in the 1990s and the Long Run: How can We Dream with Russia? March 2005
264 Sun, W. Making a Multi-Cultural Local Community: A Case of Ohkubo (in Japanese) March 2005
265 Góra, M. Pension Expenditure as the Part of GDP: Social Security vs. Economic Growth March 2005
266 Kupiszewski, M. Migration in Poland in the Period of Transition: the Adjustment to the Labour Market Change March 2005
267 Sinyaskaya, O. Pension Reform in Russia: A Challenge of Low Pension Age March 2005
268 Vasile, V.
Zaman, G.
Romania's Pension System Between Present Restrictions and Future Exigencies March 2005
269 Szeman, Z. Social Ageing, the Labour Market and Pensions March 2005


No Author(s) Title Date
270 Kim, S.
Sun, W.
Kurata, Y.
On the Possibility of Foreign Worker's Employment in Japanese Elderly Care Service Sector (in Japanese) March 2005
271 Takayama, N. Reforming the MP's Pensions in Japan(in Japanese) April 2005
272 Eguchi, T. The Supplementary Pension System in France (in Japanese) April 2005
273 Takayama, N. The New World Bank Report on Pensions (in Japanese) June 2005
274 Ito, T.
Tsuri, M.
Sustainability of the Public Pension System in Japan (in Japanese) June 2005
275 Yomogida, M.
Aoki, R.
It Takes a Village: Network Effect of Child-rearing June 2005
276 Yoshida, H. Intergenerational Imbalance and Fiscal Reform in Japan: Approach with Generational Accounting (Abstract Only) September 2005
277 Takayama, N. Rise and Fall of the Opting-out Plan in Japanese Pensions: A Brief Note September 2005
278 Tamagno, E. The Canadian Pension System September 2005
279 Hata, J. The Future of Corporate Pensions and Retirement Benefits in Japan (in Japanese) September 2005


No Author(s) Title Date
280 Fujimoto, K. Corporate and Personal Pensions in Germany (in Japanese) October 2005
281 Ozawa, M. International Comparison of Retirement Benefits Accounting (in Japanese) October 2005
282 Takayama, N. Social Security Pensions and Intergenerational Equity: The Japanese Case October 2005
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