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HOMEDiscussion Papers2003



No Author(s) Title Date
133 Futagami, K.
Shibata, A.
Budget Deficits and Economic Growth January 2003
134 Sato, K. Pension Reform in Hungary (in Japanese) January 2003
135 Usuki, M. Recent Changes to Retirement Benefits in Japan, and Relevant Public Policy Issues February 2003
136 Yorimitsu, M.
Ishizaki, N.
Kim, S.K.
Huang, Y.L.
A Survey on Work and Livelihood of Foreigners in Japan: A Summary(in Japanese) February 2003
137 Takayama, N. Overview of PRC Pension Development and Economic Status of the PRC Elderly*   (in Chinese)
February 2003
138 Takayama, N. Pension Reform of PRC: Major Issues and Policy Options*   (in Chinese) February 2003
139 Gotoh, R. Understanding Sen's Idea of a Coherent Goal-Rights System in the Light of Political Liberalism March 2003


No Author(s) Title Date
140 Saito, H.
Tokita, T.
A Brief Consideration for Japanese Mixed Treatment (in Japanese) March 2003
141 Szeman, Z. Approaching Retirement in Poverty March 2003
142 Seitenova, A.S.
Becker, C.M.
Kazakhstan's Pension System: Pressures for Change and Dramatic Reforms March 2003
143 Islamov, B.
Shadiev, R.
Pension System of Uzbekistan: Problems and Perspectives March 2003
144 Masuhara, H.
Murase, K.
Effects of the Reform of the Insurance for the Elderly in July 1999 (in Japanese) March 2003
145 Masuhara, H. Insurance for the Elderly and Outpatient Medical Care Demand: Count Data Analysis Using the Employee's Health Insurance Claim Data (in Japanese) March 2003
146 Afanasiev, S.A. Pension Reform in Russia: First Year of Implementing March 2003
147 Antosik, P. Pension Reform in the Czech Republic: Past and Future March 2003
148 Hayashi, Y.
Yamada, A.
An Economic Analysis on Prohibition Rule of Mixed Medical Treatments (in Japanese) April 2003
149 Kurata, Y. Working Life of Vietnamese People in Japan (in Japanese) April 2003


No Author(s) Title Date
150 Kim, S.K.
Yorimitsu M.
Study on 'Special Permission for Residence' (in Japanese) May 2003
151 Nakamura, H.
Nakamura, M.
Economic Growth with Qualitative Changes in Inputs (in Japanese) May 2003
152 Ono, T.
Maeda, Y.
Lender Liability for Environmental Risk Revisited May 2003
153 Hosoya, K. Tax Financed Government Health Expenditure and Growth with Capital Deepening Externality June 2003
154 Eguchi, T. The Pension System in France (in Japanese) June 2003
155 Sugahara, T. An Empirical Analysis of Demand Side of Services after Introducing Japanese Long-Term Care Insurance System (in Japanese) June 2003
156 Atoh, M.
Akachi, M.
Low Fertility and Family Policy in Japan: In an International Comparative Perspective June 2003
157 Cabre, A. Facts and Factors on Low Fertility in Southern Europe: The Case of Spain June 2003
158 Hara, T. Fertility Trend and Family Policies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands June 2003
159 Knudsen, L.B. Considerations on the Role of Family Policy in Societies Like the Nordic Countries June 2003


No Author(s) Title Date
160 Letablier, M. Fertility and Family Policies in France June 2003
161 Neyer, G. Family Policies and Low Fertility in Western Europe June 2003
162 Pool, I.
Sceats, J.
Low Fertility of the English-speaking Countries June 2003
163 Tsuya, N. Fertility and Family Policies in Nordic Countries, 1960-2000 June 2003
164 Van Nimwegen, N.
Esveldt, I.
Beets, G.
Population Trends and Family Policies in the Netherlands June 2003
165 Yoshida, H.
Mizuochi, M.
The Effect of Resources for Childcare on Fertility in Japan (in Japanese) July 2003
166 Ishizaki, N.
Yorimitsu, M.
The Research of Decision on the Course to Take the Carrier of Life in the Case of Foreign Labor’s Second Generation in Japan (in Japanese) July 2003
167 Aoki, R.
Small, J.
Compulsory Licensing of Technology and the Essential Facilities Doctrine August 2003
168 Góra, M. The New Polish Pension System: An Example of a Non-orthodox Approach to Pension Reform August 2003
169 Takayama, N. Some Basic Problems of Social Security Pensions in Japan (in Japanese) August 2003


No Author(s) Title Date
170 Ito, T.
Tsuri, M.
Macroeconomic Impacts of Aging in Japan on the Balance of Current Accounts September 2003
171 Oshio, T. Social Security, Child Allowances, and Endogenous Fertility
September 2003
172 Oshio, T. Social Security and Intragenerational Redistribution of Lifetime Income in Japan
September 2003
173 Oshio, T.
Oishi, A.
Fiscal Implications of Social Security Reforms in Japan (in Japanese) September 2003
174 Konno, H. An Estimation on Life Time Medical Expenditure−Comparative Claim Data Analysis between National Health Insurance and Employee’s Health Insurance in Japan− (in Japanese) September 2003
175 Davis, E. Is There a Pensions Crisis in the UK? September 2003
176 Yamaguchi, O. An Assessment of Pension Liability (in Japanese) September 2003
177 Furuichi, M. Consistency between Accounting Treatment and Legal Relations concerning the Pension Fund (in Japanese) October 2003
178 Takayama, N. A Balance Sheet Approach to Reforming Social Security Pensions in Japan: Is NDC the Answer?
→figures →presentation sheets
October 2003
179 Takayama, N. The Japanese Public Pension System: What Went Wrong and What Reform Measures We Have
→figures →presentation sheets
October 2003


No Author(s) Title Date
180 Oyama, M. Cost of Children and the Recent Fertility Decline (in Japanese) October 2003
181 Ogawa, H. Income Distribution and the Age at First Marriage (in Japanese) October 2003
182 Tokuzumi, S. Deregulation of Occupational Benefits in Japan (in Japanese) October 2003
183 Shiraishi, S.
Suzuki, W.
Yashiro, N.
Quality and Efficiency at Child Care Centers in Japan; Econometric Analysis (in Japanese) October 2003
184 Takayama, N. Some Basic Problems of Social Security Pensions in Japan (in Chinese)
→presentation sheets
October 2003
185 Kim, S.
Yorimitsu, M.
The Research on the Contracting Business Concerned with Foreigner's Works in Japan (in Japanese) October 2003
186 Takayama, N.
Shiohama, T.
A Technical Note on Estimating the Balance Sheet of the KNH in Japan (in Japanese) November 2003
187 Takayama, N.
Shiohama, T.
A Balance Sheet Approach to Reforming Social Security Pensions in Japan (in Japanese) November 2003
188 Takayama, N. Japan's Ageing Problem and Macroeconomic Context November 2003
189 Suzumura, K.
Shinotsuka, T.
On the Possibility of Continuous, Paretian and Egalitarian Evaluation of Infinite Utility Streams December 2003


No Author(s) Title Date
190 Ishida, S. Future Challenges of the Defined Contribution Pension Plan (in Japanese) December 2003
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