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不動産・マクロ経済研究センター(HIT-REFINED) 発行

Daniel McMillen, Chihiro Shimizu
Decompositions of Spatially Varying Quantile Distribution Estimates: The Rise and Fall of Tokyo House Prices

Erwin Diewert, Chihiro Shimizu
Alternative Land Price Indexes for Commercial Properties in Tokyo

経済研究所 発行

Tomoya Tajika
Organizational Concealment: An Incentive of Reducing the Responsibility

経済研究所 発行


不動産・マクロ経済研究センター(HIT-REFINED) 発行

Yoshiaki Ogura
Investment Distortion by Collateral Requirement: Evidence from Japanese SMEs

ロシア研究センター 発行

Corporate Governance System and Regional Heterogeneity: Evidence from East and West Russia

規範経済学研究センター 発行

Reiko Gotoh
What Political Liberalism and the Welfare State Left Behind:--Democracy and Death--


Norihito Sakamoto
Characterizations of Social Choice Correspondences Based on Equality of Capabilities in a Pure Exchange Economy

世代間問題研究機構 発行

Noriyuki Takayama
Several Questions on Basic Ideas of the 1994 World Bank Report "Averting the Old Age Crisis"

経済制度研究センター 発行

Eduard Baumöhl, Ichiro Iwasaki, Evžen Kočenda
Firm Survival in New EU Member States



不動産・マクロ経済研究センター(HIT-REFINED) 発行

Brent W. Ambrose, N. Edward Coulson, Jiro Yoshida
Inflation Rates Are Very Different When Housing Rents Are Accurately Measured

Jiro Yoshida
Stock Prices, Regional Housing Prices, and Aggregate Technology Shocks