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経済社会リスク研究機構 発行

Naohito Abe and D.S. Prasada Rao
Generalized Logarithmic Index Numbers with Demand Shocks-Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice

経済研究所 発行


Shinsuke Ito and Takahisa Dejima
The Relationship between Household Type and Consumption Patterns in Japan - evidence from Japan's National Survey of Family Income and Expenditure

経済制度研究センター 発行

Matthew McCartney
The Prospects of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC): The Importance of Understanding Western China

世代間問題研究機構 発行


規範経済学研究センター 発行

Norihito Sakamoto
Equity Principles and Interpersonal Comparison of Well-being: Old and New Joint Characterizations of Generalized Leximin, Rank-dependent Utilitarian, and Leximin Rules



経済制度研究センター 発行

Ichiro Iwasaki and Byung-Yeon Kim
Legal forms, organizational architecture, and firm failure:A large survival analysis of Russian corporations

経済社会リスク研究機構 発行

Hideyasu Sato
Do Large-scale Point-of-sale Data Satisfy the Generalized Axiom of Revealed Preference in Aggregation Using Representative Price Indexes?: A Case Involving Processed Food and Beverages

経済研究所 発行

Fumiya Uchikoshi, Ryota Mugiyama, Megumi Oguro
Still Separate in STEM? Trends in Sex Segregation by Field of Study in Japan, 1975-2019

ロシア研究センター 発行

Ichiro IWASAKI and Kazuhiro KUMO
Regional Determinants of Marriage Rates in Russia: A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis

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