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IER Discussion Paper Series

Soh Kaneko, Naoki Yoshihara
On the General Impossibility of Persistent Unequal Exchange Free Trade Equilibria in the Pre-industrial World Economy

CEI Working Paper Series

Tatiana Karabchuk
Job stability and fertility intentions of young adults in Europe: does labor market legislation matter?

CIS Discussion Paper Series

Jinjing Li, Xinmei Wang, Jing Xu, Chang Yuan
The Role of Public Pensions in Income Inequality among Elderly Households in China 1988-2013

Jing Xu, Xinmei Wang
Working Longer in China: Implicit Tax or Subsidy?

Masahiko Tsutsumi
The Economic Consequences of the 2018 US-China Trade Conflict: A CGE Simulation Analysis

CEI Working Paper Series

Jean-Pascal Bassino, Stephen Broadberry, Kyoji Fukao, Bishnupriya Gupta, Masanori Takashima
Japan and the Great Divergence, 730-1874

Stephen Broadberry, John Wallis
Growing, Shrinking and Long Run Economic Performance: Historical Perspectives on Economic Development

CEI Working Paper Series

Pierre van der Eng, Kitae Sohn
The Biological Standard of Living in Indonesia during the 20th Century: Evidence from the Age at Menarche

CEI Working Paper Series

D. S. Prasada Rao
Macro-economic Measures for a Globalised World: Global Growth and Inflation

CEI Working Paper Series

Kazuhiro Kumo, Tamara Litvinenko
The Post-Soviet population dynamics in the Russian Extreme North: A case of Chukotka

IER Discussion Paper Series

Kazuhiro Kurose, Naoki Yoshihara
The Heckscher—Ohlin—Samuelson Trade Theory and the Cambridge Capital Controversies: On the Validity of Factor Price Equalisation Theorem

IER Discussion Paper Series

Roberto Veneziani, Naoki Yoshihara
The Theory of Exploitation as the Unequal Exchange of Labour

Giorgos Galanis, Roberto Veneziani, Naoki Yoshihara
The Dynamics of Exploitation and Inequality in Economies with Heterogeneous Agents

Yongsheng Xu, Naoki Yoshihara
An Equitable Nash Solution to Nonconvex Bargaining Problems

Roberto Veneziani, Naoki Yoshihara
The Measurement of Labour Content: A General Approach

Michele Lombardi, Naoki Yoshihara
Partially-Honest Nash Implementation: A Full Characterization

Jonathan F. Cogliano, Roberto Veneziani, Naoki Yoshihara
Exploitation, Skills, and Inequality

Kazuhiro Kurose, Naoki Yoshihara
On the Ricardian Invariable Measure of Value in General Convex Economies

CEI Working Paper Series

Xinxin Ma, Jingwen Zhang
The Timing of Childbearing and Female Labor Supply in China

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