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RRC Working Paper Series

Кадзухиро КУМО
Рождаемость в России: Повторное исследование с использованием данных на микроуровне

IER Discussion Paper Series

LIANG Licheng and MATSUURA Toshiyuki
Adjustments of Multinational's Production Activities in Response to the US-Sino Trade War: Evidence from Japanese affiliate-level data

IER Discussion Paper Series

Kentaro Asai and Ryo Kambayashi
The Consequences of Hometown Regiment
What Happened in Hometown When the Soldiers Never Returned?

IER Discussion Paper Series

Liang Licheng
Resilience of Japanese Multinational Enterprises' Production Networks during the COVID-19 Pandemic

CEI Working Paper Series

Kisho Hoshi
New Medical Schools, Access to Doctors and Health Outcomes: Evidence from Japan

CEI Working Paper Series

Róbert Iván Gál, Pieter Vanhuysse and Márton Medgyesi
Taxing Reproduction: The Invisible Transfer Cost of Rearing Children in Europe

IER Discussion Paper Series

Deepak Johnson and Takashi Kurosaki
Price Support and Farm Incomes: Comparative Study of Rice Growing Regions in Southern India and Mekong-Delta Vietnam

CEI Working Paper Series

Yu Sasaki
Weak States and Hard Censorship

RCNE Discussion Paper Series

Norihito Sakamoto
How to Avoid Both the Repugnant and Sadistic Conclusions without Dropping Standard Axioms in Population Ethics

IER Discussion Paper Series

Sébastien Lechevalier and Malo Mofakhami
Analyzing the diverse impact of digital use on the job quality
Comparing work organization and job satisfaction in Japan and France

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