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RRC Working Paper Series

Kazuhiro KUMO
Gender Norms in the Former Socialist States: An approach using micro data in a case of Russia

CEI Working Paper Series

Ichiro Iwasaki
The Finance-Growth Nexus in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Meta-Analytic Perspective

CIS Discussion Paper Series

Tsunao Okumura, Emiko Usui
Pension Expectations and Household Portfolio Choice of the Elderly in Japan

IER Discussion Paper Series

On the Labor Theory of Value as the Basis for the Analysis of Economic Inequality in the Capitalist Economy

Yongsheng XU and Naoki YOSHIHARA
Bargaining Theory Over Opportunity Assignments and the Egalitarian Solution

Jonathan F. COGLIANO, Roberto VENEZIANI, and Naoki YOSHIHARA
The Dynamics of International Exploitation

CEI Working Paper Series

Yutaka Arimoto
Textizing statistical tables using OCR at scale

IER Discussion Paper Series

Nobuhiro HOBARA
The Effect of Reduction of Working Hours in Society Where People Have Both the Homogeneous Way to Enjoy Leisure and the Homogeneous Way to Take Leisure Time

RRC Working Paper Series

Yoshisada SHIDA
Does the Currency Crisis Veil the Impact of Economic Sanctions under an Authoritarian Regime? An Inquiry into Russia

CEI Working Paper Series

Evžen Kočenda and Ichiro Iwasaki
Bank Survival Around the World A Meta‐Analytic Review

IER Discussion Paper Series

Lower-Level Substitution Bias in the Japanese Consumer Price Index: Evidence from Government Micro Data

CEI Working Paper Series

Chiaki Moriguchi
Higher School Admission Procedure Reforms in Prewar Japan

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