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IER Discussion Paper Series

A Simple Example of Sraffian Indeterminacy in Walrasian General Equilibrium Framework

RRC Working Paper Series

Кадзухиро КУМО
Старение населения, низкая рождаемость и социальная защита в России

IER Discussion Paper Series

Yongsheng XU and Naoki YOSHIHARA
Nonconvex Bargaining Problems: Some Recent Developments

Jonathan F. COGLIANO, Roberto VENEZIANI, and Naoki YOSHIHARA
Computational Methods and Classical-Marxian Economics

CEI Working Paper Series

Hyunbae Chun, Hailey Hayeon Joo, Jisoo Kang and Yoonsoo Lee
Diffusion of E-Commerce and Retail Job Apocalypse: Evidence from Credit Card Data on Online Spending

CEI Working Paper Series

Kazuhiro Kumo
Population Aging, Low Fertility and Social Security in Russia

RCNE Discussion Paper Series

Norihito Sakamoto and Yuko Mori
A Class of Acceptable and Practical Social Welfare Functions with Variable Populations: A Stepwise Rank-Dependent Utilitarianism and Its Application

CEI Working Paper Series

Ichiro Iwasaki and Xinxin Ma
Gender Wage Gap in China: A Large Meta-Analysis

CEI Working Paper Series

Josef C. Brada, Zdenek Drabek, and Ichiro Iwasaki
Does Investor Protection Increase Foreign Direct Investment? A Meta-Analysis

CEI Working Paper Series

Yasushi Nakamura
Structural Changes in World Population and Economy, 1950 to 2100: Visualization and Analyses

IER Discussion Paper Series

Makoto SAITO
Public Bonds as Money Substitutes at Near-Zero Interest Rates: Disequilibrium Analysis of the Current and Future Japanese Economy

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