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RRC Working Paper Series

Norio HORIE, Ichiro IWASAKI, Olga KUPETS, Xinxin MA, Satoshi MIZOBATA, and Mihoko SATOGAMI
Wage-Experience Profiles in China and Eastern Europe: A Large Meta-Analysis

IER Discussion Paper Series

Xinxin Ma and Jie Cheng
The Impact of Trade Unions on the Gender Wage Gap: Evidence from China

IER Discussion Paper Series

Xinxin Ma, Yalan Li and Ichiro Iwasaki
The Hukou System and Wage Gap between Urban and Rural Migrant Workers in China: A Meta-Analysis

IER Discussion Paper Series

Jouchi Nakajima
Estimating trend inflation in a regime-switching Phillips curve

IER Discussion Paper Series

Jouchi Nakajima
Estimation of firms' inflation expectations using the survey DI

CEI Working Paper Series

Ichiro Iwasaki and Shigeki Ono
Economic Development and the Finance-Growth Nexus: A Meta-Analytic Approach


First issue of Web Journal "THE ECONOMIC REVIEW"
Volume 74 No. 1&2, October 2023

IER Discussion Paper Series

Kenji Saito,Yutaka Soejima,Toshihiko Sugiura,Yukinobu Kitamura,Mitsuru Iwamura
Is Ethereum Proof of Stake Sustainable? -- Considering from the Perspective of Competition Among Smart Contract Platforms --

IER Discussion Paper Series

Toru Kitagawa and Masayuki Sawada

IER Discussion Paper Series

Ryo Kambayashi, Kohei Kawaguchi and Suguru Otani
Estimating Recruitment Elasticity in the Multi-stage and Bilateral Job Matching Process

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