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IER Discussion Paper Series

Deepak Johnson and Takashi Kurosaki
Price Support and Farm Incomes: Comparative Study of Rice Growing Regions in Southern India and Mekong-Delta Vietnam

CEI Working Paper Series

Yu Sasaki
Weak States and Hard Censorship

RCNE Discussion Paper Series

Norihito Sakamoto
How to Avoid Both the Repugnant and Sadistic Conclusions without Dropping Standard Axioms in Population Ethics

IER Discussion Paper Series

Sébastien Lechevalier and Malo Mofakhami
Analyzing the diverse impact of digital use on the job quality
Comparing work organization and job satisfaction in Japan and France

CEI Working Paper Series

Ichiro Iwasaki, Xinxin Ma, and Satoshi Mizobata
Board Generational Diversity in Emerging Markets

CEI Working Paper Series

Alexandra L. Cermeño and Carlos Santiago-Caballero
Closing the price gap - Von Thünen applied to wheat markets in 18th century Spain

CEI Working Paper Series

Norio Horie, Ichiro Iwasaki, Olga Kupets, Xinxin Ma, Satoshi Mizobata and Mihoko Satogami
Wage Functions in China and Eastern Europe: A Large-Scale Comparative Meta-Analysis

CEI Working Paper Series

Ichiro Iwasaki and Mihoko Satogami
Gender Wage Gap in European Emerging Markets: A Meta-Analytic Perspective

CEI Working Paper Series

Yuri Sugiyama
Can Soft Law Improve the Welfare of Sexual Minorities? The Case of Same-sex Partnership Policy in Japan

IER Discussion Paper Series

Naoki Yoshihara
Correspondence between Exploitation and Profits in General Neoclassical Production Economies

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