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経済研究所 発行

Ekaterina Hertog, Man Yee Kan, Kiyomi Shirakawa, Ryota Chiba
Do Better-Educated Couples Share Domestic Work More Equitably in Japan? It Depends on the Day of the Week

世代間問題研究機構 発行

Satoshi Yamamoto, Viktoriya Kan, Roman Bartnik
Going Abroad to Innovate? The Role of Entrepreneurial Orientation in Foreign Business Expansion for Japanese Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturers

経済制度研究センター 発行

Kazuya Masuda, Yoko Sakai
Secondary education and international labor mobility: Evidence from the free secondary education reform in the Philippines

経済制度研究センター 発行

Kazuya Masuda, Chikako Yamauchi
The Effects of Universal Secondary Education Program Accompanying Public-Private Partnership on Students' Access, Sorting and Achievement: Evidence from Uganda

経済制度研究センター 発行

Quheng Deng, Xinxin Ma
The Dynamics of Informal Employment in Urban China



経済制度研究センター 発行

Kazuya Masuda, Maureen Chitundu
Multiple micronutrient supplementation using spirulina platensis and infant growth, morbidity and motor development: Evidence from a randomized trial in Zambia

ロシア研究センター 発行

Ichiro Iwasaki
International Presence of the Japanese Study of Russian and East European Economies

経済制度研究センター 発行

Eduard Baumöhl, Ichiro Iwasaki, Evžen Kočenda
Institutions and Determinants of Firm Survival in European Emerging Markets

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