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Nov 19, 2014

Job Opening for a full-time (non-tenure track) lecturer or associate professor [Transition Economies or Development Economics

Nov 19, 2014

Job Opening for a full-time (non-tenure track) lecturer or associate professor [Public Economics

Sep 29, 2014

The Research Center for Economic and Social Risks released of SRI-Hitotsubashi Consumer Purchase Index.

Jul 11, 2014

Research Center for Economic and Social Risks (RCESR) website has opened.

Jun 18, 2014

LTES (Long-term Economic Statistics) has been available by Amazon POD.

Mar 25, 2014

The Global COE Hi-Stat Receives Top Mark

Dec 20, 2013

We established a website of "Hitotsubashi project on Real Estate, Financial Crisis, and Economic Dynamics (HIT-REFINED)".

International Seminar [Presentation in English]

Sergei Sutyrin (Department of the World Economy, Sait-Petersburg State University)

Hitotsubashi-RIETI International Workshop on Real Estate Market and the Macro Economy[Presentation in English]
1. David Geltner (MIT)
2. Chihiro Shimizu (Reitaku University and University of British Columbia)
3. Hirofumi Uchida (Kobe University)
4. Arito Ono (Mizuho Research Institute)
5. Iichiro Uesugi (Hitotsubashi University and RIETI)

Innovation Forum [Presentation in English]
Michele Ruiters (Visiting Associate Professor, IIR / Regional Integration Specialist, Knowledge Management and Innovation, Strategy Division, Development Bank of Southern Africa)

RRC Working Paper Series (Backnumbers)
[Nov 17, 2014]

Masaaki Kuboniwa
The Impact of Oil Prices, Total Factor Productivity and Institutional Weakness on Russia's Declining Growth

IER Discussion Paper Series (Backnumbers)
[Nov 6, 2014]

Mitsuru Iwamura, Yukinobu Kitamura, Tsutomu Matsumoto and Kenji Saito
Can We Stabilize the Price of a Cryptocurrency?: Understanding the Design of Bitcoin and Its Potential to Compete with Central Bank Money

CIS Discussion Paper Series (Backnumbers)
[Oct 31, 2014]

Emiko Usui, Satoshi Shimizutani, Takashi Oshio
Work Capacity of Older Adults in Japan

Seiichi Inagaki
Effect of the introduction of Category 3 contributions on the adequacy and sustainability of the public pension system in Japan

RCESR Discussion Paper Series (Backnumbers)
[Oct 21, 2014]

Kyoji Fukao, Sonoe Arai
Biases to Manufacturing Statistics from Offshoring: Evidence from Japan

RRC Working Paper Series (Backnumbers)
[Oct 17, 2014]

Masahiro Tokunaga, Ichiro Iwasaki
Transition and FDI: A Meta-Analysis of the FDI Determinants in Transition Economies

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