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Research Center for Economic and Social Risks (RCESR) website has opened.


LTES (Long-term Economic Statistics) has been available by Amazon POD.


The Global COE Hi-Stat Receives Top Mark


We established a website of "Hitotsubashi project on Real Estate, Financial Crisis, and Economic Dynamics (HIT-REFINED)".


Professor Ichiro Iwasaki won commendation from the academic committee of the Russian National Prize in Applied Economics for his research works on corporate governance in Russia. 


Professor Kyoji Fukao takes up the position of director of IER. 


Professor Toshiaki Watanabe receives the Japan Statistical Society Research Achievement Prize.

New Publications
CIS Discussion Paper Series (Backnumbers)

Takero Doi
Tax Policy under the “Generational Election System”

IER Discussion Paper Series (Backnumbers)

Michele Lombardi and Naoki Yoshihara
Natural Implementation with Partially-honest Agents in Economic Environments with Free-disposal

RCESR Discussion Paper Series (Backnumbers)

Naohito Abe, Chiaki Moriguchi, Noriko Inakura
The Effects of Natural Disasters on Prices and Purchasing Behaviors: The Case of the Great East Japan Earthquake

HIT-REFINED Working Paper Series (Backnumbers)

Chihiro Shimizu
How Are Property Investment Returns Determined?

Erwin W. Diewert, Kevin J. Fox, Chihiro Shimizu
Commercial Property Price Indexes and the System of National Accounts

CEI Working Paper Series (Backnumbers)

Pierre van der Eng
Mining and Indonesia's Economy: Institutions and Value Adding, 1870-2010

Tuan-Hwee Sng, Chiaki Moriguchi
Asia's Little Divergence: State Capacity in China and Japan before 1850

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