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Past projects

Socio-Economic Analysis of European Crisis and Emerging Markets: An Interdisciplinary International Project (Sponsored by the Suntory Foundation)

Studies on Growth Path and Domestic/International Input-Output Relationships in the Postwar Russia (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B), FY2012-2014)

Toward Comparative Transition Economics: A Meta-Analysis of the 20-Year History of Post-Communist Transition to a Market Economy (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A), FY2011-2014)

Determinants of Childbirth in Russia: Micro Data Approaches (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B), FY2011-2013)

Searching for sustainable economic growth: resourse, environment, finance, and lowering birthrate (Joint research project with the IER’s department of U.S., European and Russian Economies, FY2010)

Research on Prospects for Russia (Joint Research Project by Social and Frontier Laboratory, Research Institute, Nissan Motor Company, and Hitotsubashi University, FY2009)

Comprehensive Study of the Market Environments and State-Business Relationship in Russian Federation (Research Grant-in-Aid of Hitotsubashi University, FY2008-2009)

Effective Economic Zones and Industrial Policy in the Areas of the Commonwealth of Independent States (Sponsored Research Project of Toyota Motors Corporation Ltd., FY2008)

Long and Medium-Term Perspectives of Russian Economy (In-house Research Project of Russian Research Center, FY2008)

A Study of the State Policy for Promotion of Automobile Industry in Russia (Sponsored Research Project of Toyota Motors Corporation Ltd., FY2007)