Publications were updated:

● Keola, S., Kumo, K., Tsubota, K. and Ueda, A., Bright Lights of Cities: Reassessing Siberian Curse through the Lens of Nighttime Lights, Regional Research of Russia, Springer, 2024 (accepted, forthcoming).

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Publications were updated:

● Iwasaki, I. and Y. Adachi, "Legal Weakness, Investment Risks, and Distressed Acquisitions: Evidence from Russian Regions," Comparative Economic Studies, Vol. 66, pp. 1-69, 2024.


Working Paper (No. 104) was uploaded:

Ichiro IWASAKI, Xinxin MA, and Satoshi MIZOBATA, Board Structure in Emerging Markets: A Simultaneous Equation Modeling, February 2024.


Working Paper (No. 103) was uploaded:

Norio HORIE, Ichiro IWASAKI, Olga KUPETS, Xinxin MA, Satoshi MIZOBATA, and Mihoko SATOGAMI, Wage-Experience Profiles in China and Eastern Europe: A Large Meta-Analysis, December 2023.


Working Paper (No. 75) was published:

Yasushi NAKAMURA, "State Machinery Building and Economic Transition: Lessons from the German Unification," Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics, August 15, 2023.