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Discussion Papers

Discussion Paper Series

Discussion Paper Series of the Research Center for Normative Economics (RCNE) are research results of RCNE members and are released to receive comments from both the researchers and the public, paving the way for contributions to academic journals and book publications.

No. Author Title Date
13 Satoshi Nakada and Norihito Sakamoto The Multi-Threshold Generalized Sufficientarianism
and Level-Oligarchy
April 2024
12 Norihito Sakamoto A Class of Practical and Acceptable Social Welfare Orderings That Satisfy the Principles of Aggregation and Non-Aggregation: Reexamination of the Tyrannies of Aggregation and Non-Aggregation February 2024
11 Norihito Sakamoto How to Avoid Both the Repugnant and Sadistic Conclusions without Dropping Standard Axioms in Population Ethics April 2023
10 Norihito Sakamoto,
Yuko Mori
A Class of Acceptable and Practical Social Welfare Orderings with Variable Population: Stepwise Social Welfare Orderings and Their Applications October 2021
9 Norihito Sakamoto Can Acceptable Social Welfare Orderings Show Compassion for Both Relative Inequality and Poverty? A Reexamination of Interpersonal Comparisons of Well-being and Scale Invariance April 2021
8 Norihito Sakamoto,
Yuko Mori
A Class of Acceptable and Practical Social Welfare Functions with Variable Populations: A Stepwise Rank-Dependent Utilitarianism and Its Application September 2020
7 Norihito Sakamoto Equity Principles and Interpersonal Comparison of Well-being: Old and New Joint Characterizations of Generalized Leximin, Rank-dependent Utilitarian, and Leximin Rules April 2020
6 Toshiaki Hiromitsu 世代間協力における規範の役割
―経済実験を通じた考察と財政政策への含意― (in Japanese)
December 2018
5 Norihito Sakamoto Equity Criteria Based on the Dominance Principle and Individual Preferences:Refinements of the Consensus Approach August 2018
4 Norihito Sakamoto Characterizations of Social Choice Correspondences Based on Equality of Capabilities in a Pure Exchange Economy November 2017
3 Yoshiya Kamito(IER) 一般化エントロピークラスに関する分析
―規範的観点と実証的観点から― (in Japanese)
April 2017
2 Hiroyuki Kuribayashi,
Munenori Aikawa,
Shoko Nakayama
潜在能力アプローチ文献リスト (in Japanese) April 2017
1 Reiko Gotoh (IER) What Political Liberalism and the Welfare State Left Behind: Democracy and Death April 2017