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Location of the materials

  STACKS (South) STACKS (North)
4F Japanese Books (P-S)
Chinese Books (X) : except (Xl)
Large-sized Japanese and Chinese Books
Russian Books (V) : except (VL)
Publications by Hitotsubashi University (Az)
3F Japanese Books (A-O) : except (Az) Western Statistics (Lc-Lg), Joint Research Laboratory
2F Western Books (G-S) : except (L)
Large-sized Western Books
Bound Periodicals of Japanese (Z), Chinese (ZX),
  Korean (ZY), Western (ZL-ZS)
Chinese Statistics (Xl)
1F Western Books (A-F) : except (Az) Bound Periodicals of Russian (ZV), Western (ZA-ZK)
Current Periodicals
Western Statistics (La-Lb), Russian Statistics (VL)
Western Books (RCISSS Books)

* Alphabetic characters in parentheses are classification numbers.

Books and Bound Periodicals

Books and bound periodicals are classified and shelved according to our own classification scheme. More about the scheme please refer to "Classification for books" and "Classification for serials".

Only RCISSS Books are classified by "Classification of RCISSS Library".

Current Periodicals

Current Periodicals are sorted by their Language.

  Periodicals in European Languages: Located Roman alphabetically of title.
  Periodicals in Russian: Located Cyrillic alphabetically of title.
  Periodicals in Japanese: Located in the order of the Japanese syllabary of title.
  Periodicals in Chinese: Located Roman alphabetically by Japanese reading of Chinese character.
  Periodicals in Korean: Located Roman alphabetically by Japanese translation title.

Microform Materials

The materials whose call numbers start with AMF are microfilm, AMS are microfiche. Please ask the counter when you would like to read them. You can use Microform reader or scanner in library.