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The Institute of Economic Research is a research institution of Hitotsubashi University, a State university, and has the purpose to conduct "comprehensive research on the economies of Japan and the world ". The forerunner of the Institute was the Research Institute of East Asian Economies ( Toa Keizai Kenkyujo ) , which was founded in 1940 by Dr. Teijiro Ueda, the President of the then Tokyo Colllege of Commerce ( Tokyo Shoka Daigaku; the former name of Hitotsubashi University ). In 1942, the Institute was formally recognized by the Government and officially established as an integral part of the College. At the same time, the Tokyo College of Commerce Foundation based on an alumni fund was established to support the work of the Institute.

After the Second World War, the Institute was completely reorganized. It was renamed into the Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University, and its purpose was expanded to cover the economies of Japan and the world. Under the leadership of Dr. Shigeto Tsuru, the first full time director in the period of 1949-56, the Institute experienced a significant development. Among others, there was the recruitment of new faculty, the aquisition of research facilities, and the publication of a quarterly journal,'Keizai Kenkyu ( The Economic Review)' and of a monograph series ( both in Japanese and in English).

Following these first successes, the early 1960s saw further developments, such as the installation of an electronic computer system in 1961, the completion of the new Institute building in 1962, and the opening of the Documentation Center for Japanese Economic Statistics in 1964.

In 1978-79, the organizational structive of the Institute was reshaped: new research areas were added and a system of seven research sections was introduced, added by a further research section for visiting scholars in 1986-90.

The Institute is renowned for its contributions in both theoretical and empirical studies. In order to pursue its original purpose, a series of research projects have been initiated at the Institute, ranging form purely theoretical to empirical and institutional, comtemporary as sell as historical studies on selected regions or countries. The Institute is keenly aware of the importance of theoretical analysis, but at the same time encourages research projects that bring theories and empirical studies close together. In addition to research activities, all professors of the Institute participate in the graduate instruction of the University's economic department.