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How to search the materials

Online Catalog (HERMES-Catalog)

You can search materials of the IER by HERMES-Catalog. "Help" of HERMES-Catalog show you how to use it.
Please check "Location" , "Call no." and "Status" of the search results.
For the location of each type of materials, please refer to "Locatioin of materials".

Searching of statistical materials

Statistical materials in the IER library can be searched by Classification for Statistics and Country Code for Statistics.

We give the statistical country code for the target area of the statistics which including catalogs of statistics, manuals, and history of statistical systems. In principal we giving a code depend on the country where the area belongs now.

Not all codes are country name. There are codes for large area (ex. asia, europe, world...) and specific codes which based on element of geographical and historical. Most of the codes are made up of country names in English and written in small letters. No spacing when the country name is made up of more than two words.

How to use these codes:

Select "Advanced" mode to refine the search.
Chose [country code for statistics] in the search conditions of HERMES-Catalog, and type the country code which you would like to search from "the list of country code for statistics."
If you would like to search by statistical classification, chose [classification for statistics], and type the code from "classification for statistics."


e.g.: When you search "population statistics in Latvia"

1. Change target to [Country code for Statistics].
2. Type "latvia" in the search term box for Latvia.
3. Choose Joint: AND.
4. Change target to [Classification for Statistics].
5. Type "Ld" in the search term box for population statistics.

Searching of materials in Cyrillic

Searching by the transliteration scheme Cyrillic script

Please transliterate a Cyrillic script into the Roman alphabet, in according to Romanization tables.

Searching by the Cyrillic letters

If you have a keyboard with Cyrillic letters, you may enter the search query and input dilectly the Cyrillic letters.
But, the letters displayed by the image in Romanization tables aren't available for searching.
In this case, please transliterate the Cyrillic script into the Roman alphabet as mentioned above.

About the display of the characters

In the Non-Multilingual Web browser, when the letters aren't available for display.


 Classification for Books

 Classification for Serials