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Use of IER Library

The mission of our library is meeting the demands of all users, not only of our faculty, staff and students, but also of all visitors. We introduce the example of some of our services below. For more information, please feel free to ask us.

For Visitors

Visitors can view and copy materials in the library. Please fill out an application form for visitor at the counter.
Please see below and a library guide for visitors.

Service Hours

Monday - Friday: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Modified)


 Saturdays, Sundays, and National Holidays.
 Year-end through New Year holidays: December 27th - January 4th.
 On the day of entrance examinations to faculties of Hitotsubashi University.
   * Temporary closing will be posted within the library and on the website.


Photocopy service

Photocopy service in the library

"It shall be permissible to reproduce a work included in library materials" ...
"where, at the request of a user and for the purpose of his own investigation or research, he is furnished with a single copy of a part of a work already made public or of all of an individual work reproduced in a periodical already published for a considerable period of time." Copyright Act of Japan, Article 31 (Reproduction in libraries, etc.)


Availabe methods

The following methods are available for copying in the library.

 Application through the counter
 Self-service photocopiers
 Self-service Microform printers
 Self-service Microform Scanner (Scanned pages are converted to a PDF.)



Object Unit Those who belong to
Hitotsubashi University
Visitor Interlibrary copying
Photocopy service by staff (monochrome) 1 sheet 20 yen 40 yen 40 yen + postage
Photocopy service by staff (color) 1 sheet 60 yen 80 yen 80 yen + postage
Microfilm reader-printer 1 sheet 20 yen 40 yen 40 yen + postage
Self-service photocopiers (monochrome) 1 sheet 10 yen -

* No receipts can be made out for self-service copying. If you need receipts, make an application at the counter.
* Rare books (published before 1850) and broken materials must be also copied by the staff.


Document delivery

We require outside users to consult with the librarians at your local public or school library.
If you don't have librarians you can consult with, please contact us. We meet your requirements flexibly.
Loan service is not available in our library.


Pre-Application Form

For the materials stored in Kodaira, please submit an Application Form. The preparation requires approximately one week.
If you are a Chiyoda campus user, please apply at the Chiyoda Campus Library.


Circulation Service

Checkout limits / Loan period

User category vols. period
Bound periodicals Books
Faculty, Staff and Researchers of IER no limit 1 week 1 year
Faculty, Staff, Emeritus Professors and Researchers of Hitotsubashi University 70 1 week 1 year
Graduate Students
Undergraduate students of a 5-year Combined B.A. and Economics Program
10 1 week 1 month
Alumni of Hitotsubashi's graduate school (up to 5 years after graduation)
Alumni of faculties of Hitotsubashi University
Researchers of other university who have Director's permission
10 1 week 1 month
Under graduate students and Visitors Use materials within the library


Materials forbidden to borrow

Materials listed below must be used within the library.

 Rare materials
 Some part of electronic resources
 Microform materials
 Special collections
 Reference books
 Statistical materials
 Current periodicals
 Damaged materials
 Materials designated by the Director

You can use some materials through the same-day checkout service (checkout materials and return by 5:00 p.m. on the same day). Please ask at the counter.  



Library guide (Leaflet)

 Guide for undergraduate and visitors (107KB)

 Guide for graduate students (82KB)

 Guide for faculty and staff (95KB)



 Smoking, eating and drinking are forbidden in the library.
 ID card, money and other valuables should be carried with.
 Don't write in materials and left no bookmarks in materials.
 Please observe the due dates.
 It is forbidden to lend someone books you borrowed.
 In case of emergency, please follow staff's instructions.