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Research Division of Theories in Economics and Statistics

Capitalist economies have changed in various and flexible ways since the birth of Western European capitalist economic society in the 19th century, passing through the stages of imperialism, two world wars, the growth of the welfare state after World War II, and the age of neoliberalism starting in the 1970s. This research division carries out research in the following areas to design sustainable economic systems based on a recognition of this historical background: development of new microeconomic, macroeconomic, and statistical theory to serve as the foundation of risk management and policy analysis and related research based on large-scale, high-frequency data; normative analysis on alternative economic systems and economic theory of system design; comparative analysis of economic systems (focusing on elucidation of facts); and elucidation of the historical development of the economic thinking on which contemporary economics is grounded. Through these topics the research division aims to play a role in expanding and deepening the frontiers of economic and statistical theoretical analysis.


MORITA, Hodaka
SAWADA, Masayuki
SATO, Susumu
WATANABE, Toshiaki