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Assistant Professor
Research Division of Theories in Economics and Statistics

Macroeconomics, Labor Economics


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Previous research

I have conducted research on macroeconomics with heterogeneous agents since I was in the Ph.D. program at the University of Minnesota. For instance, I studied the macroeconomic methodology for rigorously solving rational expectation equilibria with information friction where people may possess dispersed information. As an application, the methodology allows a consideration of the possibility that fluctuation in people's optimism and pessimism generates business cycles. I also examined household formation in the United States and Japan from macroeconomic perspectives, in addition to youth employment.
Furthermore, I have professional experiences in the fields of social security system, fiscal and monetary policy, and national accounts, having been a public servant in the government of Japan for more than 10 years.

Current research projects

I continue to conduct research on the macroeconomic properties of rational expectation equilibria with information friction. Moreover, I aim to systematically explain the international differences in household formation and labor, and I am also interested in social security reform in Japan.

macroeconomics, business cycle, heterogeneity, information, family, labor, social security, public finance