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Ongoing projects

Population Dynamics in Russia: Micro-Econometric Approach (Grant-in-Aid
for Scientifi c Research (A), FY2014-2017)

Conducted by Kazuhiro KUMO (project leader), Ichiro IWASAKI, Norio HORIE, Yuka TAKEDA, Noriko IGARASHI, Mayu MICHIGAMI.

This research is a cutting-edge analysis of population dynamics in Russia for international publication. Using individual responses from the Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey (RLMS) data on Russian households and the International Social Science Program (ISSP) and focusing on the population economics, labor economics, and sociological perspectives, this study will analyze the relationships between (1) the birth rate and such micro-level factors as household division of labor and household consumption; (2) the death rate and such micro-characteristics as individual habits and lifestyles; and (3) individual and household characteristics and regional/ international migration. The objective is to develop an analysis that integrates the aspects of “gender and birth rate,” “the historical chronology of the death rate,” and “micro characteristics and population migration,” which have all been lacking in previous analyses of Russian population dynamics and also have tended to be investigated individually. The study also seeks to provide a foundation for micro-econometric analysis of the behavior of individuals and households in Russia.

Socio-Economic Analysis of European Crisis and Emerging Markets: An Interdisciplinary International Project
(Sponsored by the Suntory Foundation)

Conducted by Ichiro IWASAKI (Project Leader), Keiko SUGANUMA, Taku SUZUKI, and others.

The project aims to empirically examine possible impacts of recent global politico-economic crises including: (a) the 2008 US Lehman Shock, (b) the 2009 Eurozone sovereign crisis, and (c) the 2014 Ukrainian crisis on post-communist emerging markets in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the former Soviet Union (FSU) by conducting international comparative analysis of the CEE and FSU economies and country case studies focusing on the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and the Russian Federation. This is a joint research project with the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw) - a partner organization of the Russian Research Center.