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HIT-REFINED Working Paper Series

Masahiro Hori, Takeshi Niizeki
Housing Wealth Effects in Japan: Evidence Based on Household Micro Data

RCESR Discussion Paper Series

Xiangdan Piao
In search of a comprehensive picture of the gender gap: An examination of male and female choices of labor supply, leisure, consumption, and home production

IER Discussion Paper Series

Securing Basic Well-being for All

Kyoji Fukao, Saumik Paul
The Role of Structural Transformation in Regional Convergence in Japan: 1874-2008

HIT-REFINED Working Paper Series

Inefficiency in Rice Production and Land Use: A Panel Study of Japanese Rice Farmers*

RRC Working Paper Series

Кадзухиро КУМО
Демографическая ситуация на Дальнем Востоке России и ее перспективы на примере Чукотки

Kazuhiro KUMO
Demographic Situation and Its Perspectives in the Russian Far East: A Case of Chukotka

IER Discussion Paper Series

Naoki Yoshihara, Roberto Veneziani
The Measurement of Labour Content: A General Approach

CEI Working Paper Series

Tamara Vitalyevna Litvinenko, Kazuhiro Kumo
Post-Soviet Period Changes in Resource Utilization and Their Impact on Population Dynamics: Chukotka Autonomous Okrug

IER Discussion Paper Series

Michele Lombardi, Naoki Yoshihara
Partially-Honest Nash Implementation: A Full Characterization

IER Discussion Paper Series

Tomoya Tajika
Persistence and Snap Decision Making: Inefficient Decisions by a Reputation-Concerned Expert

CEI Working Paper Series

Ichiro Iwasaki, Evžen Kočenda
Are some owners better than others in Czech privatized firms? Even meta-analysis can't make us perfectly sure

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