Publications were updated:

Iwasaki, I., E. Kočenda, and Y. Shida, "Distressed acquisitions: Evidence from European emerging markets," Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol. 49, 2021 (forthcoming).


Working Paper (No. 91) was uploaded:

Yoshisada SHIDA,Does the Currency Crisis Veil the Impact of Economic Sanctions under an Authoritarian Regime? An Inquiry into Russia,June 2021.


Publications were updated:

Kumo K., Population Aging, Low Fertility, and Social Security in Russia, Xinxin Ma ed., Employment, Retirement and Lifestyle in Aging East Asia, Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming.

Кумо К., Старение населения, низкая рождаемость и социальная защита в России// Japanese Slavic and East European Studies, Vol.41. 2021, forthcoming.


Event Schedule was updated:

Online Seminar by the Joint Usage and Research Center, Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University (RRC) and IOC Regensburg.


Working Paper (No. 90) was uploaded:

Ichiro IWASAKI, Evžen KOČENDA, and Yoshisada SHIDA,Distressed Acquisitions Evidence from European Emerging Markets,April 2021.