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Classification for statistics

code notes
La bibliography, classification list, directory of organization
Lb histories or laws about statistics
Lc general statistics
Ld population statistics
Le general statistics about economics
Le Le1 national accounting - national accounting, interindustry analysis, national income, national wealth, business condition
Le2 consumption, household - consumption, household, savings, liability
Lea general statistics about industy and business
Lea Lea1 agriculture, forestry and fishery
Lea2 manufacturing industry, maning industry
Lea3 tertiary industry - distribution, commerce
Lea4 trade, balance of payments, external debts, foreign investment
Leb trade, balance of payments, external debts, foreign investment
Lec finance - finance, manoy supply, deposit, security, stock, flow of funds, tax, fiscal investment and loan, public investnment, development, infrastructure, aid, ODA
Led price - price, price index
Lem transportation, communication - traffic, transportation, communication, tourism
Lf general statistics about society
Lf Lfa labor statistics - labor, pay, job trainig, working life
Lfb health, medicine, welfare - public health, medicine, social welfare, social security, social insurance
Lfc environment - environmrnt, climate
Lfd statistics about education - education, science, technology, research, intellectual property
Lfm leisure, culture, art, journalism, media, religion, manner, custom, justice, crime, accsident, dwisaster, parliament, administration, election, defense, war