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Date Author(s) Title etc(* denotes that the paper was published in a magazine or a publication which adopts a referee system) Abstract
/2009 Fukao, K.
Wu, H.
Yuan, T.
*"Comparative Output and Labour Productivity in Manufacturing for China, Japan, Korea and United States in Circa 1935 by a Production PPP Approach," forthcoming in Exploration in Economic History. Abstract/Body(DP version)
/2009 Ito, K.
Fukao, K.
*"Determinants of the Profitability of Japanese Manufacturing Affiliates in China and Other Regions : Does Localization of Procurement, Sales, and Management Matter ?," forthcoming in The World Economy. Abstract/Body(DP version)
/2009 Fukao, K.
Miyagawa, T.
Mukai, K.
Shinoda, Y.
Tonogi, K.
*"Intangible Investment in Japan : Measurement and Contribution to Economic Growth," The Review of Income and Wealth, volume 55, issue 3, pp.717-736. Abstract/Body(DP version)
/2009 Belderbos, R.
Fukao, K.
Iwasa, T.
*"Foreign and Domestic R&D Investment," Economics of Innovation and New Technology, volume 18, issue 4, pp.369-380. Abstract/Body
Aug./2009/ Fukao, K.
Wu, H.
Yuan, T.
*"What "Explains" the Income Gaps between China, Japan and the United States for Circa 1935 : A Production-Side PPP Approach,"a paper presented at the XVth World Economic History Congress, Session on Comparative and Quantitative Economic History, Utrecht, the Netherlands, August 7th. -
Aug./2009 Fukao, K.
Saito, O.
"Japan in 2030 : Prospects and Problems of a Service Economy after the Age of Industrialisation," a paper presented at the XVth World Economic History Congress, Session on the World in 2030, Educated Guesses from a Long-Run Perspective, Utrecht, the Netherlands, August 4th. -
July/2009 Perma-chandra, A.
Fukao, K.
Yuan, T..
"Economic Transition and Labour Market Integration in China," Ross Garnaut, Ligang Song and Wing Thye Woo eds., China's New Place in a world in Crisis, Brookings Institution Press. -
May/2009 Fukao, K.
Miyagawa, T.
Pyo, H.
Rhee, K.
"Estimates of Multifactor Productivity, ICT Contributions and Resource Reallocation Effects in Japan and Korea," "Productivity in Japan, the US, and the EU Core Countries : Is Japan Falling Behind," RIETI Discussion Paper Series, no.09-E-021. Abstract/Body

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