Working Paper (No. 84) was uploaded:

Norio HORIE,  Landscape of Anti-Immigrant Sentiments in Russia (in Japanese), October 2019.


Oct.29th,  2019 (Tues) 13:30-15:00
Venue: Seminar Room (2), 3rd Floor, IER
Speaker: Pasquale Tridico (Roma Tre University)
Title:"Inequality in Financial Capitalism"
Organizer:  Ichiro Iwasaki [IER]
Host/Co-host: RRC/CEI


Working Paper (No. 83) was uploaded:

Кадзухиро КУМО, К вопросу о межрегиональном перераспределении населения в Советской России, August 2019.


Working Paper (No. 82) was uploaded:

Kazuko KAWAMOTO, Socialism and the Right of Inheritance: A Discussion on the Reform of the Soviet Civil Law in the Late 1930s, August 2019.


Publication was updated:

● Iwasaki,I. "Corporate Governance System and Regional Heterogeneity: Evidence from East and West Russia," International Journal of the Economics of Business, Vol.25, Issue3, pp.391-420.

● Iwasaki, I and S. Mizobata, "Ownership Concentration and Firm Performance in European Emerging Economies: A Meta-Analysis," Emerging Markets Finance & Trade, Vol.55, 2019.