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Publications were updated:

● Kumo, K. and T. V. Litvinenko, Instability and Stability in the Population Dynamics of Chukotka and Its Settlements in the Post-Soviet Period: Regional Features and Intraregional and Local Differences, Regional Research of Russia, Vol.10, No.1, 2020, pp.71–85.


Working Paper (No. 85) was uploaded:

Ichiro IWASAKI and Kazuhiro KUMO,Regional Determinants of Marriage Rates in Russia: A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis,March 2020.


Publications were updated:

● Iwasaki, I. ed., The Economics of Transition: Developing and Reforming Emerging Economies (Routledge Advanced Texts in Economics and Finance Series), Routledge, 2020.

● Iwasaki, I. and S. Mizobata, "Ownership Concentration and Firm Performance in European Emerging Economies: A Meta-Analysis," Emerging Markets Finance & Trade, Vol. 56, Issue 1, 2020, pp. 32-67.

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● Iwasaki, I. and K. Kumo, Determinants of Regional Fertility in Russia: A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis, Post-Communist Economies, Vol. 32, Issue 2, 2020, pp. 176-214.


Event Schedule was updated:

International Seminar

March 5th,  2020 (Thurs) 14:30-16:30
Venue: Seminar Room (1), 3rd Floor, IER
Speaker: Natalia Pokrovskaya (St. Petersburg University)
Title:"Comparative analysis of tax sources of local budgets in Japan and Russia"
Contact: Kazuhiro KUMO (Professor, IER)
Tel: 042-580-8361