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Hitotsubashi University IER Mini-Conference "Topics in Macroeconomics"

  * This conference is jointly organized by: Industry and Labor Economics Workshop/Macro Money Workshop/International Seminar
Date January 30th (Tue) 10:45-16:00
Confrence Room on the 3rd floor of IER
Chair: Makoto Saito
Joshua Hausman, Paul Rhode, and Johannes Wieland “Recovery from the Great Depression: The Farm Channel in Spring 1933"
  [12:15-13:30] Launch
Chair: Ryo Jinnai
Cameron LaPoint and Takashi Unayama "Land Price Shocks, Fiscal Stimulus, and Japan's Lost Decade"
Chair: Ryo Kambayashi
Xiaoming Cai "Efficiency of Wage Bargaining with On-the-job Search"
<Participant List (incomplete)>
Xiaoming Cai (Tongji University)
Joshua Hausman (University of Michigan)
Ryo Jinnai (Hitotsubashi University)
Ryo Kambayashi (Hitotsubashi University)
Cameron Lapoint (Columbia University)
Makoto Saito (Hitotsubashi University)
Takashi Unayama (Hitotsubashi University)
Johannes Wieland (UCSD)
Organizers Ryo Kambayashi [IER], Takashi Unayama [IER], Hiroaki Mori [Faculty of Economics], Ryo Jinnai [IER], Tomohito Okabe [IER] and Iichiro Uesugi [IER]