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IER Discussion Paper Series

Yutaka ARIMOTO, Masamitsu KURATA
Adoption of Management Practices in the Public Sector of Bangladesh

RRC Working Paper Series

Long-term Monetary Statistics for Russia

Can Russia's Military Expansion be Impossible Mission Force for its V-Shaped Growth Recovery under Declining Oil Prices?

Ichiro IWASAKI, Satoshi MIZOBATA, and Alexander A. Muravyev
Ownership Dynamics and Firm Performance in an Emerging Economy: A Meta-Analysis of the Russian Literature

HIT-REFINED Working Paper Series

Yoshihiro Tamai, Chihiro Shimizu, Kiyohiko G. Nishimura
Aging and Property Prices: A Theory of Very Long Run Portfolio Choice and Its Predictions on Japanese Municipalities in the 2040s

CEI Working Paper Series

Takashi Kurosaki, Rasyad Parinduri, Saumik Paul
Evaluating Efficiency Gains from Tenacy Reform Targeting a Heterogeneous Group of Sharecroppers: Evidence from India

Saumik Paul
1930-1943: Agrarian Transformation and the Famine in Bengal

CEI Working Paper Series

Ichiro Iwasaki and Kazuhiro Kumo
Decline and Growth in Transition Economies: A Meta-Analysis

HIT-REFINED Working Paper Series

Tomohiro Hirano, Noriyuki Yanagawa
Asset Bubbles, Endogenous Growth, and Financial Frictions

CEI Working Paper Series

Shintaro Yamaguchi
Effects of Parental Leave Policies on Female Career and Fertility Choices

RRC Working Paper Series

Masaaki KUBONIWA, Shinichiro TABATA, and Yasushi NAKAMURA
Soviet Foreign Trade Earnings Revisited

Hirofumi ARAI and Ichiro IWASAKI
Market Quality in the Russian Far East from the Viewpoint of Company Management: Preliminary Report on Microeconomic Comparative Analysis with European Regions

HIT-REFINED Working Paper Series

Takeshi Mizuta, Chihiro Shimizu, Iichiro Uesugi
How Inheritance Affects the Real Estate Market in an Aging Economy: Evidence from Transaction and Registry Data

HIT-REFINED Working Paper Series

Tokuo Iwaisako, Arito Ono, Amane Saito, Hidenobu Tokuda
Impact of population aging on household savings and portfolio choice in Japan

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