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27 Jul 2009 Report Progress Report and Peer Review uploaded
June 2009 Publication Holzmann, R., Robalino, D. & Takayama, N. eds., "Closing the Coverage Gap: Role of Social Pensions and Other Retirement Income Transfers" , World Bank, ISBN: 978-0-8213-7971-4, published
29-30 Jan 2009 Conference International Conference on Annuities Markets: Structure, Trends and Innovations
14-15 Jan 2009 Conference International Conference on the Policies and Regulations of Health and Long-Term Care Costs of the Elderly
9-10 Sep 2008 Symposium International Symposium on Choice, Rationality and Intergenerational Equity
12-13 Sep 2008 Conference International Conference on Science and Technology for Sustainability: In Search of Sustainable Well-Being
31 March 2008 Publication Gal, R.I., Iwasaki, I. & Szeman, Z. eds., Assessing Intergenerational Equity, Budapest: Akademiai Kiado,
March 2008 (ISBN: 978 963 05 8562 0), published
20 Feb 2008 PPT Slides "Implementation and Coverage Issues on Public Pensions in Japan" uploaded.
20-22 Feb 2008 Workshop International Workshop on Closing the Coverage Gap
1-2 Feb 2008 Conference International Conference on Fertility and Public Policy
30 Nov 2007 Publication Roemer, J. & Suzumura, K. eds., Intergenerational Equity and Sustainability, Palgrave Macmillan,
November 2007 (ISBN: 978 0 230 00786 4), published
20 Mar 2007 PPT Slides "Shared Responsibility for Retirement Income" uploaded.
7 Dec 2006 Conference Please click here for details of the PIE International Conference on "Declining Fertility in East and Southeast Asian Countries" to be held on 14-15 December 2006.
1 Sept 2006 Seminar Please click here for details of the 2006 JPRC general asembly on occupational pensions, held on 24-25 August 2006.
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