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現分類記号 : AMF

旧分類記号 : AMF-A(総記) AMF-B(経済) AMF-C(財政) AMF-D(商業・経営) AMF-F(金融) AMF-H(農業) AMF-I(工業) AMF-K(社会) AMF-L(統計) AMF-M(法律) AMF-N(政治) AMF-O(人口) AMF-P(人文) AMF-Q(歴史) AMF-X(中国語資料) AMF-Z (雑誌)


現分類記号 : AMS

旧分類記号 : AMS-A(総記) AMS-B(経済) AMS-C(財政) AMS-D(商業・経営) AMS-F(金融) AMS-G(通信) AMS-I(工業) AMS-K(社会) AMS-L(統計) AMS-M(法律) AMS-N(政治) AMS-P(人文) AMS-Q(歴史) AMS-S(科学) AMS-X(中国語資料) AMS-Z(雑誌)

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請求記号 タイトル リール数
備 考
AMF:1 Significant documents on American business history アメリカ企業史・産業史研究資料集 332 目録あり
AMF:2 International population census publications. Series 3, Post-1967. Region: Asia.   AMF:87と共用の目録あり AMF:L-37-64も参照
AMF:3 Records of the U.S. Strategic Bombing survey: Pacific survey reports and supporting records 1928-1947
米国国立公文書館所蔵機密文書 米国戦略爆撃調査団日本関係調査報告: オリジナル・ドラフト
507 日本語目録およびReel No.1収録の目録あり
AMF:4 Essays in political and moral philosophy (Leslie, T.E.C.) 1  
AMF:5 Yearbook of Philippine statistics, 1940, 1946 1  
AMF:6 Annual report of the Secretary of Agriculture and Commerce, 1936, 1938 (Philippine) 1  
AMF:7 Progress of education in India, 1887-1937 (Lack あり) 9 Pa:112も参照
AMF:8 Indian education (Bureau of Education, India), 1917-1921 1  
AMF:9 Balanza general del comercio de las Islas Filipinas, & others. 1851-1894 (Lackあり) 16 Le.51:9も参照
AMF:10 [India Office Records. Burma]
AMF:11 Statistical handbook of the Philippine Islands, 1932 1  
AMF:12 The Philippine statistical review, 1934-1937 1  
AMF:13 Manuscript reports of the Governors General of the Philippines, 1916-1935 78  
AMF:14 Prices and wages in India. 12-37th issue, 1895-1923 (Lack あり) 7  
AMF:15 Joint stock companies in British India and in the Indian States of Hyderabad, Mysore, Baroda, Gwalior, Indore, Travancore and Cochin, 1936-1937 1  
AMF:16 Index numbers of Indian prices, 1861-1931 1  
AMF:17 Annual report of the Bank Commissioner of the Philippine Islands, 1929-1940
Annual report of the Secretary of Finance, 1936-1938
1 Lec.51:1も参照
AMF:18 Annual report of the Treasurer of the Philippines Islands to the Secretary of Finance and Justice, 1911,1920-1940 2 Le.51:8も参照
AMF:19 The nation and the athenaeum, 1924-1931 14  
AMF:20 Conjuntura economica: economics and business in Brazil, 1962-1970 (Lack あり) 16  
AMF:21 Indisch verslag= Indian report, 1931-1939, 1941 10  
AMF:22 Treasury papers. Series 1: Papers of the Economic Section 1941-1961 & others
英国大蔵省記録文書集成 経済部記録文書 ほか
61 目録あり
AMF:23 The Philippine agricultural review, 1908-1941 17  
AMF:24 Annual report of the Bureau of Labor, Government of the Philippine Islands & others, 1910-1941 (Lackあり) 11  
AMF:25 Hasil pengolahan sektor industri besar dan sedang (Sensus perindustrian tahun 1964) 1 Lea.55:13:1964も参照
AMF:26 Annuaire statistique de l'Indochine, 1913-1933 1 Lc.52:1も参照
AMF:27 Annual report of the Bureau of Customs (Philippines), 1902-1940 (Lackあり) 7  
AMF:28 Manuscript reports of the Departments, Bureaus and Offices of the Commonwealth of the Philippines, 1936-1940 10 目録あり
AMF:29 南京国民政府統計档案資料選編: 中国第二歴史档案館縮微膠巻 4 目録あり
AMF:30 รายได้ประชาชาติของประเทศไทย = National income of Thailand, 1962-1993 (Lackあり) 3 Le.53:10も参照
AMF:31 Tableau du commerce exterieur de l'Indochine & others, 1933-1935, 1951-1954 4 Leb.52:2も参照
AMF:32 Pendapatan nasional Indonesia=National income of Indonesia, 1980-1990 (Lackあり) 3 Le.55:2も参照
AMF:33 Tabel input-output Indonesia, 1975,1980,1990 4  
AMF:34 Annual report of the Philippine Civil Service Board to the Civil Governor of the Philippine Islands 8  
AMF:35 Large industrial establishments in India, 1925-1949 (Lackあり) 7  
AMF:36 The foreign trade and navigation of the port of Bangkok, 1908-1910 1 Leb.53:1も参照
AMF:37 新中国経済発展比較研究 1  
AMF:39 Final report of the demographic and economic survey (Thailand), 1959 1 Ld:53:1およびAMF:L:63も参照
AMF:40 Annual report of the Agricultural Department. Bengal, 1923-1944 (Lackあり) 28 Lea.61:7も参照
AMF:41 Agricultural statistics of Bengal, 1891-1940, 1942-1944 6  
AMF:42 Final report on the survey and settlement operations in the district of Nadia, 1918-1926 & other 2  
AMF:43 Geographical and statistics report of the district of Maldah 1  
AMF:44 Reports on the districts of Midnapore, [including Hijelee] and Cuttack 1  
AMF:45 Reports on the statistics of the Beerbhom districts 1  
AMF:46 Reports on the agricultural statistics of Shahabad, Pergunrahs, Baragaon, Arrah and Behea, 1873-1874 1  
AMF:47 Geographical & statistics report of district of Tirhoot 1  
AMF:48 Statistical geographical report of the Moorshedabad district 1  
AMF:49 Geographical and statistical report of the district of Beerbhom 1  
AMF:50 Quinquennial report on the crop cutting experiments / Bengal 1  
AMF:51 Report of the Bengal Jute Enquiry Committee 2  
AMF:52 Geographical and statistical report of the district of Bhaugulpoor 1  
AMF:53 Statistics of the district of Behar 1  
AMF:54 General remarks of the district of Monghyr 1  
AMF:55 Statistical and geographical report of the 24-Pergunnahs district 1  
AMF:56 Statistics of sugar produced within the presidencies, Bengal, Fort St. George, and Bombay 1  
AMF:57 General report on Jute in Bengal for 1904-1905 1  
AMF:58 Table shewing the selling price of most of the ordinary productions of India  in various districts ... at half yearly intervals of 1838 1  
AMF:59 Manual of statistics related to the Federated Malay States & others, 1904-1949 (Lackあり) 11 Le.54:1およびLc:54:3も参照
AMF:60 Statistik industri : hasil pengolahan data perusahaan, 1970-1995 (Lackあり) 23 Lea.55:14も参照
AMF:61 Malayan year book 1935-1937,1939 2 Lc.54:1も参照
AMF:62 Rāingān kānsamrūat kānplīanplǣng khǭng prachākǭn, Phǭ. Sǭ. 2528-2529 = Report the survey of population change, 1985-1986 1  
AMF:63 Blue book / Straits Settlements, Dept. of Statistics [Singapore] 1867,1869,1939 3  
AMF:64 Việt-nam thống-kê ngoại thương 1959,1964,1966 2 Leb.52:3も参照
AMF:65 Season and crops reports of the provinces and states in India, 1901-1962 (Lackあり) 20  
AMF:66 Philippine statistical yearbook 1985 1 Lc.51:3も参照
AMF:67 Annual administration report of the Sanitary Commission for Madras & others, 1864-1976 (Lackあり) 29 Lf.61:8も参照
AMF:68 文教統計年報 = Statistic year book of education / 大韓民國文教部[編], 1967 1 Lfm.44:21も参照
AMF:69 臺灣貿易五十三年表 = Taiwan trade statistics for the last fifty three years (1896 - 1948) / 臺灣省政府主計處[編] 1  
AMF:70 インドネシア貿易統計 : 1951-1961 / [アジア経済研究所訳編] 1  
AMF:71 Ekspor menurut djenis barang, negeri tudjuan dan pelabuhan ekspor 1963-1966. & other 1  
AMF:72 Commodity indexes for the Standard international trade classification, revised / Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs, Statistical Office of the United Stations 1  
AMF:73 Annual statement of the foreign sea and air-borne trade of India, 1952 1  
AMF:74 Uitkomsten der in de maand november 1920 gehouden volkstelling 1  
AMF:75 臺灣省工商業普査総報告 : 中華民國四十三年 / 臺灣省工商業普査執行小組編, 1954 1 Xle:211も参照
AMF:76 Rāingān sammanō ʿutsāhakam, Phǭ. Sǭ. 2511 = Report of the 1968 industrial census & others 4  
AMF:77 朝鮮銀行統計月報 / 朝鮮銀行 1935, 1939 1 AMF:D-2, ZL:5; ZL:3(附属図書館所蔵); Z:0(社会科学統計情報研究センター所蔵)も参照
AMF:78 Jaaroverzicht van den in-en uitvoer van Nederlandsch-Indië gedurende het jaar ... 8 Leb.55:6も参照
AMF:79 海關中外貿易統計年刊 / 上海總税務司署統計科編印 = The trade of China 1941()-1947() 2 目録あり
AMF:80 Statistical year book, Siam No. 19 (1935/36-1936/37) 1 Lc.53-1も参照
AMF:81 Финансы : ежемесячный теоретический и научно-практический журнал. -- Финансы и статистика.1998(4,6,10-12),1999 17 ZVC:1も参照
AMF:83 Экономика и математические методы / Акадения наук СССР, Центральный экономико-математический институт. 35(1-2) 1999 2 ZVB:10も参照
AMF:84 Yugoslav statistics 1834-1919 86 目録あり
AMF:85 Government of India education despatch 1854. Reproduced with Parliamentary paper; House of Commons papers, nos. 29, 393, Session 1854, and no. 72, Session 1858. ネガ1

Special Dynamics Census of the Peasantry 1920-1924, 1926-1927, [1928], 1929
(1920-1922, 1927-1929 のみ所蔵)
オリジナルは РГАЭ (ロシア国立経済文書館)の保管する Фонд 1562:Центральн оеСтатистическое Управление при Совете Министров СССР (ソ連邦閣僚会議附属中央統計局) 発行の資料です。

278 目録あり
AMF:87 International population census publications. Series 3, Post-1967. Region: Africa   AMF:2と共用の目録あり
AMF:89 Les contemporains célèbres illustrés : 106 portraits 106 études / par Michel Chevalier, .. . [etc.].-- Paris : Librairie internationale, 1869.
AMF:90 The Diaries of John Neville Keynes, 1864-1917, from Cambridge University Library. -- Reading, England : Adam Matthew Publications, 1994. -- (Economists' papers ; series 2) 12 目録あり
AMF:91 調査報告書
AMF:92 Известия (ロシア語新聞マイクロ版) 1994-2021 102  
AMF:93 Экономика и жизнь (ロシア語新聞マイクロ版) 1995-2018 58  
AMF:94 南方日報 1988-2013 128  
AMF:95 農民日報 1991-2003 22  
AMF:96 天津日報 1995-2003 40  
AMF:97 Российская газета (ロシア語新聞マイクロ版) 1992-2018 118  
AMF:98 Report on the public health administration of the Punjab 12  
AMF:99 Труд (ロシア語新聞マイクロ版) 1991-2021 93  
AMF:100 Съезды Советов Союза ССР, союзных и автономных советских социалистических республик : сборник документов в 7 томах, 1917-1937 гг 8  
AMF:101 Собрание постановлений правительства Российской Советской Федеративной Социалистической Республики. -- 1958, no. 1 (1958) -1985, no. 22 (1985) 14  
AMF:102 Российская бизнес-газета (ロシア語新聞マイクロ版) 2000-2011 11  
AMF:103 International population census publications. Europe. Republic of Cyprus. 2002-2004 5  
AMF:104 臺灣統計協會雜誌. 1908-1920 (欠あり) 5 ZL:209も参照
AMF:105 調査資料 / 青島守備軍民政部鐵道部 7 ZB:1も参照
AMF:106 関東の副業 : 関東各府県副業部調査 1 Br.21:27も参照
AMF:107 Annual report of the Insular Collector of Customs ... December 31, 1934, December 31, 1935 ; Foreign commerce of the Philippine Islands, January-December, 1914, July-December, 1913. 1 Leb.51:3, Leb.51:5も参照
AMF:109 Annual report of the Sanitary Commissioner with the Government of India. 1867-1919 ; Annual report of the Public Health Commissioner with the Government of India. 1920-1921. 28  
AMF:110 Report of the Sanitary Commissioner for Bengal, & others. 1868-1941 (Lackあり) 12  
AMF:111 Annual report of the sanitary commissioner of the North-Western Provinces, 1869-1915 (Lackあり) 5  
AMF:112 司法統計 / 司法行政部統計室編輯. 中華民國23年度 (1934) 1  
AMF:113 Экономическіе очерки / В.К. Дмитріевъ 1 VBbc:83も参照
AMF:114 Foreign trade, economic change and entrepreneurship in the nineteenth-century Philippines : a thesis / presented by Benito Fernandez Legarda, Jr. 1  
AMF:115 Edwin W. Kemmerer Papers MC # 0146, 1864-1945 11  


AMF:A-1 Catalogue des livres de la bibliothèque de M. Turgot 1 Aab:47も参照
AMF:A-2 人民手冊 / 大公報社 1959   Xad:16も参照
AMF:A-3 全国总书目 (中华书局)‎‎  1958     
AMF:A-4 Русская историческая библиография, 1892-93, 1866 1  
AMF:A-4 Русская историческая библиография за 1865-1876 включительно 3  
AMF:A-5 Government publications relating to Uganda, 1900-1962 62  
AMF:A-6 Guides to Russian and East European archives on microfilm 27  
AMF:A-7 Government publications relating to Nigeria 1862-1960 178 目録あり
AMF:A-8 Catalogue des livres du cabinet 1  
AMF:A-9 Catalogue(Saint-Brieuc. Bibliotheque) 1  
AMF:A-10 Catalogue des livres de la bibliotheque de M...dont la vente se fera à l'amiable le Janvier 1744 dans une des Salles du Couvent des RR. PP. Augustins 1  
AMF:A-11 Catalogue des livres de la bibliotheque de feu M. le Baron D'Holbach 1  
AMF:A-12 ソ聯邦關係總目録 (外務省図書館). Списки новых поступлений Библиотеки Института, июль-декабрь  / Институт по изучению СССР 1968 г. (No 88) 1  
AMF:A-16 Statistical yearbooks : an annotated bibliography(US.Library of Congress) 1 AaL:49も参照
AMF:A-17 Czechoslovak economic and technical periodicals 1  
AMF:A-18 Government publications relating to the Gold Coast 1846-1957 151  
AMF:A-19 Government publications relating to Sierra Leone 1808-1961 118  
AMF:A-20 Catalogue des livres qui se sont trouvé après le cédès de Messire Frençois Le Trosne, Conseiller du Roy 1  
AMF:A-21 Catalogue hebdomadaire; ou, liste alphabetiqaue des livres, tant nationaux qu'etrangers... 2  
AMF:A-22 Jugemens sur quelques ouvrages nouveaux 2  
AMF:A-23 Le Conservateur; ou, collecion de morceaux rares, & d'ouvrages anciens, elagues, traduits & refaits en tout ou en partie 3  
AMF:A-24 Bibliotheque raisonnee des ouvrages des savans de l'Europe 1  
AMF:A-25 L'Observateur litteraire 4  
AMF:A-26 Attempt at a catalogue of the Library of the late Prince Louis-Lucien Bonaparte 1  
AMF:A-27 Catalogue des livres imprimes et manuscrits de la bibliotheque de M. de Lamoignon, President du parlement 1  
AMF:A-28 Catalogue des livres du Cabinet de M. de Boze 1  
AMF:A-29 Catalogue des livres rares et précieux de la Bibliothèque de feu M. Ant. Bern. Caillard, ancien Ministre plénipotentiaire de France ... 1  
AMF:A-30 Catalogue des livres de la bibliothèque de feu M. Mirabeau l'aîné, député et ex-président de l'Assemblée nationale ... 1  
AMF:A-31 Catalogue d'une collection de livres choisis, provenans du Cabinet de M.... 1  
AMF:A-32 Catalogue des livres tres-bien conditionnes, du Cabinet de feu M. J. A. Naigeon, membre de l'Institut de France, et chevalier de l'Empire 1  
AMF:A-33 Catalogue des livres de la Bibliotheque de la Bibliotheque de Messieurs Bossuet, anciens evêques de Meaux & de Troyes ... 1  
AMF:B-1 Who's who in economics(1950) 1  
AMF:B-2:[1] The political anatomy of Ireland (Petty, William) 1  
AMF:B-2:[2] Sir William Petty's Quantulumcunque concerning money, 1682 (Petty, William) 1  
AMF:B-3 Die gottliche Ordnung in den Berandrungen des menschlichen Geschlechtes(Sussmilch, Johan Peter) 1  
AMF:B-4 中国国民所得巫寶三等編 上海 民国36 1  
AMF:B-5 東北經濟小叢書 / 東北物資調節委員會研究組編輯  中華民国36/37(1947-48) 1-20 5  
AMF:B-6:2 Mémoire sur les effets de l'impôt indirect sur le revenu des propriétaires des biens-fonds, qui a remporté le prix proposé par la Société royale d'Agriculture de Limoges en 1767. 1  
AMF:B-6:3 Les idées économiques de turgot / par Jean Lafont 1  
AMF:B-6:3A Correspondance entre M. Graslin, ... et M. l'Abbé Baudeau, ... : sur un des principes fondamentaux de la doctrine des economistes 1  
AMF:B-6:4 Trois révolutionnaires : Turgot, Necker, Bailly / par Nourrisson. -- 2. éd 1  
AMF:B-6:5-6 Œuvres de Mr. Turgot, ministre d'État, précédées et accompagnées de mémoires et de notes sur sa vie, son administration et ses ouvrages 2  
AMF:B-7 The origin of te distinction of ranks(Millar, John) 1  
AMF:B-7a The origin of the distinction of ranks : or, an inquiry into the circumstances which give rise to the influence and authority, in the different members of the society / John Millar ; an account of the life and writings of the author, by John Craig‎. -- 4th ed‎‎ 1  
AMF:B-8 An inquiry into the principles of political economy(Steuart, James) 1  
AMF:B-9 Le commerce des grains et l'ecole physiocratique(Curmond, Henri) 1  
AMF:B-10 La réforme de l'impot en France(Flaix, M. E.) 1 Cr.72:9も参照
AMF:B-11 Les paysans et la question paysanne en France dans le dernier quart du 18e siecle(Kareiew, N.) 1  
AMF:B-12 La propriete paysanne en France a la veille de la revolution(Loutchisky, Jean) 1  
AMF:B-14 Tableau des théories politiques de des idées économiques(Baudrillart, H.) 1  
AMF:B-15 The discourse made before the Royal Society, 1674(Petty, W.) 1 Lb:232も参照
AMF:B-16 L'agriculture en Limousin de 18e siecle t l'intendance de Tugot(Lafarge, R.) 1  
AMF:B-17 Contribution a l'etude de la notion de productivite dans la physiocratie(Perviquiere, L.) 1  
AMF:B-18 民國25年南開指數年刊 = Nankai index numbers, 1936 / 南開大學經濟研究所. 民國27年上海物價年刊 / 財政部國定税則委員會. Wholesale prices and price index numbers in North China, 1913 to 1929 / Nankai University Committee on Social and Economic Research 1 Xla:1,Xle:54も参照
AMF:B-19 Kuznets: toward a theory of economic growth 1  
AMF:B-20 The war in South Africa(Hobson, J.A.) 1  
AMF:B-21 Die National-Industrie und ihre Wirtkungen(Lueder, H.) 1  
AMF:B-22 L'impot sur le revenu au dix-huitieme siecle principalement an Guyenne 1  
AMF:B-23 Les imports directs sous l'Ancien Regime principalement au XVIIIe siecle 1  
AMF:B-24 Machault d'Arnouville(Marion, M.) 1  
AMF:B-25 James Mill and India(Forbes, D.) 1 Bbq:257も参照
AMF:B-27 Cooperazione intellettuale bollettino periodico / Gino Arias 1  
AMF:B-29 Тюрго (биографическая библиотека) 1  
AMF:B-31 Microfilm on financial and economic development of classified files on Communist China/Union Research Institute, Hong Kong 3  
AMF:B-32 National Development Plans : Brunei, Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak 1  
AMF:B-33 National Development Plans : Burma, Thailand 1  
AMF:B-34 National Development Plans : Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam 1  
AMF:B-35 National Development Plans : Nepal, Ceylon 1  
AMF:B-36 National Development Plans : China(Taiwan), China(People's Republic) 1  
AMF:B-37 National Development Plans : Indonesia 7  
AMF:B-38 National Development Plans : Korea 1  
AMF:B-39 National Development Plans : Pakistan 1  
AMF:B-40 National Development Plans : Philippines 1  
AMF:B-41 Histoire de l'economie politique en Italie(Pecchio, J.) 1  
AMF:B-42 Le mouvement physiocratique en France(Weulersse, G.) 1  
AMF:B-43 [Economic Development Plan]: China(Republic), Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, India, Ceylon, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Aden, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Libya, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Togo, Cameroon, South Africa, Congo, Nigeria, Nyasaland, Zambia, Malawi, Tanganyika, Rhodesia, United Nations, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Somali, 16  
AMF:B-44 Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations pubications 24  
AMF:B-45 La situatin economiauedu Maroc, 1958-59,1961,1963-65 1  
AMF:B-46 Etude sur la situation économique du Cameroun Fédéral en avril 1963 1  
AMF:B-47 Economic progress of Ethiopia 1  
AMF:B-48 Inflation in Libya 1  
AMF:B-49 Economic survey of Nigeria 1  
AMF:B-50 Economic survey (Sudan) 1  
AMF:B-51 Economic report (Zambia) 1  
AMF:B-52 Comptes économique annees, 1951-57,1959 1  
AMF:B-53 Nationale rekeningen, 1958-60(Netherlands) 1  
AMF:B-54 Jean-Francois Melon 1  
AMF:B-55 Recessions, depressions, and economic panics in American history 7 目録あり
AMF:B-56 Letters, 1775 Jan.1 and 1976 Jan.6(Turgot, A.R.J.) 1  
AMF:B-57 The elements of commerce and theory of taxes(Tucker, J.) 1  
AMF:B-58 Lettre circulaire adressee par M. l'Intendant(Turgot, A.R.J.) 1  
AMF:B-59[1] [Valeurs et Monnaies]‎‎ 1  
AMF:B-59[2] チュルゴオ「價値と貨幣」 / 山内毅 (三田学会雑誌 32巻2号(昭13.2) p253-273) 1 Bbc:51も参照
AMF:B-60 Bibliotheque nationas, Paris. Dept. des Manuscrits/ Microfilm copys 10  
AMF:B-62 (Recueil de documents concernant) 1  
AMF:B-64 Bibliotheque de l'Arsenal/Microfilm copys 4  
AMF:B-66 Bibliotheque nationas, Paris. Dept. des Manuscrits/ Microfilm copys 16  
AMF:B-68 Bibliotheque municipale de Rouen/Microfilm copys 9  
AMF:B-71 The British merchant(King, C.) 2  
AMF:B-72 Reflexions politiques sur les finances, et le commerce 1  
AMF:B-73 Versuch uber den Grandsatz des Maturrechts(Hufeland, G.) 1  
AMF:B-74 Was Hume a Tory historian?(Mossner, E.C.) 1  
AMF:B-75 Changes in occupational wage structure, 1900-1956(Keat, Paul G.) 1  
AMF:B-76 Production and productivity movements in the United Kingdom since 1900(Lomax, KS) 1  
AMF:B-77 Schefferska samlingen(Scheffer, C.F.) 3  
AMF:B-78 Economic development with unlimited supplies of labour(Lewis, W.A.) 1  
AMF:B-79 Les theories de boisguilbert et leur place dans l'histoire des doctrines economiques(Talbot, A.) 1 Bbq:343も参照
AMF:B-80 Popular political economy(Hodgskin, T.) 1  
AMF:B-81 Contemporary estimates of national income in the first half of the nineteenth century 1  
AMF:B-82 Boisguilbert et la liberte du commerce des grains(Messeliere, F.de la) 1 Bbq:344も参照
AMF:B-83 Apres l'experience de law(Angelesco, D.) 1  
AMF:B-84 Montesquieu économiste 1  
AMF:B-85 Les idées economiques et financières de Montesquieu(Taille-Lolainville, C.) 1 Bbq:337も参照
AMF:B-86 Altruism in Hume's treatise(McGilvary, E.B.) 1  
AMF:B-87 The Scottish tradition economic thought(Macfie, A.L.) 1  
AMF:B-92 Lot et Garonne. Archives 1  
AMF:B-93 Why the American economy of depression-proof(Friedman, M) 1 Br.91:13も参照
AMF:B-94 France. Archives nationales/Manuscripts 8  
AMF:B-95 Histoire d'un village par un paysan(Camus, P.-A.) 1  
AMF:B-96 Richard Cantillon(Hayek, F.A.) 1  
AMF:B-97 Da Cantillon a Pareto(D'Amato, L.) 1  
AMF:B-98 Saggio sulla natura del commercio in generale(Cantillon, R.) 1  
AMF:B-99 Biographical dictionary of Irishmen in France(Hayes, R.) 1  
AMF:B-100 Brief observations concerning trade and interest of money(Child, J.) 1  
AMF:B-101 An account of Andrew Yarranton, the founder of English political economy(Dove, P.E.) 1  
AMF:B-102 Development economique chez Cantillon, Quesnay, Turgot(Chattopadhyay, P.) 1  
AMF:B-108 Les economistes dans les assemblees politiques au temps de la Revolution(Lacroix, F.) 1  
AMF:B-109 Les idées économiques de Dutot(Valery, L.) 1  
AMF:B-110 Bibliotheque municipale de Lyon: Manuscrits 12  
AMF:B-111 Ensayo sobre la naturaleza del comercio en general(Cantillon, R.) 1  
AMF:B-112 Kenya.( Dept. of Agriculture) Annual report, 1945-52: Report : (East African Statistical Dept.)Earnings of African labour in 1948: (Labour Dept.)Annual report, 1945-52: Man power, demobilization and reabsorption report, 1945: (African Affairs Dept.)Annual report, 1948-52 6 Na:125も参照
AMF:B-113 Mémoire sur les moyens d'améliorer en France ... (Cliequot de Blervache, S.) 1  
AMF:B-114 The political mischiefs of popery(Souligne, de) 1  
AMF:B-115 Manuscript in Bibiotheque municipalede Reims(Clicquot de Blervache, S.) 3  
AMF:B-116 Consideratons sur le traite de commerce entre la France et la Grande-Bretagne(Clicquot de Blervache, S.) 1  
AMF:B-118 Traicté de l'œconomie politique dedié au roy et à la reyne mère du roy(Montchrétien, A.) 1  
AMF:B-119 Nouveaux motifs pour porter la France(Goudar, A.) 1  
AMF:B-121 An essay on the advantages which respectively attend France and Great Britain(Tucker, J.) 1  
AMF:B-123 The U.S. national economy 1916-1993: Unpublished documentary collections from the U.S. Department of the Treasury米国財務省図書館所蔵未公刊資料:アメリカ合衆国の経済1916-1993年 182 目録あり
AMF:B-124 John Stuart Mill: the economic, political and feminist papers 24  
AMF:B-126 国立国会図書館所蔵明治期刊行図書マイクロ版集成 1527 目録あり


AMF:C-1 Nigerian public finance(Okigbo, P.N.C.) 1  
AMF:C-2 Annual reports of the Secretary of the Treasury on the state of the finances. 1790-1974 (U.S.Treasury Dept.) 31 目録あり
AMF:C-3 Considerations sur les finances d'Espagne(Forbonnais, F.V.D.de) 1  
AMF:C-4 Русский государственный кредит (1769-1899) 3  
AMF:C-5 The British Treasury, Economic depression, and international finance 1916-1943 英国大蔵省・経済不況および国際財政 38  
AMF:C-6 財政説明書 / 經濟學會 (福建省、広西省、河南省、山西省、浙江省、甘粛省、広東省) 6 Xcd:13も参照
AMF:D-2 朝鮮銀行統計月報 昭和12, 昭和16年(10月欠) 1 ZL:5 AMF:77も参照
AMF:D-3 報告書 / 三菱電機 第32-37,45-47,49-50期(昭和11-21年).營業報告書 / 三菱造船 第1,4-6,8-21期(大正6年-昭和3年). 營業報告書 ; 貸借對照表 ; ... / 三菱重工業: 第35-52,54期(昭和9-19年) 1 Do:144,Do:148も参照
AMF:D-4 報告書 / 三菱内燃機株式會社  第10-15期(大正13年-昭和2年).報告書 / 三菱航空機株式會社 第17-25期(昭和3-7年) 1 Do:146,Do:147も参照
AMF:D-5 營業報告 / 日本製鐵株式會社 第1-12期(昭和9-14年), 昭和14年下期-昭和18年上期 1 Do:145も参照
AMF:D-6 Relazione programmatica/Minisero delle partecipazioni statali (Ittaly) 1  
AMF:D-7 Report of the committee on trusts(Gt. Brit. Ministry of Reconstruction) 1  
AMF:D-8 Du retablissement de l'impot dans son ordre naturel 1  
AMF:D-10 An historical and chronological deduction of the origin of commerce(Anderson, A.) 2  
AMF:D-11 Traites sur le commerce(Child, J.) 1  
AMF:D-12 Tankar om nödvåndigheten at innefatta handels-och finance-kunskap uti stats-vetenskapen ; det allmånna til tjenst, af det franska originalet i svenskan öfversatte(Forbonnais, François Véron Duverger de, 1722-1800). Anmärkningar öfwer frankrikes och englands större eller mindre förmåner, ...(Plumard de Dangeul, Louis Joseph) 1  
AMF:D-13 Examen de la conduite de la Grande-Bretagne à l'égard de la Hollande, depuis la naissance de la République jusqu'a présent (Hollandois bien intentionne). 1  
AMF:D-14 Anmaerkninger over Frankriges og Engellands fordeele og mangeler i henseende til handelen of andre kilder til landes magt og styrke(Nickolls, John) 1  
AMF:D-15 William Robertson als Geschichtsschreiber des europäischen Staatensystems(Schlenke, Manfred) 1  
AMF:D-17 Almanach général du commerce, des marchands, négocians, armateurs, &c. de la France, de l'Europe & des autres parties du monde ... (Gournay, B.C.) 1  
AMF:F-3 Balance des paiements du Maroc, 1952-1961 1  
AMF:F-4 The United States dollar(Pick, F.) 1  
AMF:F-5 Statistical releases 1919-1976 (U.S. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System) 36 目録あり
AMF:F-6 The role of gold in the domestic and international monetary system 5 Fd:201も参照
AMF:F-7 Minutes of the meetings of the Federal Open Market Committee 1936-1955 43 目録あり
AMF:H-1 人民公社資料集 (細目次のカード) 香港 1960 1  
AMF:H-2 Agrarian periodicals in the United States 1920-1960 25  
AMF:H-3 USSR; contrasts in agriculture(Gregory, J.S.) 1 目録あり
AMF:H-4 Свод трудов местных комитетов по 49 губерниям Европейской России, 1903-1905 2  
AMF:H-5 臺灣農家經濟調査 / 臺灣總督府殖産局 第2報(大正12.5刊) 1 Hr.35:7も参照
AMF:H-6 Труды местных комитетов о нуждах сельскохозяйственной промышленности, 1903 12  
AMF:H-7 Сельскохозяйственные и статистические сведения по материалам, полученным от хозяев. 1884-1905 2  
AMF:H-8 農田水利學 (鄭肇經) 1 Xhd:29も参照
AMF:I-1 Oil; the Federal investigations 9 目録あり
AMF:I-2 История фабрик и заводов СССР = History of factories in the USSR. 44 目録あり
AMF:I-3 La grande industrie en France sous le regne de Louis XV(Martubm G.) 1  
AMF:I-4 The economic history of British shipbuilding 1870-1914 1  
AMF:I-5 Directory of key establishments in the Philippines in selected non-agricultural industries employing ... 1  
AMF:I-6 A review of the proposed naturalization of the jews(Hanway, J. 1  
AMF:I-7 Sir H. Macworth's proposalin miniature 1  
AMF:I-8 The question, whether a jew, born within the British dominion ... 1  
AMF:I-9 The industrial revolution and economic growth(Deane, P.) 1  
AMF:I-10 Report and accounts, 1957(The United Steel Companies Ltd.) 1  
AMF:I-11 Growth of monopoly in British industry(Macrosty, H.W.) 1  
AMF:I-12 In the matter of Exxon Corporation et al.: records of the Federal Trade Commission's case against the major oil companies 1973-77 23 目録あり
AMF:I-13 Oil and the energy crisis: the federal investigations 1974-78 12 目録あり
AMF:I-14 The industries of Russia(Ministerstvo finansov)(1893) 1  
AMF:I-15 Documentary records of the British mining crisis and the General Strike 1925-1926イギリス炭鉱争議関係資料 22  
AMF:I-16 The Worshipful company of weavers. Records 1681-1844 15  
AMF:K-1 Sozialistische Aufatze, 1841-1847(Hess, M.) 1  
AMF:K-2 Un socialiste-revolutionnaire au commerncement du 18e siecle(Petitfils, E.) 1  
AMF:K-3 Italia, Russia ed Europa dopo il '48(Venture, F.) 1 目録あり
AMF:K-4 Man and osiciety(Bryson, G.) 1  Pbq:74参照
AMF:K-5 Joh Millar, historical sociologist(Lehmann, W.C.) 1  
AMF:K-6 Scientific Whiggism(Forbers, D.) 1 Kl:211参照
AMF:K-7 Развитие общественной мысли во франции в XVIII веке 1  
AMF:K-8 Historical law-tracts(Home, H.) 1  
AMF:K-9 Sketches of the history of man(Home, H.) 1  
AMF:K-10 Essays on he principles of morality and natural religion(Home, H.) 1  
AMF:K-11 Territory of New Guinea annual report, 1963/64-1965/66(Australia) 1  
AMF:K-12 L'Algerie de demain(Pervous, F.) 1  
AMF:K-13 Gt. Brit. Royal Commission reports. Part. 1:Relating to labour and trade unionism 1824-1906Part. 2:Relating to labour and trade unions 1892-1894 24  
AMF:K-14 Annual reports 1869-1946,1948-1966(Trade Union Congress) 31  
AMF:K-15 Red Guard publications [1966-1970](Association of Research Libraries. Center for Chinese Research Materials) 21  
AMF:K-16 The British Labour history ephemera, 1880-1926 68 目録あり
AMF:K-17 Minute books 1893-1909(Independent Labour Party) 1  
AMF:K-18 Fabianism and the Fabian Society 1884-1913/ Hobsbawm, E. J. 1  
AMF:K-19 Demand for workers' control in the railway mining and engineering industries, 1910-1922/ Pribicevic, Branko 1  
AMF:K-20 Labour Research Department: books and pamphlets 1916-1972 9 目録あり
AMF:K-21 British trade union history collection 48 目録あり
AMF:K-22 Книга о скудости и богатстве 1  
AMF:K-23 The causes and remedies of pauperism in the United Kingdom(Horton, R.H) 1 Kc:146も参照
AMF:K-24 Marx und Hegel(Plenge, J.) 1  
AMF:K-25 The problems and perils of socialism(Strachey, J.) 1 Km:900も参照
AMF:K-26 The poor mans advocate, or Englands samaritan 1 Kl:186も参照
AMF:K-27 The Communist Party of Great Britain. Series 1: Journals 1921-72,Series 2: Newspapers 1916-1929,Series 3: Theoretical journals 1921-1972, Series 4: Pamphlets 1920-1976 103 目録あり
AMF:K-28 The Left in Britain 81 目録あり Pt. 1-2は AMS:K-3も参照
AMF:K-29 Lettres a Paul Delesalle(Sorel, G.) 1  
AMF:K-30 Post-War Employment Committee report and report of the Sub-Committee on Post-War Employment of Africans, 1943(Kenya) 1 Br.83:45も参照
AMF:K-31 The London Trades Council minutes 11  
AMF:K-32 Документы и материалы по рабочему вопросу в дореволюционной России 37 目録あり
AMF:K-33 Archives of the Fabian Society. Part 2 10 目録あり
AMF:K-34 British industry, labour and trade unionism, 1887-1934. Series 1. 11  
AMF:K-35 British industry, labour and trade unionism, 1887-1934. Series 2. 11 目録あり


Scottish Trades Union Congress. Minutes 1899-1952 13  
AMF:K-37 Scottish Trades Union Congress. Annual report 1st(1897)-82(1979) 22  
AMF:K-38 The practical Bolshevik(Oppenheim, S.A.) 1  
AMF:K-39 Le governement revolutionnaire Jusqu's la paix(Saint-Just, A.) 1 Km:333Aも参照
AMF:K-40 Olivier de Serres(Lavondes, A.) 1  
AMF:K-41 The new Cyneas of Emric Cruce(Cruce, E.) 1  
AMF:K-42 Fourth International bulletins and other ephemera 1930-1940 5  
AMF:K-43 The Chales Booth collection ; life and labour of the people of London 1885-1905(From the British Library of Political and Economic Science, London) チャールス・ブース調査原記録集成(ロンドンにおける民衆の生活と労働)実態調査Pt.1: Manuscript notebooks on industry, workhouse and asylum inmates and the police, Pt. 2: Industry interviews and questionnaires 26  
AMF:K-44 Capital and labour: archives of employers' and workers' organizationsイギリス雇用者組織及び労働者組織記録文書集成Series 2: Trade unions archivesイギリス織物紡績関係労働組合文書 Part 1: Minutes and reports of the amalgamated association of card and blowing rook operatives 1888-1940, Part 2: Central Committee and general council minutes of the Amalgamated Weavers' Association 1885-1939 26  
AMF:K-45 Conflict and consensus in British industrial relations: covering years 1916-1948イギリス労使関係の歩み資料集1916-1948年 51 目録あり
AMF:K-46 Victorian philanthropy and social problems (Microfilm, Microfiche)19世紀英国ビクトリア朝の博愛主義と社会問題:産業革命期の初等教育貧民学校と社会改良運動
 Series 1: Archives of the Regged School Union and the Shaftesbury Society(貧民学校連合とシャフツベリー教会文書)
   Part 1: Minutes of the Ragged School Union and Shaftesbury Society 1844-1944, vol. 1-20.
 Series 2: Archives of the Charity Organisation Society 1869-1938(慈善組織協会文書).
   Part 1: Journals of the Charity Organisation Society 1872-1938.
24 目録あり Series 1: AMS:K-5も参照
AMF:K-47 Civil disturbance, Chartism and Riots in nineteenth century England: disturbance papers, 1841-1876イギリス19世紀初期労働組合運動・チャ-チィズム運動資料 37  
AMF:K-48 The Francis Place papers : from the British Library, London. 54  
AMF:K-48A The Francis Place papers : from the British Library, London. 54  
AMF:K-49 Radical politics and the working man in England (Francis Place papers) イギリスの急進的政治運動と労働者: フランシス・プレース文書
Series 2: The Francis Place collection in the British Library Department of printed books
AMF:K-50 The People's history: working class autobiographies イギリス人民史:労働者階級の自叙伝Series 1: Working class autobiographies from the British Library 34  
AMF:K-51 The origins of the welfare states in Britain イギリス失業扶助局資料集 Minutes and memoranda of the Unemployment Assistance Board 1934-1948 11  
AMF:L-1 工場統計表/農商務大臣官房統計課編 明治42年,大正3及8年 1  
AMF:L-2 現住人口静態ニ関スル統計材料/内閣統計局編 (維新以後帝國統計材料彙纂 / 内閣統計局編纂 第2輯) 大正2刊 1  
AMF:L-3 全国紡績会社営業実況一覧表;全国紡績会社製糸梱数一覧表/大日本紡績聯合会編 明治 38,43,大正4,9,14年分 1  
AMF:L-4 工業統計表資料/通商産業大臣官房統計調査部化学統計課編 昭和元至25年;第 1,2,4部 1  
AMF:L-6 中國工業調査報告/劉大鈞編 上中冊 1937.2刊 1  
AMF:L-9 Brunei. Annual statistics for the year 1960 & 1961; North-Borneo statistics ...1959 &1960; 琉球の貿易統計表 1955-1962 1  
AMF:L-10 Cambodia. Bulletin de statistiques de echanges commerciaux; bulletin annual, 1957-1961 5  
AMF:L-11 Philippines. Foreign trade and navigation of the Philippines, 1956-1960 5  
AMF:L-12 ILO. Bulletin on family budget surveys, 1950-1960 1  
AMF:L-13 Hong Kong: Trade statistics (Hong Kong. Dept. of Commerce and Industry): Exports 1955-1961; Imports 1955-1961 7 Leb.36:1も参照
AMF:L-15 Study of consumer expenditures, incomes and savings: statistical tables: urban U.S.-1950 7  
AMF:L-16 Singapore : Singapore external trade statistics, including trade with the Federation of Malaya for the year 1958-1960 3  
AMF:L-17 中國進出口貿易統計年刊(台湾區) = The trade of China (Taiwan) 1955-1960 2 Xle:32も参照
AMF:L-19 Pakistan. Foreign trade statistics of Pakistan 1955-1960 3  
AMF:L-20 Thailand: Annual statement of foreign trade of Thailand 1955-1960 6  
AMF:L-21 Vietnam: Statistiques du commerce exterieur du Viet-Nam 1955-1960(Viet-Nam. Direction Generale des Douanes et Regies) 2  
AMF:L-22 各港輸出物品斤量代價表 自慶応二丙寅年至明治五壬申年. 各港輸出物品表 従慶応2年明治6年迄. 各開港場輸出入物品高 明治3庚午正月ヨリ-明治5壬申年分. 大日本各海關輸入物品一覽表 明治6年-9年. 大日本外国貿易年表/大蔵省 明治15年-明治16年. 大日本各港輸出入月表 明治10年-15年 7 目録あり
AMF:L-23 労働統計集-「日本労働運動史」第10巻削除分/一橋大学経研資料係;日本経済統計文献センター共編 3 目録あり
AMF:L-24 台湾農業基本調査/台湾総督府殖産局 第 1-4,6-7,11-15,17-24,28,43(1920-1941) 2 目録あり
AMF:L-25 Libya : Statistical abstract 1963-64,1966(Libya. Census & Statistical Dept.) 1  
AMF:L-26 National income of Sudan 1955-1963 / Sudan. Dept. of Statistics 1  
AMF:L-27 Argentina. Censo agropecuario 1952; Censo agropecuario nacional ...1908, Tomo 3:monografias ; Censo nacional agropecuario, 1937 ; Estadistica de los ferrocarriles en explotacion. Tomo9, 19, 29,39,49,52:1900,1910,1920,1930,1940-41,1943-44 12 6リール
AMF:L-28 Argentina. Censo de la Republica Argentina 1-2: 1869,1895 ; Censo nacional 1914 ; Censo general de la nacion 1947 9 7リール
AMF:L-30 Всесоюзная перепись населения 1926 года 31 目録あり
AMF:L-31 Common stocks vs. gold, 1930-1962 / Pick, Franz 1  
AMF:L-32 Социалистическое строительство СССР: статистический ежегодник (1936) 1  
AMF:L-33 Труды / РСФСР, ЦСУ. т.1-35 (1920-1928) 11 目録あり
AMF:L-34 Pakistan. Census of manufacturing industries 1957 1  
AMF:L-35 帝政ロシア国家統計 (Статистический временник Российской Империи, и др.) 68 VLc.78:39も参照
AMF:L-36 Poland. Budzety radzin pracownikow zatrudnionych w gospodarce uspolecznionej poza rolnictwem i lesnictwem 1971 1  
AMF:L-37-176 International population census publications, 1945-1967 世界センサス集成(収録内容:一般人工統計・産業統計・所得統計・労働統計・農業統計・土地保有統計・住宅供給統計・社会経済力統計):Series:1 Years 1945-1967
(New Zealand のみSeries:2 pre-1945を含む)
  Guidebook, パンフレット, 目録あり
AMF:L-37-64 Asia 243
AMF:L-65-73 Oceania 35
AMF:L-74-100 Europe 209
AMF:L-101-148 Africa 73
AMF:L-149-150 North America 73
AMF:L-151-176 Latin America and the Caribbean 128
AMF:L-80 International population census publications (Microfilm, Microfiche): 世界センサス集成(収録内容:一般人工統計・産業統計・所得統計・労働統計・農業統計・土地保有統計・住宅供給統計・社会経済力統計): Series 2: Years Pre-1945 England and Wales 30 パンフレット, 目録あり
AMF:L-96 International population census publications (Microfilm, Microfiche): 世界センサス集成(収録内容:一般人工統計・産業統計・所得統計・労働統計・農業統計・土地保有統計・住宅供給統計・社会経済力統計): Series 2: Years Pre-1945 Spain 24  
AMF:L-110 International population census publications (Microfilm, Microfiche): 世界センサス集成(収録内容:一般人工統計・産業統計・所得統計・労働統計・農業統計・土地保有統計・住宅供給統計・社会経済力統計): Series 2: Years Pre-1945 Egypt 3  
AMF:L-130 International population census publications (Microfilm, Microfiche): 世界センサス集成(収録内容:一般人工統計・産業統計・所得統計・労働統計・農業統計・土地保有統計・住宅供給統計・社会経済力統計): Series 2: Years Pre-1945 Nigeria 1  
AMF:L-177 Annual statement of the trade of the United Kingdom. 1853-1924, 1925-1965 84  
AMF:L-178 Gt. Brit. Statistical abstract for the British Empire in each year 1889/1903-1899/1913 2  
AMF:L-179 Gt. Brit. Statistical abstract for the principal and other foreign countries in each year 1860/72-1912 5  
AMF:L-180 Gt. Brit. Census of production, 1907- 13 目録あり
AMF:L-181 Argentine: Encuesta de presupuestos familiares 1969/70; Encuiesta permanente de hogares1975; Australia: Income distribution 1968/69, 1973/74; Bangladesh: Report on the household expenditure survey of Bangladesh 1973/74; Chile: Serie de investigaciones muestrales...; Colombia: Anuario de precios y costos 1973/77; Ingresos y gastos de los hogares en Colombia 1972 1 目録あり
Finland; Kotitaloustiekustelu=Household survey 1976; Hungary; Elelmiszer-es iparcikkfogyasztas 1967 1 目録あり
ILO: Household income and expenditure statistics No.3 1968/76; Finland: Tulonjakotilasto=Income distribution statisitcs 1977 1 目録あり
Greece: Household survey ... 1963/64; Household expenditure survey 1974; Hungary: Foglalkoztattsag es kereseti aranyok 1978; Iraq: Household budget and living conditions survey 1971/72; Israel: Family expenditure survey in the administered territories 1973/74; Income of households whose family heads did not work 1971/75; Surveys of income 1978; Income surveys 1965/67 1 目録あり
Jordan: Multi-purpose household survey [1972]; Malawi: Household income and expenditure survey for urban areas and agricultural estates 1968; Malaysia: Analysis of household demand in Peninsular Malaysia; Mexico: Encuesta nacional de ingresos y gastos de los hogares 1977; Netherlands: National budgetonderzoek 1963/65 1 目録あり
Netherlands: De personele indomensverdeling 1975; New Zealand: Household survey (report) 1976/77-1979/80; South Africa: Survey of family expenditure, Nov.1966; Survey of household expenditure 1975; Sri Lanka: Report on the urban family budget survey 1977; Yugoslavia: Anketa o porodicnim budzetima radnickihdomacinstava 1977 1 目録あり
Sweden: Hushallsbudgetundersokningen. 1978; Thailand: Repot socio-economic survey B.E.2511-2512(1969), 2514-2516(1971/73); US: Consumer expenditure survey series: interview survey, 1972 & 1973 1 目録あり
AMF:L-182 Philippines: Yearbook of labor statisitcs 1977 1  
AMF:L-183 Statistical matching of microdata sets; the Bureau of Economic Analysis 1964 current population survey-tax model match 1  
AMF:L-184 臺灣省家庭收支調查報告 1980-82 3 Xle:51も参照
AMF:L-185 Report on the survey of personal I ncome distribution in Taiwan Area, Rep. Of China.1979/80, 1981/82 2  
AMF:L-186 臺北市家庭収支調査報告 / 臺北市政府主計處編‎‎  2(民国58年4-6月) 8(民国59年10-12月) 10(民国60年4-6月) 11(民国60年7-9月) 1 ZXL:21も参照
AMF:L-187 India:National sample survey. No.201-242 18  
AMF:L-188 台灣省家庭收支調查與個人所得分配研究報告 民国53 1 Xle:51も参照
AMF:L-189 中華民國臺灣省家庭收支調查報告 民国62 2 Xle:51も参照
AMF:L-190 台湾省農業普査報告 中華民国55年百分乃五選様普査 1 Xle:48も参照
AMF:L-193 中華民國臺灣省第二次工商業普查總報告 = General report 1961 industry & commerce census of Taiwan, Republic of China 2 AMF:75も参照
中華民國臺灣省第三次工商業普查總報告 = General report on the third industrial & commercial census of Taiwan, Republic of China 2 AMF:75も参照
AMF:M-1A Исследование о русской правде происхожденне текстов 1  
AMF:M-3 中央財政法規汇編/中華人民共和国財政部編 1956年1-6月 1 Xmb:19も参照
AMF:M-4 Opuscules de M. F.(Freron, E.C.) Tom I, III 2  
AMF:M-5 Oeuvres de G. Filangieri. Tom. I-III 1  
AMF:M-6 Bodin; predeceseur de Montesquieu(Fournol, E.)) 1  
AMF:M-7 Le probleme du determinisme sociale dans l'Esprit des Lois(Beyer, C.J.) 1  
AMF:M-8 De la composition de "l'Esprit des Lois" Montesquieu ... 1  
AMF:M-9 Montesqieu in England(Collins, J.C.) 1  
AMF:M-10 An introduction to the law of tenures(Wright, Sir M.) 1  
AMF:M-11 Lectures on the constitution and laws of England(Sullivan, F. S.) 1  
AMF:M-12 System of the principles of the law of Scotland(Wallace, G.) 1  
AMF:N-1 Documents diplomatiques: Chine, 1894-1901 3  
AMF:N-2 Letters of Crito on the causes, objects and consequences of the present war(Millar, J.) 1  
AMF:N-3 Очерки по истории Российской Коммунистической Партии 1  
AMF:N-4 England, Ireland, and America (Cobden, R.) 1  
AMF:N-5 The history of the New Deal, 1933-1938(Rauch, B.) 1 Bn:165参照
AMF:N-6 Coals and metals in Japan's war economy(US Strategic Bombing Survey) 1  
AMF:N-7 Ouvrages politiques et philosophiques d'un anonyme 1  
AMF:N-8 Lord Rosebery's escape from Houndsditch(Webb, S.) 1 Nr.71:15参照
AMF:N-9 Ten years in Johannesburg(Hosken, W.) 1 Qd:767参照
AMF:N-10 Correspondance politique/Memoires et documents 3  
AMF:N-11 Записи / КПСС. Смоленская область, 1917-1941 64  
AMF:N-12 O.S.S./State department intelligence and research reports 124 目録あり
AMF:N-13 State-War-Navy Coordinating Committee and State-Army-Navy-Air Force Coordinating Committee case files 1944-1949 32 目録あり
AMF:N-14 Cabinet reports from prime ministers to the crown 1868-1916 13 目録あり
AMF:N-15 COINTELPRO: the counterintelligence program of the FBI :Reproduction of newspaper articles without specific written permission prohibited 30 目録あり
AMF:N-16 Origins and development of the Labour Party in Britain at local level 英国労働党地方組織の形成と発展 186 目録あり
AMF:N-17 The Archives of the British Labour Party. Series 3 33  
AMF:N-18 The Magic documents: summaries and transcripts of the top secret diplomatic communications of Japan 1938-1945 14 目録あり
AMF:N-19,58 Documents of the National Security Council 米国国家安全保障会議(NSC)機密解除文書集 36 目録あり
AMF:N-20 Confidential U.S diplomatic post records. Part 1: Russia, from Czar to Commissars 1914-1918,Part 2: The Soviet Union 1919-1933,Part 3: Russia 1934-1941 145 目録あり
AMF:N-21 CIA research reports 1946-1976 米国中央情報局の各国調査報告書 38 目録あり
AMF:N-22 Political reorientation of Japan, Sep. 1945 to Sep. 1948(U.S. Supreme Commander for the Allied Power) 1  
AMF:N-23 History of Intelligence activities under general MacArthur 1942-1950(U.S. Military Intelligence Section: Intelligence series) 8  
AMF:N-26 Reports of the U.S. Naval Technical Mission to Japan 1945-1946 13 目録あり
AMF:N-27 Records relating to the internal affairs of Japan 1930-1944 53 目録あり
AMF:N-28 Japan correspondence 1941-1948(British Foreign Office): 日本関係文書1941-45年, 占領期の日本文書1946-48年 113 目録あり
AMF:N-29 Final reports of the U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey 1945-1947 (316 title) 25 目録あり
AMF:N-30 History of the non-military activities of the occupation of Japan(Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers. General Headquarters) 13  
AMF:N-31 Captured Japanese ships' plans and design data. 日本の造船計画に関する押収文書 10  
AMF:N-32 Minutes of meetings of the Interdivisional Area Committee of the Far East 1943-1946 FEAC(極東地域委員会)会議録 1  
AMF:N-33 Records of former German and Japanese embassies and consulates 1890-1945 青島(山東省)ドイツ大使館・ベルリン日本大使館など の記録文書 78 目録あり
AMF:N-34 State Department documents of the Interdivisional Country and Area Committee 1943-1946国務省CAC(国・地域委員会)関係記録 6  
AMF:N-35-45 Records of the Department of State relating to Internal affairs of Korea 1945-1954解放前後から朝鮮戦争休戦協定後まで朝鮮の国内事情1945-1954年: 1945年の解放前後から朝鮮戦争の休戦協定調印の翌年1954までの、朝鮮の国内事情に関する米国国務省の文書-朝鮮における米国の出先機関からの膨大な機密文書を網羅したもの) 137 一部に目録あり
AMF:N-46 Admiral Nimits command summary, running estimate and survey 1941-1945 米国太平洋艦隊司令部長官ニミッツ提督関係文書 3  
AMF:N-47 Correspondence of the Military Intelligence Division relating to general, political, economic, and military conditions in Japan 1918-1941 両大戦間期の日本1918-1941年;米軍情報機関による 日本の政治・経済・軍事に関する報告書 31 目録あり
AMF:N-48 Memorandum to president Truman 1947-1948/Marshall, G.C.,Lovett, R.A. マーシャル国務長官並びにラベット国務次官のトルーマン 大統領宛覚え書 3  
AMF:N-49 Papers and minutes of meetings of principal World War II allied military conferences, 1941-1945 JCS/CCS(統合参謀本部・ 米英連合参謀会議)会議録・報告書 4 目録あり
AMF:N-50 Records of the Secretary of State's Staff Committee 1944-1947 SSC(国務省幹部委員会)記録 5 目録あり
AMF:N-51 Department of State decimal file relating to World War II, 1939-1945 27 目録あり
AMF:N-52 State Department documents of the Post-War Programs Committee 1944 PWC (戦後計画委員会)文書 4  
AMF:N-53 Records of the Subcommittee for the Far East 1945-1948  SWNCC・SFE(極東小委員会)記録 14  
AMF:N-54 Records of the Department of State relating to political relations between the United States and Japan 1910-1954: National archives and records administration(1910-1949: D.F.711.94,1950-1954:D.F.611.94) 米国国立公文書館所蔵国務省公文書:日米政治関係機密資料1910-1954年 1910年(明治43年)から太平洋戦争期、サンフランシスコ条約・日米安保条約締結後1954年まで 52 目録あり
AMF:N-55 Records of the Department of State relating to Internal affairs of Hungary 1930-1954 (Microfilm)ハンガリーの国内事情 1930-1954年 54 目録あり
AMF:N-56 Rare printed material relating to Moscow, 1887-1923 6  
AMF:N-57 Collection of official records of the department of state relating to Eastern European countries 1858-1954東ヨーロッパ関係文書 19世紀後半からスターリン死後の1954までの東欧各国における国内事情および対外関係に関する米国国務省の機密報告資料 666 目録あり
AMF:N-58 Minutes of meetings of the National Security Council, with special advisory reports 11 目録あり
AMF:N-59 Œuvres (Roederer, Pierre Louis) 3  
AMF:N-60 A study of strategic lessons learned in Vietnam 3  
AMF:N-61 Records of the U.S. Department of State relating to the internal affairs of Czechoslovakia, 1955-1959 チェコスロバキアの国内事情 8 目録あり
AMF:N-62 Records of the U.S. Department of State relating to internal affairs of East Germany, 1955-1959 東ドイツ国内事情 10 目録あり
AMF:N-63 Records of the U.S. Department of State relating to the internal affairs of Poland, 1955-1959 ポーランド国内事情 16 目録あり
AMF:N-64 Records of the U.S. Department of State relating to internal affairs of Romania, 1955-1959ルーマニア国内事情 7 目録あり
AMF:N-65 Records of the U.S. Department of State relating to internal affairs of Yugoslavia, 1955-1959 ユーゴスラビア国内事情 18 目録あり
AMF:N-66 Records of the U.S. Department of State relating to internal affairs of Hungary, 1955-1959 ハンガリー国内事情 25 目録あり
AMF:O-1 The colonies of England (Roebuck, J.A.) 1 Or.71:1参照
AMF:O-2 Report on the legislation governing the alienation of native lands in the Gold Coast colony and Ashanti(Belfield, H.) 1  
AMF:O-3 Draft report(Gt. Brit. West African Lands Committee) 1  
AMF:O-4 Report on the census, 1891(Gold Cost. Census Office) 1  
AMF:O-5 Colonization of South Australia(Torrens, R.) 1 Or.56:1参照
AMF:O-6 Les Compagnies de colonisation dans l'ancien regime 1 Of:64参照
AMF:P-1 The clandestine organization and diffusion of philosophic ideas in France from 1700 to 1750 1  
AMF:P-3 David Hume and Adam Smith(Gain, R.E.) 1  
AMF:P-4 David Hume's theory of history(Dobson, P.G.) 1  
AMF:P-5 The political philosophy of David Hume(Hill, R.S.) 1  
AMF:P-6 The political philosophy of David Hume(Miller, E.F.) 1  
AMF:P-7 Essai sur l'histoire de l'idee de progres jusqu'a la fin du XVIIIe siecle(Delvaille, J.) 1 Pb:237も参照
AMF:P-8 The comparable interests of the old moral philosophy and the modern social sciences(Bryson, G.) 1  
AMF:P-9 Samtliche Werke(Hegel, G.W.F.) 1  
AMF:P-10 L'Année littéraire. Par Freron 56  
AMF:P-11 An ecclesiastical history, antient and modern from the birth of Christ(Mosheim, J.L.) 1  
AMF:P-12 Pensees philosophiques, morales, critiques, litteraires et politiques(Hume, D.) 1  
AMF:P-13 Jeunesse de Direrot(Venturi, F.) 1  
AMF:P-14 A vindication of the Christian religion(Goyder, T.) 1  
AMF:P-15 Nouvellers pensees philosophiques(Diderot, D.) 1  
AMF:P-16 Analyse et examen dunsysteme des philosophes economistes(Le Gros, J.C.F.) 1  
AMF:P-17 Pensees antiphilosophiques(Allamand, J.N.S.) 1  
AMF:P-18 Reflexions au sujet du livre intitle Pensees phlosophiques/ Pensees anti-philosohiques/Court xamen de la these de Mr.L'abbe de Prades 1  
AMF:P-19 Pensees raisonnables oposees aux pensees philosophiques(Formey, J.H.S.) 1  
AMF:P-20 Pensees philosophiques d'un citoyen de Montmartre(Senemaud, P.) 1  
AMF:P-21 Ancient and modern liberty stated and compar'd(Hervey, J.) 1  
AMF:P-22 Lettres sur l'ecrit intitule Pensees philosophiques(Tandeau, f.B.) 1  
AMF:P-23 Lettre a m...sur le peincipe du mouvement dans les corps(Boullier, D.) 1  
AMF:P-24 Pensees philosophiques sur la nature(Diderot, D.) 1  
AMF:Q-1 Боярская дума древней Руси. 5 издание(1919) 2  
AMF:Q-2 Der Vorkampfer des Sozialismus und Zionismus 1812-1875(Hess, M.) 1  
AMF:Q-3 Geschichte der Universitat Gottingen in dem Zeitraume von 1788 bis 1820(Saalfeld, F.) 1 Pd:79参照
AMF:Q-4 中华人民共和国大事记 / 南开大学历史系編 第1-2冊;1949-1956 2  
AMF:Q-5 Historismus in England(Forbes, D.) 1  
AMF:Q-6 The rationalism of Sir Walter Scott(Forbers, D.) 1  
AMF:Q-7 William Robertson als historiker und Geschichtsphilosoph(Pier, B.) 1 Qb:88参照
AMF:Q-10 Главные моменты министерской деятельности Тюрго и их значение, 1884 1  
AMF:Q-12 The history of England(Rapin-Thoyras, P.) 3  
AMF:Q-13 A general history of England(Carte, T.) 4  
AMF:Q-14 Jean-Francois Melon(Bouzinac, J) 1  
AMF:Q-15 Un avocat journaliste au XVIIIe siecle(Cruppi, J.) 1  
AMF:Q-16 Turgot et la liberté du commerce : thèse pour le doctorat ...(Nio, J.) 1  
AMF:Q-17 Turgot(Ellwood, C.A.) 1  
AMF:Q-18 Notice sur la vie et les ouvrages de M. Leber(Taillandier, A.) 1  
AMF:Q-19 Essays upon everal subjects concernning British antiquities 1  
AMF:Q-20 A discourse on the bookland and folkland of the Saxons(Heckford, R.) 1  
AMF:Q-21 Remarks on some fundamental doctrines in political economy(Craig, J.) 1 Bb:1771参照
AMF:Q-22 A treatise of tenures in two parts(Gilbert, G.) 1  
AMF:Q-23 The nature and descent of ancient peerages(Wallace, G.) 1  
AMF:Q-24 Observations on Mr. Hume's history of England(Towers, J.) 1 Qd:1547参照
AMF:Q-25 The civil history of the Kingdom of Neples(Giannone, P.) 1  
AMF:Q-26 Letters on Mr. Hume's history of Great Britain(McQueen, D.) 1 Qd:1546参照
AMF:Q-27 Francois Veron de Fortbonnais(Fleury, G) 1  
AMF:Q-28 Trudaine(Andrieux, C.) 1  
AMF:Q-29 La vie et l'oeuvre de Chaptal(Pigeire, J.) 1  
AMF:Q-30 Le censeur ou Examen des actes et des ouvrages qui tendent a detruire ou a consolider la constitution de l'Etat: juin 1814-6 sept .1815 9  
AMF:Q-32 La Decade philosophique, litteraire et politique/Journal de Paris 18  
AMF:Q-33 Leaders of the Russian Revolution: archives of the Central Committee of the Soviet Community Party ロシア革命の群像:旧ソ連共産党中央委員会秘密文書(ロシア革命とソビエト政権下における9人の革命家・政治家について出生証明書、死亡証明書、私信、演説原稿、著作草稿、写真など公的・私的文書の集大成) 421 目録あり


AMF:Z-1 Bulletin of import trade 1954-1960: Bulletin of export trade 1954-1960 (Burma) 3  
AMF:Z-2 Accounts relating to the foreign(sea, air and land) trade and navigation of India. 1952/53, 1955/56 : Monthly statistics of the foreign trade of India. 1957-1961 9  
AMF:Z-3 Statistik perdagangan. Ekspor: 1955-1960 Impor: 1955-1960 (Indonesia) 2  
AMF:Z-4 Ceylon customs returns. 1955-1961 (Ceylon) 7  
AMF:Z-5 Foreign exchange statistics. 1955-1957. External trade statistics. 1958-1959 (Bank of Korea) 1  
AMF:Z-6 Bulletin de statistique de Laos. 1956,1958-1960 4 Lc.52:8も参照
AMF:Z-7 Malayan statistics.: external trade of Malaya 1952-1953,1954-1960 4  
AMF:Z-8 Federation of Malaya statistics of external trade 1959-1960 1  
AMF:Z-10 Под знаменем Марксизма : ежемесячный философский и общественно экономический журнал, 1922-1944 46 目録あり
AMF:Z-11 Плановое хозяйство, 1923-1939 36 目録あり
AMF:Z-12 Вестник Статистики, 1919-1929 4  
AMF:Z-13 Народное хозяйство, 1918-1922 Социалистическое хозяйство, 1923-1930 11 目録あり
AMF:Z-14 Проблемы Экономики, 1929-1941 14 目録あり
AMF:Z-15 Стаистическое Обозрение, 1927-1930 4  
AMF:Z-16 Экономическое Обозрение, 1923-1930 8 目録あり
AMF:Z-17 台湾物価統計月報 第37-96期; 民国51-55年 4  
AMF:Z-18 Большевик 1924-1952 36  
AMF:Z-19 U.S. news & world report 1958-1967 21  
AMF:Z-20 中央公論 昭和18年2月-38年12月 50 目録あり
AMF:Z-21 Пролетарская революция, 1921-1938 11  
AMF:Z-22 Финансвые проблемы планового хозяйства, 1922-1930 10  
AMF:Z-23 Вестник Коммунистической Академии, 1922-1935 8  
AMF:Z-24 Экономическая жизнь, 1919-1937 28  
AMF:Z-25 The Straits times 1883-1942 417  
AMF:Z-26 West Africa 1(1917)-37(1923)(Jan.2,1954) 28  
AMF:Z-27 На аграном фронте. Орган Аграрного института Коммунистической Академии, 1926-1935 8  
AMF:Z-28 Пути индустриализации. Орган Президиума ВСНХ СССР, 1928-1931 3  
AMF:Z-29 Торгово-промышленная газета, 1922-1929 15  
AMF:Z-29 За индустриализацию, 1930-1937 16  
AMF:Z-29 Индустрия, 1937-1940 7  
AMF:Z-30 解放日報 創刊号(民国30年)-2081号(民国36年2月) 10 目録あり
AMF:Z-31 План : Орган Госплана и Цунху СССР, 1933-1937 2  
AMF:Z-32 The investors' gurdian (Incorporating: Tea and rubber mail & mining world) 1863-1973 102  
AMF:Z-34 Journal de commerce, et d'agriculture 1759-1762 9  
AMF:Z-35 Radical periodicals of Great Britain 1794-1914 Period 2: Marxism and the machine age 1867-1914 31  
AMF:Z-36 Current digest of the Soviet Press. V.1-29: 1949-1977 116  
AMF:Z-37 Кибернетика (Академия наук Украинской ССР), 1978(3-4) 1  
AMF:Z-38 Крестьянская газета. Орган ЦК ВКП(б) , 1923-1929,1931-1939 10 目録あり
AMF:Z-39 Бюллетени районных комитетов ВКП(б), 1926-1933 15  
AMF:Z-40 Journal oeconomique, ou memoires notes et avis sur l'agriculture, les arts, le commerce, &c. Jan.1758-Dec.1772 8  
AMF:Z-41 Foreign agriculture. V.1(1937)-26(1962) (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture) 8  
AMF:Z-42 Gazette d'agriculture, commerce, finances et arts. 1763-1781,1782(no.96),1783 9  
AMF:Z-43 Jounal d'agriculture,commece, finances et arts. 1967-1774, 1780-1783 12  
AMF:Z-44 Gazette litteraire de l'Europe. Tome 1-8:1964-1766 2  
AMF:Z-45 Journal etranger. 1754-1762 14  
AMF:Z-47 Предприятие、1923-1936 14  
AMF:Z-48 Коллективист、1929-1933 4  
AMF:Z-49 Газета Временнаго рабочаго и крестьянскаго правительства, 1917-1918 1  
AMF:Z-50 Властъ Советов, 1917-1938 11  
AMF:Z-51 Еженедельный информационный бюллетень → На фронте селъскохозяйственных заготовок, 1927-1939 10  
AMF:Z-52 Советское стронтельство, 1926-1937 7  
AMF:Z-53 State Bank of the USSR : Economic survey. V.1-7:1926-1932 1  
AMF:Z-54 Финансовая газета, 1937-1941 5  
AMF:Z-55 Экономический бюллетень Конъюнктурного института, 1923-1928 2  
AMF:Z-56 Советское строителъство, 1925-1926 1  
AMF:Z-57 Инженерный труд, 1924-1935 9  
AMF:Z-58 Известия, 1917-1952 84  
AMF:Z-59 Организация производства, 1923-1935 8  
AMF:Z-60 Правда, 1917-1951 99  
AMF:Z-61 Feuille hebdomadaire de la generalite de Limoges. 1775-1790 4  
AMF:Z-62 Советские финансы, 1940,1942-1945,1947 2  
AMF:Z-63 Известия наркомфина СССР, 1929-1931 2  
AMF:Z-64 Организация управления, 1925-1938 13  
AMF:Z-65 Организация Труда, 1921-1922, 1924-1925, 1928-1940 9  
AMF:Z-66 Вестник промыщленности, 1917-1918 1  
AMF:Z-67 Хозяйство и управление, 1925-1927 3  
AMF:Z-68 Охрана труда, 1923-1939 23  
AMF:Z-69 Publications of the Federal Reserve System in Microfilm 117  
AMF:Z-70 Звеновик, 1932-1933 1  
AMF:Z-71 Социалистическое селъское хозяйство, 1925-1955 22  
AMF:Z-72 Вопросы Социального обеспечения, 1921-1922, 1926-1941 9  
AMF:Z-73 В помощь финансовому работнику, 1926-1941 16  
AMF:Z-74 Партийная работа в цехе, 1931-1935 4  
AMF:Z-75 Stars and stripes: Pacific ed. Dairy. Unofficial pub. of U.S. Forces, Far East. V.1-19: 1945-1963, Pacific Far East weekly. 1947-1948 76  
AMF:Z-76 Вестник промьщленности, торгоали и транспорта, 1922-1924 2  
AMF:Z-77 За работой, 1925-1931 11  
AMF:Z-78 На плановом фронте, 1929-1931 2  
AMF:Z-79 Наше строителъство, 1929-1937 13  
AMF:Z-80 Оргаинформация, 1925-1936 7  
AMF:Z-81 Технико-экономический вестник, 1921-1927 4  
AMF:Z-82 Radical history review. 1-33: 1973-1985 4  
AMF:Z-83-86 ソ連・東欧諸国官報集成(ブルガリア、アルバニアを除くソ連・東欧諸国官報集) AMS-Z-26-31も含む 34  
AMF:Z-87 Аграрные проблемы, 1927-1930 2  
AMF:Z-88 Свод отчетов фабричных инспекторов, 1900-1915 10  
AMF:Z-89 Селъское и лесное хозяйство, 1921-1924 3  
AMF:Z-90 Сталъ (Харьков), 1936-1940 3  
AMF:Z-91 Журналы секретного и главного комитетов по крестьянскому делу, T. 1-2, Приложение , 1857-1861 1  
AMF:Z-92 Селъскохозяйственная жизнь, 1922-1930 8  
AMF:Z-93 Беднота (ЦК РКП(б)) 1918-1930 12  
AMF:Z-94-102 Asian Official Gazettes 1887-1983 アジア官報集成 : 各国政府の法令・布告・規則・予算・人事等を盛り込んだ官報集成 1182  
AMF:Z-103 L'Economiste francais: journal hebdomadaire; 19 avril 1873-1904 63  
AMF:Z-104 Journal de commerce, de politique et littèraire, 1819-1837. Le commerce, Journal des progrès moraux et matèriels, 1837-1848 63  
AMF:Z-105 Le constitutionnel: Journal du commerce, politique et litteraire; 29 oct. 1815-21 juil 1914 208  
AMF:Z-106 Le Journal des Scavans: Journal des savants. Janvier-Mars 1665; 1666-Novembre 1749; 1782-Novembre 1792; Janvier-Juin 1797; Septembre 1816-1984 フランス経済政策関連原資料集成:知識人雑誌は世界で最も早く刊行され、最も長期間継続された書誌情報専門誌 142  
AMF:Z-107 新建設 (北京) 1950-1966(欠あり) 7  
AMF:Z-108 水利与電力 (北京) 1958-1959 1  
AMF:Z-109 財政評論 (香港) 1,12-19(3);1939-1948(欠あり) 6  
AMF:Z-110 新華半月刊 (北京) 1959(21)-1966(6) 35  
AMF:Z-111 中国紡績 (北京) 1950-1963(欠あり) 6  
AMF:Z-112 中国軽工業 (北京) 1950-1954, 1957-1959, 1964-1966(欠あり) 3  
AMF:Z-113 中農月刊 (南京) 1940-1948(欠あり) 6  
AMF:Z-114 中農経済統計 1941-1947 (欠あり) 3  


AMS:1 The Franklin Institute and the making of industrial America 536 目録あり
AMS:3 Trade catalogs from the Hagley Museum and Library 907  
AMS:4 National statistical reports: East Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, Pacific アジア諸国公式統計資料集 AMS-L-16を含む
AMS:4(AS-57) Budget / Govt. of India. Finance Dept.
21,686 目録あり
AMS:5 Economic census of the Philippines, 1967 18  
AMS:6 Annual report / Banco Central do Brasil. -- (Annual reports of the world's central banks) 67  
AMS:7 US tax history 1913-1986 議会資料: 現代アメリカ連邦税制史Part.1-4 1430  
AMS:8 Koloniaal verslag / [Ministerie van Koloniuエn] 1493  
AMS:9 Economics in Southeast Asia 1983-1994(Special microcollection from US Congressional Committee publications)米国議会各種常任委員会発行 東南アジア経済研究資料集 346 目録あり
AMS:10 Blue book / Straits Settlements, Dept. of Statistics [Singapore]  
AMS:11 Districts Gazetteers in India: Except Bengal, Bombay & Madras. Post-war district Gazetteers in India 3882 目録あり
AMS:12 [Publications of Senate Committee on Finance, 1987-1998 . Publications of House Committee on Ways and Means, 1987-1998 . Publications of Joint Committee on Taxation, 1987-1998] 6413  
AMS:13 Russian and Soviet statistics : historical statistical materials in the field of economy, finance, agriculture, industry and transport on microfiche / editor Anne Pries, Univ. of Leiden 2457 目録あり
AMS:14 Imports : a volume of statistics consolidating earlier releases, with some additions / Department of Statistics 6  
AMS:15 Exports : a volume of statistics consolidating earlier releases, with some additions / Department of Statistics 6  
AMS:16 Everyday Stalinism : living standards, norms and values of various groups of Soviet people in the 1920s and 1930s Original documents: РГАЭ Фонд 1562 : Центральное управление народно-хозяйственного учета СССР (ЦУНХУ) Госплана СССР, Центральное статитстическое управление при Совете министров СССР (ЦСУ СССР) 1411


AMS:17 Rural and regional development : development plans, programmes, and projects : a major collection of official and semi-official documents published on microfiche 1757


AMS:18 Statistik tahunan (annual statistics) / Indonesia. Biro Pusat Statistik 189

AMS:4:SE-185, AMS:L-24:io, Lc.55:7も参照

AMS:19 Annual report and balance sheet as at ... / Bank Markazi Iran 56


AMS:20 The budget; the Imperial Government of Iran : a summary 18


AMS:21 Statistical abstract / Tanzania, Bureau of Statistics 23


AMS:22 Annual report / Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan 5


AMS:A-1 Soviet biographic archive 1954-1985 ソヴィエト人名資料集 2812  
AMS:B-1 America's new beginning(U.S. President) 4  
AMS:B-2 The state of the economy(U.S. Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs) 3  
AMS:B-4 Пятилетний план народно-хозяйственного строителъства СССР 20 目録あり
AMS:B-5 The Soviet Union looks ahead-the Five-Year Plan for Economic Construction. 5  
AMS:B-6 Выполнение плана первого года пятилетки 2  
AMS:B-7 Северный край во второй пятилетке. Второй пятилетний план Северного края на 1933-1937 гг. 5  
AMS:B-8 The Second Five-Year Plan of Development of the USSR 5  
AMS:B-9 Le Bilan de l'Execution du Premier Plan Quinquennal de l'Economie National de l'U.R.S.S. 5  
AMS:B-10 Проект второго пятилетнего плана развития народного хозяйства СССР (1933-1927 гг.) 20  
AMS:B-11 Народно-хозяйственный план на 1935 г., 1936 г. 34  
AMS:B-12 Итоги выполнения второго пятилетнего плана резвития народного хозяйствa Союза ССР, 1939 3  
AMS:B-13 The third five-year plan for the national-economic development of the U.S.S.R. : report made to the eighteenth congress of the C.P.S.U.(B.) and reply to the discussion, March 14 and 17, 1939 2  
AMS:B-14 Economic results of the U.S.S.R. in 1940 and the plan of national economic development for 1941 : report delivered at the eighteenth all-union conference of the C.P.S.U.(B.), February 18 1941 1  
AMS:B-15 U.S.S.R. Law on the Five-Year Plan for the Rehabillitation and Dev. of the National Economy of the USSR., 1946-1950 2  
AMS:B-16 Пятилетний план восстановления и развития народного хозяйства СССР на 1946-1950 1  
AMS:B-17 Five-year plan for the rehabilitation and development of the national economy of the USSR 1946-50 : report made at the first Session of the Supreme Soviet of the U.S.S.R. on March 15, 1946 1  
AMS:B-18 Закон о пятилетнем плане восстановления и развития народного хозяйства СССР на 1946-1950 гг. 2  
AMS:B-19 Fulfilment of the state plan for 1949 : Communique of the Central Statistical Administration of the U.S.S.R. Council of Ministers 1  
AMS:B-20 Report of the Post-War 5 Year Plan of the U.S.S.R. 1  
AMS:B-21 Rapport sur les directives du XIXe congrès du parti concernant le cinquième plan quinquennal pour le développment de l'U.R.S.S. (1951-1955) : le 8 octobre 1952 2  
AMS:B-22 Report on the directives of the XIX Party Congress relating to the fifth five-year plan for the development of the U.S.S.R. in 1951-1955, October 8, 1952 2  
AMS:B-23 Об итогах выполжения государственного планаразвития народного хозяйства СССР в 1955,1957,1958,1960 (за первое полугпдое) гг. Сообщения ЦСУ при Совета Министров СССР 4  
AMS:B-24 U.S.S.R. Targets of the Seven-Year Plan for Soviet Economy, 1959-65 2  
AMS:B-25 U.S.S.R. Les Chiffers de Base du Dev. De l'Economie...1959-1965 4  
AMS:B-26 U.S.S.R. Target Figures dor the Economic Development ...1959-1965 2  
AMS:B-27 Контрольные цифры развития народного хозяйства СССР на 1959-1965 гг. 2  
AMS:B-28 Итоги выполнения народнохозяйственного плана СССР и союзных республик в 1964 г. (Сообщения ЦСУ СССР и ЦСУ союзных республик) 5  
AMS:B-29 U.S.S.R. Report on the Directives for the Five-Year Plan for Economic Development of the U.S.S.R. for 1966-1970 4  
AMS:B-30 U.S.S.R. State five-year plan...for the period 1971-1975 10  
AMS:B-31 U.S.S.R. Directives of the Five-Year Econoic Development Plan on the USSR for 1971-75t 1  
AMS:B-32 U.S.S.R. Kosygin, A.N. Hoofdlijnen voor de ontwikkeling van de volkshuishouding der USSR ...1976-1980 1  
AMS:B-33 National Development Plans : Asia(Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Fiji, Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony(U.K.), Guam, Indonesia, Laos, Malaya, Malaysia, North Borneo, Philippines, Sabah, Malaysia, Sarawak, Singapore, Thailand, Timor, Vietnam, Western Samoa) 1019 目録あり
AMS:B-34* National Development Plans : Europe 1302  
AMS:B-36* New Deal: Oral history collection
567 目録あり
AMS:B-37* Collection de documents inedits sur l'histoire economique de la revolution francaise 1906-1952
AMS:B-38* U.S. -other countries economic relations: all publications from U.S. Congress Joint Committee on Economics, 1970-1988)
米国議会合同経済委員会発行全資料集: 米議会が分析する世界の経済・金融・財政 (全1217点)
2838 目録あり
AMS:C-1 Congress of the United States, Congressional Budget Office : complete archive publications in microfiche 1975-1990, CBO Publication No.1-528アメリカ議会予算局調査報告集成 836 目録あり
AMS:D-1* [SEC corporate filings ; from 8-K, from 10-K, from 10-Q, annual report, proxy statement, prospectus,registration statements] 目録あり
AMS:D-2* Reports of the Federal Trade Commission. U.S. Federal Trade Commission. 38 reports: 1916-1938 188
AMS:D-3* Structure of corporate concentration (U.S. Committee on Government Affairs) 35  
AMS:D-4* Nondiscrimination in insurance (U.S. Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce)    
AMS:D-5* Overseas economic surveys (Gt. Brit. Commercial Relations and Exports Dept.) 857  
AMS:D-6* Un plan de paix generale et de liberte du commerce au XVIIe siecle (Luis-Lucas, P.) 1  
AMS:D-7* Documentary case studies in international trade. Study 1: the Japan-U.S. semiconductor cases 383 目録あり
AMS:F-1 Banking and finance in Russia: the financial credit institutions of Russia from the 1860's to the 1920'sロシアの銀行と金融(1860-1930) Pt.1: Pre-revolutionary Russsia(1860-1917) Pt.2: Post-revoutioary Russia and the NEP period(1917-1930) 革命後ロシアとネップ期 Pt.1:3652
AMS:G-1* An analysis of the automobile market. Vol. 1 (U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) 2
AMS:G-1* Economic statistics and information concerning the Japanese auto industry (U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) 3  
AMS:G-2 Communications 1862-1990: regulation on industry; U.S. legislation米国の通信事業:その規制と緩和1862-1990 474 目録あり
AMS:I-4* La Revolution industrielle française 1810-1870 533 目録あり
AMS:K-1* Research working papers. 1974-1983 (International Labour Office. World Employment Programme) 921  
AMS:K-2* The Archives of the Trade Union Congress 286  
AMS:K-3* The Left in Britain. Pt. 1-2 577 目録あり
AMS:K-4* Fabian Society minute books 1884-1918 141  
AMS:K-5* The Archives of the Shaftesbury Society. Pt. 2-3 219  
AMS:K-6 The environment : six years of programme and research activities, 1985-1990 100 目録あり
AMS:L-1* U.S.:Census of population 1970,1980; Census of housing 1970,1980
(米国国勢調査統計資料集: 人口・住宅国勢調査)
3795 目録あり
AMS:L-2* Libya statistics 884 目録あり
AMS:L-4 India.: Census of India 1872, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911, 1921, 1931, 1941 3695 パンフレットあり
AMS:L-5* Bulgaria: Annuaire statistique du Royaume du Bulgarie 1-34: 1909-1942 174  
AMS:L-6* Bulgaria: Statisticheski godishnik na Narodna Repubjika Bulgariia 1959-1968 69  
AMS:L-7* Italy: Annuario statistico italiano 1878-1965 384 目録あり
AMS:L-8* Sweden. Statistiska centralbyan: Statistisk tidskrift 1860-1913 164 目録あり
AMS:L-9* Rumania. Directia Centrala de Statistica. Anuarul statistic al R.P.R. 1904-1939/40, 1957-1961 218 目録あり
AMS:L-10* Netherlands. Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek: Jaarcijfers voor Netherland/Statistical yearbook of the Netherlands 1850/1881-1965/66 379 目録あり
AMS:L-11* Norway. Statistisk Sentralbyra. Statistisk arbok for Norge=Statistical yearbook of Norway 1879-1965 281 目録あり
AMS:L-12* Poland. Glowny Urzad Statystyczny: Rocznik statystyki 1920/21-1965 151  
AMS:L-13* Hungary. Statisztikai Hivatal: Statisztikai evkonyv 1872-1965 472 目録あり
AMS:L-14* Sweden. Statistiska centralbyan: Statistisk arsbok for Sverige. Arg.1-52: 1914-1965 260 目録あり
AMS:L-15(1-140)* Latin American Statistics
8576 パンフレットあり
AMS:L-16 Asian and Pacific statistical reports : National statistical reports (Asian statistics on microfiche)
2627 パンフレットあり
AMS:L-17 Indonesia: Berita ringkas; Pemakaian dan produksi perusahaan triko dan tenun 1963-1964 & others インドネシア統計資料集成 8078 パンフレットあり
AMS:L-18 Middle East statistics. : Argirie & other countries 中東諸国統計資料集成 7842 パンフレットあり
AMS:L-19* Quarterly economic review of ... / Economic Intelligence Unit
8200 目録あり
AMS:L-20* African statistics: Angola & other countries
4168 目録あり
AMS:L-21 Regional statistical handbooks in the USSR, i. Siberia on microfiches. 47 titles 128 目録あり
AMS:L-22 Первая всеобщая перепесь населения Российской империи, 1897г. Т.1-89 (ロシア第1回人口センサス 1897年) 855  
AMS:L-23 U.S. Economic census, final reports 1982、1987 (U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Census) (Microfiche): 米国経済センサス最終報告書 330 目録あり
AMS:L-24 Current national statistical compendiums: Asia & the Middle East (Microfiche):最新世界各国統計年鑑 1921 目録あり
AMS:L-25 Statistik Indonesia = Statistical yearbook of Indonesia 81  
AMS:L-26 Preussische statistik: Amtliches Quellenwerk 1861-1934 プロイセン王国統計局公式統計資料集 1049 目録あり
AMS:L-27 Численность,состав и размещение населения СССР : Краткие итоги Всесоюзной переписи населения 1959 г 1 目録あり
AMS:M-2* Policy planning staff numbered papers (RG59) 1-63 (U.S. Policy Planning Staff) 73  
AMS:N-2* Letters of Crito on the causes, objects, and consequences of the present war (Millar, John) 1  
AMS:N-3* The Archives of the British Labour Party.
 Series 1: National Executive Committee minutes of the Labour Party sine 1900.
 Series 2: Pamphlets and leaflets of the Labour Representation Committee, 1900-06, and the Labour Party since 1906.
 Series 3: General correspondence and political records.
 Series 4: Speeches and press statements of the Labour Party.
1309 Series 3: AMF:N-17も参照
AMS:N-5 Zemsto publications(Russia 1860-1917) 4569  
AMS:N-6* CIA reference aid collection 1173 目録あり
AMS:N-7* People's Republic of China; special microcollections from US Congressional Committee publications 1980-1988.
380 目録あり
AMS:N-8* Wartime translations of seized Japanese documents: allied translator and interpreter section reports, 1942-1946
3385 目録あり
AMS:P-1* Tableau philosophique, du genre humain depuis l'orgine du monde (Borde, C.) 4  
AMS:P-2* Doutes sur la religion, suivies de l'analyse de Traite theologi-politique de Spinosa (Boulainvilliers, H.) 2  
AMS:P-3* Lettres a Sophie (Freret, N.) 6  
AMS:P-4* Les progres de la raison, dans la recherche du vrai (Helvetius, C.A.) 3  
AMS:Q-1* The diary of Beatrice Webb 1875-1943 237 目録あり
AMS:Q-2* Russian revolutionary pamphlets 1860-1923 from the Slavonic collections, British Library of Political and Economic Science, London.
AMS:Q-3 Prague spring '68: dailies and periodicals covering all spheres of social life.
プラハの春 1968年(新聞・雑誌コレクション)
2032 目録あり
AMS:S-1* Design of information systems in the social sciences (University of Bath. Library) 18
AMS:S-2* Investigation into information requirements of the social sciences (University of Bath. Library) 14  
AMS:X-1* 政府工作報告彙編 1950Р 24  
AMS:X-2* 中華人民共和国法規彙編 第13冊 1962-1963 5  
AMS:Z-1* Revue Française d'Histoire d'Outre-Mer. Tome.1-44,46-51: 1913-1957,1959-1964 421  
AMS:Z-2* Бюллетень финансового и хозяйственного законодательства, 1925-1949 468 目録あり
AMS:Z-3* Бюллетень Наркомвнуторга СССР. Постановления и распоряжения по внутренней торговле. 1939-1940 26 目録あり
AMS:Z-4* Бюллетень Народного Комиссарита пищевой промышленности. Орган Наркомата Пищевой промышленности. 1934-1940 40 目録あり
AMS:Z-5* Бюллетень Народного Комиссарита Снабжения. Официальный орган НКСнаба СССР. 1932-1934 24 目録あり
AMS:Z-6* Бюллетень Народногоа Комиссарита труда, 1918-1919 20 目録あり
AMS:Z-7* Бюллетень государственного научно-исселдователъского института сельскохозяйственной экономики 1927-1928 8 目録あり
AMS:Z-8* Бюллетень Высшего Совета народного хозяйства 5 目録あり
AMS:Z-9* Бюллетень госарбитража при СНК СССР, 1933-1939 15 目録あり
AMS:Z-10* Бюллетень отдела социального страхования и охраны труда. При народном комиссариате труда. 5 目録あり
AMS:Z-11* 統計月報 /国民政府立法院統計処編 民国18-37年 (欠号あり) 263  
AMS:Z-12* 統計季報 /国民政府立法院統計処編 第1-8号;民国24-25 36  
AMS:Z-13* 上海総商会月報/上海総商会編 1921-1927 (欠号あり) 205  
AMS:Z-14* 経済統計月誌/中国経済統計研究所編 第4巻第5期-第8巻第9期; 1937-1941 32  
AMS:Z-15* 労工月刊 第1巻第1期-第4巻第8期;民国21年4月-民国24年8月、第4巻第10期-第5巻第12期;民国24年10月-民国25年12月 104  
AMS:Z-16* 重工業通訊 第37-126期;1954年1月-1956年6月 79  
AMS:Z-17* 中央銀行月報 第1巻第1期-新4巻第2期; 民国35年1月-民国38年2月 106  
AMS:Z-18* 労動 1962年第1期-1964年第12期;1962年1月-1964年12月 42  
AMS:Z-19* 銭業月報/上海銭業公会編 第5-6, 9-11,19(10)巻; 民国 14-37年 126  
AMS:Z-20* Социалистический Вестник. 1921-1936 255  
AMS:Z-21* Наша хозяйство : ежемесячный сельскохозяйственный журнал, 1897 28  
AMS:Z-22* Народноехозяйство : научно-общественный журнал 1900-1905 175  
AMS:Z-23* Новый экономист : еженедельный научный и политический журнал 1913-1917 122  
AMS:Z-24* Хозяйство : ежемесячный сельскохозяйственный и экономический журнал 1909-1916 (lackあり) 317  
AMS:Z-25 Ведомости Верховного Совета СССР.No. 1-No. 52 353  
AMS:Z-26* Gesetzblatt der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik 173 AMF:Z-83-86
AMS:Z-27* Magyar kozlony: a magyar nepkoztarsasag hivatalos lapja 230
AMS:Z-29* Dziennik ustaw: polskiej rzeczypospolitej lodowej 563
AMS:Z-30* Buletinul oficial al Marii Adunari Nationale/Rumania 633
AMS:Z-31* Sluzbeni list/Yugoslavia 395
AMS:Z-32* Экономические записки、1854-1862 136  
AMS:Z-33* Экономическое возрождение России, 1915 11  
AMS:Z-34* Экономическое обозрение, 1916 8  
AMS:Z-35* Русское экономическое обозрение 1897-1905 402  
AMS:Z-36* Право и финансово-промышленная жизнь Сибири 1915 3  
AMS:Z-37* Эконом : хозяйственная общеполезная библиотека 1844-1853 167  
AMS:Z-38* Известия Московского коммерческого института. Экономическое отделение кн. 1-4 (1913-1916), Коммерческое отделение кн. 1-3 (1913-1915) 32  
AMS:Z-39* Известия общества финансовых реформ, 1910-1915 32  
AMS:Z-40* Труды Императорского вольного экономического общества, 1902-1915 210