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国際保険ワークショップ (イランとの交流プログラム)

2014/9/24 (水) 14:00~20:00
24 September 2014
Sano Shoin Hall
Insurance and Risk Management: Fundamentals and Practice
(1) Opening remarks, Takau Yoneyama, Professor of Hitotsubashi University
(2) Keynote speech, Naoyuki Yoshino, Dean of Asia Development Bank Institute
Part I: Dialogue on insurance business with Iran and Japan, presided by Professor Hisashi Nakamura, Hitotsubashi University.
(3) General Insurance Business in Japan, Mr. Hiroshi Endo, Director of the General Insurance Institute of Japan.
(4) A descriptive analysis of Iranian Insurance Industry, Dr. Yones Mazloomi, Managing Director, Razi Insurance Company.
(5) Takaful Insurance: An alternative approach to insurance Market, Mr. Ali Fathali, Managing Director, Arman Insurance Company.
Part II: Dialogue on Fundamentals of Risk Management and Insurance, presided by Professor Noriyoshi Yanase, Tokyo Keizai University.
(6) Vehicle, Safety and Auto Insurance: Iran's Future Direction, Dr. Mehdi Shafian, Prof. of Biomedical engineering, Amir Kabir University
(7) What is risk?: Understanding of the most important function of Insurance, Takau Yoneyama
(8) Advantageous selection in Insurance Market and its effect on insurance rates, Ghadir Mahdavi, Head of Insurance Research Centor and Professor of Allameh Tabataba University.
(9) Fair Premium Rate for The Deposit Insurance System: An Empirical Work on Japanese and Iranian Banking Systems, Naoyuki Yoshino, Dean of Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) and Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary, Ph.D. Candidate  and Researcher at Keio University and Institute of Energy Economics of Japan(IEEJ)
  Welcome Party 18:30-20:00
幹事 米山高生 [商学研究科]、中村 恒 [商学研究科]
※参加される方は、米山 t.yoneyama(at)r.hit-u.ac.jp までご連絡をお願いします。24日の歓迎パーティの参加代は実費 (3000円程度)となります。出席と一緒にパーティの参加の希望についてお伺いします。