HOMEPublications ≫ IER Discussion Paper Series 2000-2004

IER Discussion Paper Series 2000-2004


No. Author(s) Title Date
A.460 Tokuo Iwaisako Corporate Investment and Restructuring 2004.12
A.459 Anil Khosla Trade and Industrial Organization: Japanese Ammonium Sulphate Industry in the Interwar Period 2004.10
A.458 Anil Khosla Entry Barriers and the Structure of the Japanese Ammonium Sulphate Industry in the Interwar Period 2004.10
A.457 Yukihiko Kiyokawa (in Japanese) 2004.10
A.456 Ichiro Iwasaki (in Japanese) 2004.7
A.455 Reiko Gotoh, Kotaro Suzumura & Naoki Yoshihara Extended Social Ordering Functions for Rationalizing Fair Game Forms à la Rawls and Sen
A.454 Yongsheng Xu & Naoki Yoshihara Nonconvex Bargaining Problems
A.453 Yongsheng Xu & Naoki Yoshihara A New Insight in to Three Bargaining Solutions in Convex Problems
A.452 Reiko Gotoh & Naoki Yoshihara (in Japanese) 2004.7
A.451 Naoki Yoshihara (in Japanese) 2004.7
A.450 Ikki Suge (in Japanese) 2004.1
A.449 Yukihiko Kiyokawa & Rui Takahashi (in Japanese) 2004.1
A.448 Tokuo Iwaisako Stock Index Autocorrelation and Cross-autocorrelations of Size-sorted Portfolios in the Japanese Market
A.447 Tokuo Iwaisako (in Japanese) 2004.1
B.30 Masaaki Kuboniwa (ed.) (in Japanese) 2004.8
B.29 Shuichi Ikemoto & Ichiro Iwasaki (eds.) Corporate Governance in Transition Economies Part 1: The Case of Russia


No. Author(s) Title Date
A.446 Hiroshi Fujiki & Yukinobu Kitamura The Big Mac Standard: A Statistical Illustration
A.445 Ichiro Iwasaki & Keiko Suganuma (in Japanese) 2003.11
(revised ver. 2004.8)
A.444 Keiko Ito & Kyoji Fukao Vertical Intra-Industry Trade and the Division of Labor in East Asia
A.443 Ichiro Iwasaki (in Japanese) 2003.9
A.442 Kyoji Fukao, Debin Ma & Tangjun Yuan International Comparison in Historical Perspective: Reconstructing the 1934-36 Benchmark Purchasing Power Parity for Japan, Korea and Taiwan
A.441 Keiko Ito & Kyoji Fukao Foreign Direct Investment and Trade in Japan: An Empirical Analysis Based on the Establishment and Enterprise Census for 1996
A.440 Hikari Ishido, Keiko Ito, Kyoji Fukao & Yoshimasa Yoshiike (in Japanese) 2003.6
A.439 Se-Hark Park Bad Loans and Their Impacts on the Japanese Economy:Conceptual And Practical Issues, and Policy Options
A.438 Yasushi Nakamura (in Japanese) 2003.5
A.437 Reiko Aoki & Sadao Nagaoka The Utility Standard and the Patentability of Intermediate Technology
A.436 Takashi Kurosaki Measurement of Chronic and Transient Poverty: Theory and Application to Pakistan
A.435 Naohito Abe (in Japanese) 2003.3
A.434 Kyoji Fukao, Hikari Ishido & Keiko Ito Vertical Intra-Industry Trade and Foreign Direct Investment in East Asia
A.433 Ichiro Iwasaki Transition Strategies and Economic Performances in the Former Soviet States: A Comparative Institutional View
B.28 Masaaki Kuboniwa (ed.) Recent Development in Environmental Economics 2003


No. Author(s) Title Date
A.432 Yukihiko Kiyokawa (in Japanese) 2002.11
A.431 Kyoji Fukao, Toshihiro Okubo & Robert M. Stern An Econometric Analysis of Trade Diversion under NAFTA
A.430 R. Gotoh, K. Suzumura & N. Yoshihara Existence of Social Ordering Functions Which Embody Procedural Values and Consequential Values 2002.6
A.429 Takatoshi Ito (in Japanese) 2002.3
A.428 Takatoshi Ito Is Foreign Exchange Intervention Effective?: The Japanese experiences in the 1990s, 2002.3
A.427 Naoki Yoshihara (in Japanese) 2002.3
A.426 Itsuo Sakuma (in Japanese) 2002.2
A.425 Tokuo Iwaisako (in Japanese) 2002.2
A.424 Akira Yamada & Naoki Yoshihara A Mechanism Design for a Solution to the Tragedy of Commons 2002.2
A.423 Walter Bossert, Yves Sprumont & Kotaro Suzumura Upper Semicontinuous Extensions of Binary Relations 2002.1
A.422 Kotaro Suzumura & Yongsheng Xu Recoverability of Choice Functions and Binary Relations: Some Duality Results 2002.1
B.27 Masaaki Kuboniwa (in Japanese) 2002.3
B.26 Masaaki Kuboniwa (ed.) Recent Development in Environmental Economics, Part 1


No. Author(s) Title Date
A.421 Keiko Ito & Kyoji Fukao (in Japanese) 2001.12
A.420 Chongwoo Choe Leverage, Volatility and Executive Stock Options
A.419 Chongwoo Choe Optimal Executive Compensation: Some Equivalence Results
A.418 Takatoshi Ito & Yuko Hashimoto (in Japanese) 2001.10
A.417 Kotaro Suzumura Introduction, Handbook of Social Choice and Welfare, Edited by Kenneth Arrow, Amartya Sen and Kotaro Suzumura
A.416 Reiko Gotoh & Kotaro Suzumura Constitutional Democracy and Public Judgements
A.415 Takafumi Korenaga, Takeshi Nagase & Juro Teranishi (in Japanese) 2001.8
A.414 K. Narayanan Liberalisation and The Differential Conduct and Performance of Firms: A Study of the Indian Automobile Sector
A.413 Bakhtior Islamov Central Asia: Problems of External Debt and Its Sustainability
A.412 Neil Rollings Modernisation by Consensus: The Impact of the Policy Process on British Economic Policy 1945-64
A.411 Kotaro Suzumura & Reiko Gotoh (in Japanese) 2001.3
A.410 Kotaro Suzumura & Reiko Gotoh (in Japanese) 2001.3
A.409 Naoki Yoshihara Solidarity And the Nash Bargaining Solution 2001.3
A.408 Myung Soo Cha The Origins of the Japanese Banking Panic of 1927s 2001.2
A.407 Yukihiko Kiyokawa An Analysis of Labor Quality in the Unorganized Sector: Does the “Strong Religion” Disturb Labor Management?
A.406 Takashi Kurosaki Specialization and Diversification in Agricultural Transformation: The Case of Rural Punjab, c.1900-1995 2001.2
A.405 A. H. Amsden & K. Suzumura An Interview with Miyohei Shinohara: Non-Conformism in Japanese Economic Thought 2001.2
A.404 Jaehong Kim Incumbent's Incentive under Network Externalities(2.3MB) 2001.2
A.403 Jaehong Kim Signaling Rather than Incentive Mechanism for Entry Regulation(1.7MB) 2001.1
A.402 Jaehong Kim Excess Entry, Entry Regulation, and Entrant's Incentive(176KB) 2001.1
B.25 Takashi Kurosaki & Humayun Khan Human Capital and Elimination of Rural Poverty: A Case Study of the North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan 2001.1


No. Author(s) Title Date
A.401 Iljoong Kim & Jaehong Kim Lawsuit as a Signaling Game under Asymmetric Information: A Continuum Types Model
A.400 Iljoong Kim & Jaehong Kim Litigation Selection as a Signal under Asymmetric Information: A Two-Type Model with Alternating Bargaining Offers
A.399 Jaehong Kim Incentive Monopoly Regulation with Entry
A.398 Jaehong Kim Limit Pricing through Entry Regulation
A.397 Naoki Yoshihara On Efficient and Procedurally-Fair Equilibrium Allocations in Sharing Games 2000.10
A.396 Naoki Yoshihara Characterizations of Bargaining Solutions in Production Economies with Unequal Skills 2000.10
A.395 Myung Soo Cha Did Korekiyo Takahashi Rescue Japan from the Great Depression?
A.394 K. Fukao & K. Ito Foreign Direct Investment and Service Trade: The Case of Japan
A.393 Kotaro Suzumura (in Japanese) 2000.4
A.392 Satoshi Watanabe (in Japanese) 2000.3
A.391 Naoki Yoshihara (in Japanese) 2000.3
A.390 Hiroshi Tsubouchi Does Imperfect Capital Market Dynamically Stabilize Households' Asset Holding? 2000.3
A.389 R. Gotoh & N. Yoshihara A Class of Fair Distribution Rules a la Rawls and Sen 2000.2
A.388 R. Kato, T. Ui & T. Watanabe Asymmetric Effects of Monetary Policy: Japanese Experience in the 1990s 2000.2
A.387 Naoki Yoshihara A Characterization of Natural and Double Implementation in Production Economies 2000.2
A.386 Osamu Saito The Frequency of Famines as Demographic Correctives in the Japanese Past 2000.1
A.385 T. Tsuru & K. Isa Organizational Innovations in Japanese Firms: Workplace Innovations, IT Adoption, and Performance-based HR Systems 2000.1