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KUMO, Kazuhiro

Research Division of Comparative and World Economics

Russian Economy, Economic Geography, Regional Economics


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Previous research

My research interest largely focuses on Russia and the former Soviet Union. In the Soviet Union, population movements were strictly managed by the state and, similarly, the distribution of industry was not based on the individual decisions of firms but reflect the intentions of the central government. This can be seen as an extreme case in a more general pattern of the government taking the lead in regional development. By considering the results of this policy, we can explore ways for future government-initiated development policies. Based on this perspective, I have been using factor analysis to examine interregional migration in Russia and the former Soviet Union and have been conducting time-series analysis empirical research on industrial location. In fiscal 2004-2006, I participated in the World Bank project on "WTO Accession and Economic Development: Application for Russia and the CIS," which aimed at providing training on commercial policy for Russian local government officials.

Current research projects

My current research focuses on the following topics: (1) population issues in Russia and the former Soviet Union (low birth rates, regional population migration, etc.); (2) the situation of regional fiscal systems in the different Russian regions; (3) adjustment of statistical data and analysis of changes in the labor force and location of industry in Russia's early industrialization process. While research on topic (1) is a continuation of my past work, topic (2) covers a new area, concentrating on an examination of Russia's fiscal system, which is increasingly characterized by centralized control. Topic (3), finally, continues the collation of Russian historical statistics, which was part of the Institute's former COE project on Asian long-term economic statistics. I am planning to further develop my individual research based on materials from the Russian National Economic Archives.

Russia, regional economies, population migration, industrial location